In a communist utopia how would HRT be handled?

In a communist utopia how would HRT be handled?
Who would receive it and what would be the role for trans people to play?
Would there be forced feminization for those that lack the ability to fulfill another role that would benefit the party?

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Only top officials are allowed to breed. All other males will be forced to take their hormones and wear skimpy bikinis as they plow the potato fields. After their work day is done, it's off to the showers to get ready for daddys cummies

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Like the rest of medicine.
Those who need it and the same role as they would if they weren't trans.
Forced feminization would only be for people who post dumb threads outside of qtddtott or containment threads.

"Instead of treating it as incumbent on individuals to resolve their own psychological distress, instead, that is, of accepting the vast privatization of stress that has taken place over the last thirty years, we need to ask: how has it become acceptable that so many people, and especially so many young people, are ill?” - Mark Fisher

In an established communist or socialist society, the rates of individuals who are transgendered will likely be drastically lower as there will be less social factors resulting in mental illness. Patriarchal gender norms will hopefully be abolished as well, so people will hopefully not feel the pressure to conform to social expectations of gender.

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HRT would be banned and trannies given mental help

Homosexuals and the mentally ill get the bullet. Just as they did in Lenin's and Che's time. We don't want you or need you

By a bullet. To pretend that it would go any other way only slows down the Revolution

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This seems to be one of those subjects that you can never rationally talk about. For a quick definition, Wikipedia defines a mental illness as "a behavioral or mental pattern that causes significant distress or impairment of personal functioning." Now, what does it say about gender dysphoria? It says: "Gender dysphoria […] is the distress a person experiences as a result of the sex and gender they were assigned at birth."

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Lenin himself became mentally ill.
Should he have been shot?
and btw, this is no effort trolling. Jesus.

This is a feel good bullshit fairy tale. The lolipop kindergarten idea of Marxism. In the initial push to turn the world red there would be hard tasking times. People would be put to death, put to work or put in the gulag. And thats necessary. there are no sunshine and rainbows. The world will be greeted with a boot. Homosexuals of all denominations will be sent to gulag if they are physically fit enough and worked till they are of no use. The rest will be shot. Period! And that is what needs to happen and will be the reality in the formative years of Socialism while we force our enemies to submit.
Those that refuse to come to terms with this reality and continue to undermine the revolution with ideas of a watered down "everyone's welcome" fluffy clouds and candy canes. Will be greeted with the same fate as those who are mentally unfit

I'm not sure why you red fascists think this. It's almost as if your leftism is purely superficial and you actually hold socially conservative views.

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Pic is for you user

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You are clearly a Tumblr tier Socialist. I would escort you and your ilk to the Gulag myself if I could. All you know of Socialism is what you get from your rainbow haired professor and your tumblr memes. True Socialism purges those of you too weak to do what is necessary.
It is you who needs to go back to your saturday morning cartoon version of revolution where youll be comfy and cozy in your hugbox

All opinions discarded

Lollipop socialist. Nothing but liberals with daddy issues and a hand out. Larping as revolutionaries. But revolution scares you so much you'll never achieve it

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Excuse me… These aren't arguments…

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Very effort
Many rational
Much arguments

But you don't, though.

You don't into reading much, do you?

It amazes me how tankies always embrace the most cancerous idpol, from queer women (male) black ML "decolonization" fags to the crypto-reactionaries who believe burger propaganda about communism and think it sounds good. Hopefully they end up killing each other.

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I can smell your rotten american stint from a thousand miles away.
One of my dreams is to see your shitty country nuked to dust during my lifetime. You are the cancer of this world and should be purged mercilessly.

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Transsexuals under a communist society will be refused SRS and at most given HRT meanwhile being told to accept their biological sex and to stop conforming to the idea that there are only two genders. Binary gender naturally creates transsexuals so this categorization will be dismantled and a new one put in its place.

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Nothing homophobic about being gender critical.

I'm pretty sure that it's going to be you that gets the bullet for counterrevolutionary revisionism. Communism is not about regulating what people do in their beds. period.

Also OP is a faggot.

You're actually dumb.



Wanting to exterminate homosexuals is idpol too fam.

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Homosexuality and trannies are just more examples of petite bourgeois and bourgeois decadence

Hey, crazy idea here:

How about we let the doctors & other qualified individuals decide what the best course of action is?

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Can you fucking read? OP is talking about INSIDE a communist utopia. There is no profit motive.

