Anarchism thread, only anarchists allowed.

Let's discuss anarchist theory and practice!

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What's some criticism of lifestylist anarchism besides bookchin?

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I don't much experience w/ how individualists organize irl, maybe someone can inform me about individualist/egoist praxis? How would an egoist group's tactics differ compared to, say, an ancom one?

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They would throw smug memes at the police and argue with each other about who sucked Stirner's dick the hardest while their protest gets shut down. Superior 5D chess basically.

I guess you don't go out much. There's a big difference in praxis between internet stirnerspergs and IRL individualists. The latter don't care much for philosophy (or strategy) are always itching for action. Not saying that's a good thing btw.

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They would be affinity groups; personal relationships based in a high degree of mutual trust and cooperation. Anti-programmatic, as in a refusal to build organizations as such, see the platformist organization as an example of where they won't go.
Between egoists and insurrectionary anarchism (which is a branch of anarcho-communism) there is some strong overlap and has been since the first insurrectionary wave of Italian anarchists in the late 19th to early 20th century. For today see Bonanno and Landstreicher.
Praxis seems to consist of high level of security culture that acts as protection for their main tactics of expropriation of property and goods and attacks upon capital.

Do you have an historical example of it? Or any other historical example of egoists praxis?

Not >77819,
but The Bonnot Gang, Italian insus like Novatore, Sante Casario, Belgrado Pedrini, modern day insus like the CCF.
Lots of heroism and lots of fail.

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Wew. Being ready for action and actually organizing in a group with a coherent ideology and set of goals is said more easily than it is done. And since the only individualist anarchists™ are basement dwellers busy shitting on the rest of the left I doubt some violent egoists would accomplish anything more than a bunch of hooligans.

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It's by default higher level than any other revolutionary socialist tendency due to not forming identifiable organizations. There's no clear point of attack for capital as resistance can be leaderless, by lone wolf attacks or by word-of-mouth affinity networks. The the practice of the security culture I was mentioning go through lengths such as not using comms for example. Meanwhile platformists or ML orgs with geolocated places of operation are more than likely defanged the moment the national security agency gets word of them, as they triangulated, analyzed, infiltrated and subsequently neutralized. It's frankly embarrassing to see close to every "revolutionary socialist" tendency in my vicinity organize via Facebook. This is not the case with insurrectionary anarchists and that is a hell of a theoretical and practical achievement.

I think you're confusing me for an advocate. I'm not, but fact is there are a lot of self described egoists/individualists that are motivated activists, in only for their "own desires" or whatever. Sometimes they do things that align with the interests of our class (or at least against our class enemies) but they don't believe in long term strategy or personal accountability.

D45 is an anarchist at Heart. Ask his Barron - or ANY sentient being.

Yes. That may be. But I doubt those activists are actually fighting for the anarchist cause.

This just gives the pigs and excuse to cast a wider net and repress loads of people that are not involved. It would be a better strategy if they refrained from writing communiques.
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Lol there's loads of insus that have shitty opsec

Quite a few think they do, and they are not all against joining/supporting libcom orgs. Remember: Egoism, like autism, is a spectrum.

So illegalism basically?

bollocks. "Spectrum" depicts and insinuates Hegelian opo-same merde. Just like we all know pornography when we see it; we ALL KNOW HARM WHEN WE FEEL IT.

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Real anarchists leave the animals and children alone. Better, REAL ANARCHISTS protect Live…

Q Anarchy: No external rulers under the LAW of know no harm with Deadly Defensive Force

Why would you devote your life to something that by definition cannot last longer than 2-3 years

It's a pejorative that Bookchin made up so there isn't any other. Read a book.

Which one? I specifically wanted texts other than Bookchin because his later writings aren't very good and there does appear to be a split between "social anarchists" and "lifestylist anarchists" similar to the split between organizational anarchists and anti-organizational anarchists. If you've got a relevant recommendation I'll gladly add it to my to do list but otherwise I'm in the middle of a couple of books (Eclipse and Reemergence of the Communist Movement and Lenin as Philosopher) and don't see how reading those helps answer my question.

There's no actual split. Maybe Bookchin wanted one, but it never happened.


heterogeneous groups adopt common pattern (recognition)

F60, 300, 1500

Who would be so insane to deny mathematics?


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You can check out I'll drop some basics that everyone on this board should read, if only to cut down on the retarded arguments.

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If an anarchist commune reaches a point where people in it want to start businesses and have to be prevented from doing it then the commune is already failing, a business implies a certain level of inequality already exists so that one can make profits of another person. In a well functioning commune the idea of making a business makes no sense.

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This all happens while communists and socislists armchair at home on 8ch and /r/latestagecapitalism.

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Wait, does that mean anarchists are gnostics?

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Q Calibration : define gnostic please.

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I see. OP is a genius. That is a bait to make ideologues behave like Anarchists ultimately not giving a fuck about imposed spokos.

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don't tell me what to do spook!
This just blew the fuck out of my respect for Bookchin.

Notice the imagery you use to represent anarchism. Destruction and nihilism. Nothing about cooperation. Nothing about building a more equitable and free world. Just some angsty faggot who lit some fellow worker's car on fire in a petulant, political tantrum. This is why anarchism is a fucking joke. All you want to do is burn shit down and destroy everything, and you revel in destructive, spoopy imagery. You're just promoting a different form of militarism, the same type of violent propaganda you criticize states for producing and pushing.

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>>>/liberalpol/ / Read any socialist revolutionary literature etc.
also the image of the OP only portrays insurrectionary anarchism. Platformists explicitly reject the tactic of propaganda of the deed / riots / inciting insurrections for socal change, instead promulgating a strategy for organizing the working class and thus gaining counter-power to be able to carry out a revolution, not merely riots.

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