You know what's pretty fun to do

you know what's pretty fun to do

Go over to 4chan on their Zig Forums board and start posting Q shit. They fucking lose their shit.

Like in the /ptg/… I think a lot of them left already because there were too many shills. I fucking wish I got paid for this!

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I collected a bunch of these pictures from twitter

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look at this guy… you bet this guy hits the back wall like it's his job

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Why the hell do people believe this Qanon shit? How did some stupid 4chan posts that anyone can make spill out into the real world to the point where boomers are wearing shirts about it? God, fuck this country
Fuck Ohio too, shit’s awful here

I've got like 50 images just like this

I honestly don't really post on this board. If you guys want more I'll fuckin supply

Because America is dying and both liberal factions are clamoring for a savior (liberals are clinging to muh mueller and conservatives Trump/Qanon.) It's pretty funny because nothing can save them except maybe canadian citizenship, but even Canada will eventually face the wrath of history for its cooperation with American imperialism.

This shit gets me high just looking at it

Waste of time tbh

I… think this is the most insightful thing I've read about the Qanon thing.

Well anyways, over at Zig Forums they were talking about the Qberts being thick on the ground at the Trump rally in Florida. I'm thinking strictly looking at the U.S. midterm elections there might be a problem if all these ultra-pro-Trump people are chasing an ARG than actually doing get-out-the-vote ops for down-ballot Republican candidates.

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What do you think anons in 2003 would think if they could see that this is what their fansite would turn into?

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I miss the days of elitist halfchan and general intolerance towards newfags. Normies do ruin everything.

That looks so much comfier


I miss when the userbase were actually normies just pretending to be retarded instead of actual retards telling non-retarded people to fuck off.

this image makes me sad

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What even is this "Q user" shit I've been hearing about lately? Did I miss another epic forced meme recently?

My most vivid memory of 2003 is sitting in my grandmother’s apartment after she picked me up from school (she babysat me while parents were working late) and eating perogies (she’s Polish) watching a commercial for a car dealership that let you hold off payments until 2004.


I'd rather an user try to explain this to me, Wikipedia (and the horseshit deemed "reliable sources" there) isn't exactly a good source for explaining image board happenings.

A quick rundown please

You want the imageboard experience? Check by yourself :

This shit belongs in /trash/

The fact that Qanon is popular with the boomers basically proves that Zig Forums and 4chan is truly infiltrated by elderly right-wing people.
Keep that in mind, when dealing with Zig Forums tards

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Pierogi is love, pierogi is life.
How come you're Polish and a leftist? I thought Poland has a really strong anti-commie stance.

How incredibly pointless. As is always the case when silly net culture and Wikipedia collide, whoever wrote that article wins 1st prize in the cocksucking olympics.

Sounds like another instance of an image board in-joke being blown up by clickbate media. Is this just the new partyvan then?

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Reminder that qanon is a neocon warhawk psyop. No wonder right wing boomers are eating this shit up.

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Because 4chan is now mainstream and most of the newcomers have no idea what tripcodes and namefags are. For some reason the site is almost as popular as reddit but still maintains an aura of mysteriousness to it that draws people in.

Burning down synagogues is breddy great too

The only solution for america is to nuke the whole place over and over and over again until there's nothing but dust over dust.

That's still /mu/ tbh

A rumor is going around that the QAnon hoax is based on a historical fiction novel titled "Q" which would make QAnon a leftist prank, according to the (anti-fascist) authors of the book.

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This shit is proof there needs to be a maximum voting age.

Kill yourself

I miss when that was funny

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