Fucking Zig Forums fascist. kys.

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This is productive

Do you have any degrees in any sort of psychology, neurology field, or are you just repeating small minded Zig Forums talking points?

If not, kindly shut the fuck up. Your dumb opinions show how much of a fascist you are.

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Imagine worshiping a piece of paper this much. Pol Pot did nothing wrong in shutting schools down because of bootlickers and decadent urbanites like you

I guess all those homo soviets were also bourgeois
and so are the gay lions.

No such thing.

I'd have sex with both of those people.

Wait they're the same person? Well, either way works for me.


I don't think you understand this whole trans thing, fampai.

I'm pretty sure you don't understand it either, and most people who call themselves "nonbinary" only serve to reinforce gender essentialism rather than challenging it.

You could say the same about pretty much ANY medical treatment, and the meds typically used by trannies are dirt cheap

I have lost count of how many straight guys I knew growing up who'd confess their curiosity

Which is to say there's this whole macho heterosexual thing but, more often than not, most people are some shade of straight or gay. It's like a spectrum really.

Sure, sure.
Everybody is just as mentally ill and "fluid" as you are.
That's why we have those strict binary gender definitions, people are all super curious but they decide to stick to just one thing just because. That makes a lot a sense, uh hum.
But whatever, believe in whatever makes you happy, you dumb faggot.


Go be a mentally ill freak somewhere else. Marx would burn his works if he saw what a circus his self-professed followers are today, by and large

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Its amazing at how drasticly they can change their bodies.

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When reactionaries think their IdPol isn't IdPol

This is what inevitably happens with any egalitarian school of thought. You end up drawing in societal regrets that are anti authoritarian because their sicfuckery isn't accepted by society's social standards

Gender is a pseudo-scientific concept born from dubious, poorly conducted human experimentation

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legal if your over 18

People who are trans

No this is stupid. If someone is organizing a counter revolution just give them the bullet or through them in prison. Forced feminization is just a waste or resources and an ineffective form of punishment. The only people who think this is a good idea are fetishfags.

liberals leave, this is a leftist board

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Your gender will be reassigned by firing squad.

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the state of this thread reveals how many people are either righty trolls or respond poorly to obvious trolling

the only correct answer

Well Marx's corpse buried in London can get with the times as far as I'm concerned. Most of the straight guys I've known were a little gay. I'd say the majority I've been friends with. One I crushed on when I was in my late teens / early 20s and then in our late 20s he decided he wanted to hook up – just a one-time thing though.

Also I think incels are by and large closeted transgender people with extreme body dysphoria and are over-compensating in the opposite direction. They'll often say things like "if I was a woman, I'd look beautiful with this chin, but I'm a man so that means I'm a freak etc. etc. etc." – they are in denial.

Imagine not knowing anything about the world intellectually, thinking people who have done years and years of dedicated research are just shit for brains who have only a piece of paper. You're just another Jordan Peterson; an anti-intellectual. Your ideas are far right wing. Kill yourself, fascist.

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The part about the incels is right tho, they are also the biggest anime fans which is a good indicator for male homosexuality.

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actually not true at all

show tunes and diva-disco pop, however, yes

Castro literally admitted he was wrong about this though and released/pardoned everyone. Unlike practically any western leader who were just replaced by younger generations. Lenin would have probably done the same if he lived, Stalin was just a faggot tankie like you.

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Didn't the DDR cover sex-reassignment surgery as part of the country's universal healthcare system? I mean I doubt these countries were idyllic places for LGBT but West Germany under Helmut Kohl in the 1980s was hardly the most tolerant place in the world either.

Social conservatism, traditional gender roles, etc. are essentially rooted in pre-capitalist modes of production, or at minimum, modes characteristic of early industrial capitalism. The most developed centers of capitalism in the world are the most progressive in regards to "cultural" politics because the material base that fostered patriarchal family structures and the like are no longer necessary. But the developed centers of capital still rely on extracting surplus value from industries lower down in the production process, coordinating that surplus and reinvesting it. The same is true in reverse regarding the early-capitalist industries (like manufacturing), as they need city finance and technology to improve their production processes.

The blue-haired queer who works in a yoga spa in Los Angeles is a worker just as much as a socially conservative worker in a smaller town or city that bolts big-rig truck cabs together. The difference is that she's serving a "tolerant" urban professional class that has liberal cultural politics, which arises from the kind of economy (global, rootless, etc.) that they're engaged in. Now, this also makes her a useful scapegoat and she is characterized as an "elite" by propaganda outlets funded by right-wing national capitalists who represent industries that make things or pull resources out of the ground.

