Is the consumption of alcohol, communist?

is the consumption of alcohol, communist?

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Are the number of your chromosomes, overabundant?

Should your mom have had, an abortion?

is the consumption of DMT, spiritual?



Oh hell yes

Only homebrewed

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In "The Gay Science", Nietzsche wrote,
"To fend off boredom at any price is vulgar, just as work without pleasure is vulgar. Perhaps Asians are distinguished as above Europeans by their capacity for a longer, deeper calm; even their narcotics work slowly and require patience, in contrast to the revolting suddenness of the European poison, alcohol."

so it's official, since China is a communist country opium is the communist choice

Psychedelics > alcohol

drinko pinko scum

Why do you think the USSR prohibition alchol?

because of people like you

Drunkards, swine making the porolatriat look bad.

Get fucked

Last post I made was a shitpost but I prefer benzos/gabapentinoids over alcohol in moderation.

Phenibut is very communist.

nb bc another shitpost

If I had a time machine, my first stop would be Woodstock to do acid and listen to Jimmy Hendrix. My second stop would be 1840s Berlin to get shitfaced with Marx and Engels.

my gomrade

fascinating. how so?


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Marx was the co-president of his uni tavern club
Engels wrote that his idea of happiness was a Château Margaux 1848
Debord was an unapologetic alcoholic
Alcoholism isn't cool, but drinking a few beers with colleagues after you're done with your few hours of weekly labor in a communist society is probably pleasant

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Is OP, a faggot?

is inviting little girls to the pub, capitalist?

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Teetotal master race reporting in

Beer is the undisputed beverage of the proletariat.

Alcohol will be heavily restricted under socialism. People will do psychedelics instead. Much safer and don't come with all the cancer risks.

What if they start going all postmodernist on you?


Postmodernism is -jewish phy- uh, I mean, CIA propaganda

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IPAS though right?

Hipsters to the salt mines

Doesn't seem likely.

Ban Christianism instead.