Why is the internet so full of fascists? Seriously...

Why is the internet so full of fascists? Seriously, no matter where I go there's always some of them ready to turn any discussion into racist and xenophobe ranting even if the topic at hand has nothing to do with it.

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while there's undoubtedly a worrying amount of fascists around, both online and offline, a lot of what you describe is literally just underage edgelords trying to provoke people. they'll probably grow out of it at some point

They have no lives and are autistic enough to argue instead of watching movies or porn.

Because the world is full of fascists and most people are fascists, you just hadn't noticed it before because you live in a bubble and because IRL fascist stuff gets scorned even tho most people actually agree with the fascist stuff internally. On the internet there's no fear of getting scorned so people go and express what they really think and feel.

The absolute state of Zig Forums, you can't even define what Fascism is lol.

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Hey, I drew that! Nice.

because stormfags and reactionaries saw the internet as a golden opportunity to spread propaganda and recruit. there is no leftist equivalent of Prager U or Brietbart to dupe normies

Only porn is nice, my dude.
It would've been better if you had put a big dick in her hands instead of a bottle.

There's probably some equivalents out there in terms of "quality" and effort put into the videos but it'll never catch up the same popularity because most people hate leftism with a passion.

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More importantly because leftists don't have rightist corporate thinktank/ Russian shillbucks

Where else are they gonna be? Cointelfa likes to pretend nazi wankers are a genuine risk, but it's socially absolutely unacceptable to say anything that could be seen as even remotely anti-immigrant or racist.

It's a good picture of the best catgirl.

…and why do they get so upset when you correctly point out that they are fascists?

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Very vocal minorities. They're most likely either underage or undereducated.
Now my other question is why is leftpol flooded with retards lately (not meaning you OP), just generally low-effort nazi threads.

Because the internet "base" is classical suburban middle class Petit bourg kids and mankids, it reflects their ideology.

Just think about how austistic this social media shit is.

I noticed that too and have no idea what happened.

Increased traffic from Reddit and more liberals getting banned from Zig Forums

Is this, dare I say, dialectics?

Sorry, I thought he was referring to the "omg fite the nazis DUMP DRUMPF fuggen tankies" liberal posters, not the Zig Forums posters.
The latter have been leaking out of Reddit and 4chan forever. The former are almost as annoying, and have been increasing in frequency after getting banned on various subreddits as well as Zig Forums.

The petit bourg "middle class" get drawn into it because the capital-fascist ideology says that they are better than those poor unwashed colored people and they buy into it in fear of having to be forced to associate with those they perceive to be below them.
But it isn't just them who buy into it, most of the fucked up lumpenproletariat also feel attracted to the same shitty ideology for the same reasons. In the end it's all about the porkies exploring the human nature desire that people have for hierarchies and to not be at the bottom of it while whipping those below.
These two classes together compose the majority of people, not the minority as you guys want to believe.

Which is of course wrong, they're all equals, which is why your leftist cliché ideology is no better than any tendency of the poor unwashed colored people. So stop being racist by arguing for your own ideological position.

Gee, I wonder why.

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you dwell where the socially retarded dwell if you didnt' you wouldn't even notice these retards.

welcome to chan boards full of losers and the dregs of humanity.

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like this retard here for example

I have a PHD in chemistry, what do you have? A PHD in shitposting and complaining on Twitter? Lmao

Because sjws are nazis too.

You are unironically the dumbest person on this board

I disagree.

Imagine being this person

Don't bother arguing for real, just use fallacies and call them a nazi retard, I mean how fucking Einstein can you get?

samefag harder pls

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Imagine being this butthurt over logic and reality, go suck a nigger dick you fat fuck feminist, you are a part the reason white civilization is falling apart, you hail to Jewish subversivism.

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Probably has to do with the fact that the first world is full of fascists.

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Can you provide proof of a jewish illuminati?

the world is fascist
nature is fascism

What the fuck? I'm talking about Jewish subversivism, why do you think they've been kicked out of countries?

Because they have historically been a nomadic people who have always been strangers wherever they go, people don't tend to like large numbers of strangers coming in to contest the limited job snd resources.

Yeah sure, it's not that they promoted fun and anti-monagamy, it's totally because they were genuine human beings and not a tribe with parasitical intentions upon the population.

Most abrhamic religions promoted have multiple wives, even gypsies do this.

Jews aren't parasites, they're sharks, and you're just sad dolphins who can't get laid.

Sharks are afraid of dolphins.

The internet is their natural habitat, just like is the natural habitat of incels for example.

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as expected from Zig Forums

like how retarded do you have to be to believe in a graph made in microsoft excel 2003 with arbitrary numbers?

First of all, give a source. I can't find anything about this supposed study online. Good chance it was made up on the spot by you or another Zig Forumstard.
Secondly if blacks and Asians identify more along racial than ideological lines, or fail to identify with the country they live in, this doesn't somehow make them "fascists" yet it says something about the divisive nature of idpol and the pervasive ethnic segregation in the US. I don't know what even is the point of posting that graph in this thread.

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Somebody saying "niggers suck" on twitter isn't probably an ardent follower of Mussolini with strong beliefs on "class collaboration", corporatism, statism and militarism.

Even if that had sources I would still call obvious bullshit on that.

The chart is semi right, all people consider race the most important identifier, only 1% care about the rest.

so the chart is not right?
also, source?

It's a joke, personal identifiers are different things.

Please use the Nazi flag.

Most fascists back in the day had no fucking idea what they were about, that doesn't make them less dangerous. These fuckers will follow the first fascist with half a brain, just like the Blackshirts with Mussolini.

There is nothing "fascist" about being racist or a xenophobe you retarded (oh, how ableist of me) snowflake, plenty of leftists were just that.


It's ironic someone on the fucking chans would get triggered over that, were you even on 4chan /b/ for a day?

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Oh ok, lel. Not a native speaker

t. fascist

nah thats not a facist just another retard that is very unliked irl (no friends, no gf, completely an unlikable loner) and will end up killing himself someday anyway

snot = post.breaksentence()
for lumplfuq in range (0, snot.length){
if snot[lumpfuq].stringin("internet"){
echo("Wouldn't it be nice if there were a place where the sum library of human knowledge, and exotic porn, existed in communism?")
if snot[lumpfuq].stringin("fascist"){
echo("Those guys are to the left of Marxism-Leninism but are still not anarchists.")
if snot[lumpfuq].stringin("racist and xenophobe ranting"){
echo("They are like my old grandmother, and likely have as many parts missing.")


Wharlt the fuck is a gnu/communist

Not him but this is the source, was pretty easy to find tbh