Likewise, the exurban or rural worker who is displaced by the growth of the urban liberal capitalist class is characterized as backwards, reactionary, etc. They are wary of messing around with gender roles, however, since the gender roles are tied up in the kinds of industries they engage in. A father who works full-time, and a stay-at-home mother who raises the kids (nuclear family), confers material benefits in a kind of early-capitalist economy that has been eroding with the spread of urban, global, finance capitalism etc. They trend toward conservatism and associate gender fluidity with economic dislocation and disruption. But really, they're focusing on the cultural manifestations rather than the actual material changes at work.

I think red fascists also fetishize industrial capitalism and get spooked on the cultural markers. They support a kind of left-wing national capitalism? But this is not really thinking about how these cultural conflicts are manifestations of capitalism's contradictions, and means by which different factions of the capitalist class exploit these cultural markets to contest elections, which then confers benefits to favored industries.

What I'm curious is looking back at the early Marxist-Leninists, particularly in the Soviet Union and such, and how they depicted gender. Well, a lot of this early Soviet stuff had lots of chiseled workers with hard jaws and bulging biceps, which tied into a kind of developmental peasant-and-worker industrialization. And the arch-reactionaries of the time were kind of fruity, no?

This is why it's funny to me that the real ultra-reactionaries on Zig Forums and the like are into medieval Europe and such where "men could be men." But they know that prepubescent boys were literally castrated back then so they could sing opera in higher pitches when they became adults, right? The hyper-macho stuff that has them spooked is a historically contingent thing.

And I think there's a contingent of red fascists or whatever you'd like to call them that look back at the industrial Soviet Union in the early 20th century and they see the chiseled Ivans and they go "we need to go back to that." But if I look at actual self-described communists in the West, or at least here where I live, a lot of them are like the urban proletariat and they have dyed hair, don't care much about gender, etc. And they are workers by any reasonable Marxist definition.

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No wonder why we'll never see a revolution during our lifetime.

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You're probably right, and this allows the neoliberal technocrats in the urban cores to co-opt their servants: the poorly-paid Chipotle burrito packers, coffee baristas, hipster hairdressers and other declassed urban service sector employees. Even though the technocrats are their class enemies the shared social and cultural values bind them together. It's functionally no different from how it works on the right where blue-collar workers in the oil industry identify more with a "salt of the earth" billionaire oil industry executive than someone in a nearby urban core in the same basic class position.

In the U.S., Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was one of these on the liberal side: she studied economics but wound up working as a bartender and waiting tables while doing political activism. This is the core of the Bernie left that wasn't obvious until Obama (the uber-technocrat) started receding from the picture. In the GOP, there was a brutal struggle for control that lasted for years after Bush was gone between the free-traders who were in control of the party versus these revived national-protectionist capitalists (the latter won).

My guess is that the liberals/social democrats in the U.S. (and probably other places too like in the U.K. with Corbyn) are going to get with the times and try some kind of New Deal Part Deux: Electric Boogaloo. The Bernie types are correct, however, in pointing out the problem with the U.S. healthcare system for instance. They do break with the neoliberals in some important ways. But a larger reorientation along these lines will hardly be "socialist" – more in line with the general shift toward national protectionism we're seeing in the West, and like the New Deal it will probably again be co-opted by capital. (And the Bernie types don't say much about, say, imperialism.)

And the whole thing could go down and defeat and we'll just end up living in some dystopia anyways.

But my main point is that these culture-identity things are a spook. Anyways in my communist society all HRT will be provide free of charge etc. etc. etc.

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Please kys, it's a good question I wish I thought of.

If you think it’s a good question then it’s even shittier. Hang yourself post haste.

“the times”aren’t universally pro-gay. Most countries are very homophobic, and only in the past decade in the first world has homosexuality been excepted. This might just be a trend for all we know.

All sexual deviants and people who promote sexual deviancy will get the bullet. The jewish bourgeoisie who have pushed this illnesses on the hard working proletariat will suffer. Also I hope every queer on this board get their skull smashed by a boulder that's dropped on their skull

Also western "socialists" are part of the bourgeoisie and get the bullet too.

ALL homophobes will get the bullet