How does this makes you fell, palebois?

How does this makes you fell, palebois?

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Glad I don't use google.

Is that Shakepierre? I no understand, give me ebonics pls

i couldn't give less of a fuck man.fuck off read a book.

I have never read Shakespeare


Well Julius Caesar and Romeo & Juliet were Italian, and they're known for being swarthy. And the Danes were well known to be Nubians before the ☘️Anglos☘️ wiped them out and revised history.

Didnt people run away from leftYpol for this very same shit moderation practice?

Wow. Google trying to look human by revising history for black users. Ebin. Liberals of late stage capitalism truly are autistic beyond control but Zig Forums isn't any better.

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A play isn't "history."

This, I was having a good time in that thread

They whitewashed Othello.

A private company did something and some people don't like it? Gee, not like that happens all the time



Let me guess, people are gonna claim that's not real socialism?

wtf I love google now

That thread should have stayed up, it was pretty fun seeing the one brainlet nazi sperg out
But no, people ran away from Zig Forums because the BO started banning people because they didn't give their full support to rightist 3rd world dictators

tell me more about the historical Hamlet :^)

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I can imagine Zig Forums would actually attack someone depicting Othello as black because they are ignorant about the original play. They don't actually give a fuck about "culture", only about muh white race.

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Greek statues are pretty cool tho…


I guess the 2d VS 3d debate isnt a modern phenomenon.


Yes. Plays are culture and part of history. And no. Not all images above depict Othello.

I'm not white nigger

Nothing. The only part of muh body that feels anything is MUH DIK