How do you feel about /r/LateStageCapitalism? ie

how do you feel about /r/LateStageCapitalism? ie
they get to the front page with the most upvoted posts every day, however they are one of the most hated/filtered subreddits and most non-leftists get banned for asking questions there.

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it's reddit, the carefully-curated corporate hugbox. how good could it be?

Have you read the rules on what is banned? You can't call someone an 'idiot' because that is a slut against retards or something.

The subreddit has some funny posts/screenshots from other parts of the internet. Like corporate messages without self-awareness which I find funny. I don't visit that often, only when I remember it exists, and I would never dream of posting there.


I find it good.

It's miles better than r/socialism, r/communism, r/chapotraphouse and r/shitliberalssay (although that's a low standard). They make it to the front page a lot and ban SuccDems and call them social fascists which triggers the libshits of the more left-liberal subreddits. So that's good.

Reddit is bad, but sometimes it's good for autistic debates because of the easy way to link sources, format your text and big post size. So it's good effort posts which are also saved for posterity. Make a effort post here and you will get one (you) max.

I find it good.

Like all of reddit it doesn't create but reposts from elsewhere, in what you've shared it seems they scoured twitter for jokes about capitalism and brought it in instead of making said jokes themselves. This is shit, even discounting the very shit moderation that will turn off anyone unaware of left reddit's rituals and customs, they fundamentally don't produce original opinions or content and serve as a glorified archive. It can't serve as Zig Forums does and Zig Forums used to or other left forums did in both creating memes and more importantly featuring discussion with hostile tendencies and those outside the left. If I wanted funny twitter posts I would just go to twitter and get to see the same shit with qts posting lewds instead of redditors making dumb comments.

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Commie THOTs on Twitter who get naked for African dictators are the fucking worst dude.

Vinterflamma is a chapofag socdem, the ones you're talking about aren't as hot and are mostly trannies as well.

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That's a hot body.

twice nothing is still nothing

the only good subreddit is /r/communalists

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It's Reddit, therefore cancerous shit.

Not a good crowd.

Wait, they sticky Peter Coffin's videos? Okay disregard everything I said. Everything or everybody that embraces Peter Coffin in a positive light needs to die.

Share and spread relevant info about Peter Coffin.
Is this him? Your link was fucked up

Yes. When I've gone there they usually have one of his videos stickied. Last I saw was his video on plastic straws.

And I've lurked Peter's livestreams a couple times, he talks directly to the guy who stickies his shit. They're friendly with each other. It's /u/SavageHuxley who posts all the videos that get stickied, despite not being a mod. A bit weird.

Coffin is a legitimate socialist and anticapitalist. What kind of an immature faggot would care if he had a cringey internet past 10 years ago?


Hi Pete, read a book!

He has a history of lying to advance himself. A lot of his analysis is pretty garbage, he promotes dumb memes like "the marketplace of ideas," and the decent analysis he does is stuff that other people came up with and he just changes the words (e.g. calling lifestyle marketing "cultivated identity")

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Coffin was a grown man in his late twenties when he posted racist stuff about his fake hot Asian girlfriend he impersonated, all that creepy shit about his wife, etc.

If you don't get why this guy is beyond saving you probably are a lolcow yourself. And his opinions are still shit. That hasn't changed.

Yeah thank you.

r/hailcorporate is better

You will be banned for using the word ‘stupid’ because it’s “ableist”. They’re turbo SJW tankies and absolutely horrid PR for the left. Their mods are basically like Zig Forums‘s BO but worse.

they go afk for the exact same length of time Burger gov't did too?

They auto ban users for posting in subreddits they don't like, bunch of SJWs.

It's shit, and so are you


You can hardly get anymore late stage than Peter Coffin, he is the zenit of the commodity's self-actualizing evolution.

people don't upvote theory


Yea with all 6 of us posting on it…..

Guess she deleted two accounts now (Vinterflamma and FrozenBlueber), anyone know her new twitter?

Also, being reddit, there is no OC and they just post screengrabs of tweets and headlines with zero substance (stickied videos by the likes of Peter Coffin being the exception here).

He's certainly commodified self-aware commodification of performative anti-capitalist critique. Capitalism, I think, can go deeper still.

It's a shitty like the rest of Reddit

Hotpockets described a number of intervals in which Che (the account name of Zig Forums's BO) went incommunicado, causing their inbox to pile up. Enterprising anons noted some of these intervals precisely lined up with every single budget-induced federal government shutdown in burgerstan.

On a related note, a prominent "SRS/fempire" goon mod in "leftist" subreddits (I forget his name) was widely noted for his seemingly endless meatspace travel budget, his constant advocacy for criminal acts (blowing up stuff, burning stuff, etc.), and his unflinching sectarian SJW rhetoric.

The implication is that both are paid FBI informants/moles.

All previous responses, then add the fact he sucks up to known rapist and snitch Laurelai Bailey.