Anarchist Thread

Anarchist thread, come here fellow anarcho comrades to talk safely

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We already have an anarchist thread and nowhere on the internet is safe.

Anarchism is a joke. Go away, utopians

You're on an anarchist board that had to be created because a ML started sperging out. Go back to miss piggy's play pen.

Just a friendly reminder that anarchism isn't defined through opposing 'fascism' even if COINTELPRO SJW's would have you believe so.

You don't have to be an ML to realize that anarchism is silly and utopian

You are right, everyone can have brain damage.

I just don't think you can abolish the state overnight and move right into communism. I agree with the aim of anarchists but not the method of getting there. That's essentially my only issue with it

No you just have to be retarded and using a lberal-tier understanding of utopian. Anarchism was a clear break from the Utopian Socialists since Bakunin, arguably even Proudhon, in terms of methodology and praxis. If you're calling it utopian you haven't read anything on it and are relying on ill-informed axioms gleamed from memes.

I wonder if the BO is even anarchist

The population of the board skews anarchist first and leftcom second in polls.
He goes by Apo and likes the YPG, if he's not explicitly anarchist he's at least in the Libsoc wheelhouse.


for added security, see TAILS OS


Tails os, more like Pesudo security OS.

It's like you enjoy being a slave to interest on money.

Nazism is capitalism's true face

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An ML can't even run a chan board without becoming a dictator and people still believe Stalin had the interests of his subjects at heart lmao

Ok Seamus, thanks for the heads up.

Can you be a retard somewhere else?

what's your threat model?

Heads up, I just left-bombed the sticky'd music thread on QAnon