What are some books defending or explaining the health and wealth gospel doctrines?

What are some books defending or explaining the health and wealth gospel doctrines?
Ive only ever seen blogposts attacking it but i cant make up my mind without seeing both opinions.

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I can fix that for you in a single sentence, viz. Wealth and prosperity are not ends in themselves, so it neither makes sense to covet wealth, to believe that believing in the Bible results in wealth, or that God grants wealth just for the sake of it, and not so it can be used to further glorify God.

The safest assumption is that any wealth God gives you will be quickly spirited away for some good purpose or other, since it is written, that the Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away (Job 1:21). Overall it is just unchristian to want more than may suffice.

Youre still part of the "poverty faction"
As I stated,I desire to read the books of the "well-being party"
You ignored my request

you won't find anyone spouting that bs on this board

Let us see.

just live the gospel as best as you can, you will either get richer and healthier or not


What a vapid advice.
Thats like saying "youll die of cancer in 2 years or not"
Youre trivializing.

Youre just spewing random verses.
You ignored my request.


Worshiping God for money is the most grotesque theological innovation of a Godless, debauched and consumerist empire.

"Good" health, as in not your body not generally degenerating from drugs and premarital sex will come as you obey natural law, but Wealth is something that comes and goes, it is entirely temporal and it will all pass away, store your wealth in heaven.

I DEFEND not asking to say four.
I indeed desire to view the non-shanty town-faction opinion

Oh! DOES it?
If it comes;where are the poor? If goes,why are there the rich?

Fair enough. When will you be giving away all your evil money and becoming a beggar?


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Do not whatever me after having ignored my request.

There aren't any because it's completely baseless heresy told by TV preachers like joel osteen to get people to donate money to his """"""""""""church"""""""""""".

Does osteen even preach the tithe?
Arent you mistaking him for td jakes?

here you go fam

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If you desire wealth, search for riches not eaten up by rust or moth.
If you desire health, work towards eternal life.

All that you have in this world is a gift from God; you have received freely without pay, give freely without pay.

Gods will is the height of perfection. If He wills you earthly riches, praise His Holy Name and give to His poor. If He wills you to be poverty stricken, praise His Holy Name and thank Him for revealing to you materially what you spiritually truly are while you live on this earth.
In the days of your youth when you still have strength to till the field, sow seeds worthy of repentance, that you and all you love may eat of its fruits, and that the Lord may glory in His harvest. If you are struck down in illness and disease, praise Him again for giving you opportunity to share in Christs suffering.

Tl;dr: stop wasteposting and go pray your rosary. I will be joining you.

The peace of Jesus be with you all

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So do prosperity gospelites think when Paul was talking about his sufferings in 2 Corinthians 11 was he confessing that he wasn't in God's favor?

No it bypasses any vapid debate over the truth of the matter

Is believing that God can heal a sickness part of the 'prosperity gospel'? A buddy of mine who is a Babtist was telling me about how recently he was approached by a stranger in the grocery store who wanted to pray for my buddy's bad acne. He refuted the prayer and confined to me how praying for sickness is part of the prosperity gospel. I disagreed with him, but didn't argue it.

Absolutely not

yes it is, its the Heath and wealth gospel,not only the wealth.

you're mistaking the influence of the devil who causes poverty.
NO ONE who works hard and has no vices remains poor unless
he wills it.
the poor are either handicapped war victims or lazy. in modern capitalism climbing up the ladder is easier than ever in history.

The prosperity gospel is the belief that health and wealth is the 'reward' for coming to Christ. So if you're unhealthy or poor, you don't believe or are not seeding enough into the ministry. This is distinctly different than praying for the sick.

Oh boy, a time traveler from the fifties

You're obviously already convinced OP so nothing we say will ever be good enough for you.
To answer your question: there is no doctrine. No great theologian, nothing worth a read.
Why? Because prosperity gospel isn't an intellectual "doctrine", it's something that can only work in front of an audience using sentimentality and mindtricks… and charming the greedy nature of man.

Christ used to preach to the poor saying that they will be consoled up in heaven and that they need to become holy.
Prosperity gospel (lol) goons says that if you believe enough in DJIZZU$$ and work hard He will grant you money in this life.

If you can't see the direct contradiction there's nothing else we can do for you. I'll pray that you see the light
I'm pretty wealthy actually but you'll say I'm a hypocrite who wants to keep everyone down.
Money is a mean, it shouldn't be your end-goal.

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The bible. Our current world is owned by a Luciferian cult. They print our money, determine our leaders, make us go to war, shape our education, control our religions, and manage the finances of the wealthy. If you want great wealth then you have to be evil or they will take everything you have away from you. If you spend your life in the pursuit of wealth then you are working for a point of crisis where you will be forced to choose between God and wealth, and you will choose wealth. You'll just think up some rationalization that you know it a lie, but you'll pretend to believe it because of your love of wealth.

Why do you want books on the topic? Sound to me like you are looking for some writing that with bolster an opinion that you already have. You could figure out the truth of the issue by reading the bible and paying attention to the world around you

I agree. The guy has some firm opinion but he's pretending to be an open minded truth seeker.

Because of the practical decision of wheter to tithe or to not tithe.

I need to become rich so I can adopt a son.
My successor deserves the best education.