Grug think something not right

Is there leftist caveposting?

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No. We don't copy everything from Zig Forums and we find it closer to the truth of Zig Forums than pollacks would admit.

Many posts are basically well-written versions of "Police baaad" or "America baaad". But then again that isn't actually leftist. Nor is caveposting necessarily duckspeak.

some grugposts are funny, but most of the nazi grugposts I see on /r/4chan are just vocabularly replacements for some dumb shit nazis believe in. I get the feeling they like it so much because their ideology relies on reflecting the natural order, such as people existing in natural nations, and grug affirms that. Nazi beliefs are pretty retarded anyway, so it's not hard to adapt it into something a caveman could plausibly say.


is there a pol anywhere that isnt retarded right wingers or left wing faggots being lead by the nose by ☘️☘️☘️them?☘️☘️☘️)
all the pols are lefty righty agenda shitholes with 8ch's pol being the most centrist

I think you might like reddit

centrist status quo fucks get out

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YPG not have nukes. YPG not have tanks. Grug not think YPG socialist. Grug think Kurds revisionist.

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now this is left caveposting I can get behind

was waiting to see this one posted

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Lug say proles too dumb. Only think like trade union.
Need vanguard party. Seize state, educate and tell proles how to socialism.

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Very nice. Keep them coming.

What the fuck is this shit.

Is this what the 'the left can't meme' crowd has come to? Jesus.

>>>/cuckchan/ is that way

primitive communism.


it's making fun of /biz/'s obsession with the other vids on the channel. it also mixes other memes

of course you do faggots
all you know how to do is copy, who you think you're fooling?

Zig Forums likening themselves to cavemen ("GRUG HATE LONG NOSE TRIBE") is ironically flattering to them, because it reaffirms that their beliefs are "natural" and have existed forever. The Grug character is primal, innocent and unspoiled, but as the memes play out even he realizes that outsiders are perfidious and evil. The cavemen in the memes do not represent primitive savagery, but rather romanticized natural wisdom and childlike wonder that becomes spoiled by the character encountering undesirables who seek to pervert his way of life.

Leftist Grug wouldn't work that way I think. It'd just be making fun of leftists for being dumb.

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Can't you people make jokes now moralizing and without handwringing over Zig Forums? Holy shit

leftist grug would see class conflict solidarity and mutualism as self evident obviously or he'd be a dumb class cuck

Leftist grug hates outsiders too.
This post was made by nazbol gang.

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