Correct Ideology

Egoism is the only correct Ideology. The rest of you are either Posadist Puppets or rightcucks

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I really hope you are underage. Read a book.

What's the ideology squaring off with nazism

Egoism is when you don't want to be a solipsist but still retain that attitude.

"Nazism with socialist tendencies" just doesn't compute in my head.

You could apply the term egoism to pretty much any theory whether socialist or nonsocialist. The term doesn't tell anyone anything about how you think.

I literally stopped reading the moment it showed ISIS being the most right wing. The sheer fact you posted it here shows you have shit taste now leave.


shite evaluation tbh

The BO from /fascist/ did the fine work of translating Strasser's "Manifesto of Solidarism" for us to laugh at. It's clear he was not a socialist but maybe a bit closer to Mussolini or Primo de Rivera than Hitler.
I can't post it directly through all these layers of onion so here's a link:


you got a problem with that googtube?

Yes a big one. The name alone is negative association.

totally devoid of any actual policy?

He had a typical meme level understanding of the of capitalism and communism and lays out a program full of contradictions. Just read the pdf it's only two pages (with big font). We can discuss it point for point if you want.


I guess since it's friday you would prefer to Get Down? 8^)

Yes ⌐■>■

nice cargo cult fag

Does literally anyone actually read Strasser apart from wikipedia?

google bookchin

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Imagine thinking egoism is anything but left wing. Anyone who thinks they're beyond ideology is a fucking troglodyte.
Equally stupid are left wingers that deny egoism and self-interest.
It's our self-interest as proles to fight capitalism, the concept of a "Union of Egoists," is identical to high-phase communism.
This post made me embarrassed to go on this website again.

I'm thoroughly convinced that Assange Gang and le bloody Marxist revolutionaries morphed from being semi-literate theorists to Posadist evangelicals praying for hurricanes.

Change my mind!

Don't make me post it.


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How much have you benefited from participating in this fight?

New friends, a sense of purpose, a better understanding of how to unionise, exposure to philosophy and the arts, a general sense of hope for the future of this world. Activism is 100% in the self-interest, even in the short term it pays off and in the long term it's salvation.

Your self-interest is a self-fulfilling one, it's what Stirner meant with the internalization of ideology.

You got any mememan pdfs, by any chance?

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That last one is a very good book but what does it have to do with Stirner?

It doesn't, I'm just a dipshit that assumed their folders only had relevant contents. So I uploaded it without looking at the name. My apologies

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egoism is really wholesome universalism
fite me

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communism, mutualism, individualism (and egoism) are not political ideologies.

now stfu and read a book.

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Everyone should disregard this retard.

everyone should disregard the entire thread it's so retarded.

You're an overbearing dork.

ur thread a shit.

This isn't my thread. I just know you're the same guy with the Stirner image who's been derailing tons of other threads, insulting people, and misunderstanding what a spook is. You should study your supposed theory more, and you should try to actually engage people in dialogue instead of just sucking your own metaphorical cock, to everyone else's annoyance. You contribute nothing.




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