If god created humans in his own imagine why did he made humans so fragile and weak...

If god created humans in his own imagine why did he made humans so fragile and weak? Is it because god doesn't exist and reality is merely a massive computer simulation created by some hyperadvanced ancient species because they were merely bored and created reality to be used as just a massive universal shitpost on omegachan?

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Ok, but who created those ancient ayys? What if those ancient ayys are primordial fallen angels who turned against the creator?

God didn't make us fragile and weak, Adam and Eve did.

This. Based and red-pilled

A better question yet: Why did he create nigg_ers?

To be in servitude to the other races, see Genesis 9.

Based and Terrypilled

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He didn't, that happened after the fall. I highly doubt that you could distinguish pre-fall human from an actual deity. And this will be back to normal after resurrection of the dead, when mankind will have their restored bodies with qualities of the body of Christ

He didn't, we were much more like Him in the beginning, but we stupidly gave it up by our own volition. The faithful will be given glorified bodies like that of Christ after the resurrection.

Incorrect, see the Table of Nations. I will beat you with thirty shoes for your insolence.

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You might be astounded that people outside of pol find out about 13/50 and the darkies ineptitude do create anything of use and their tendency to be a force of destruction and nothing else. You're the minority here newfriend.

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Yeah, but the Bible is still fact. They’re still sons of Adam through Noah’s son Ham.

…there are blacks outside US. And they had civilizations in Mali, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Kongo and so on.
Why do Unitedstatesians think that globe is merely an US map?

Just the ones who never leave the house.
T. Unitedstatesian

Buddy, I haven’t a clue as to what the heck that post meant, but just respect all people, okay?

yeah, you know that all people today descended from Noah right

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I get that you were going for the super edgy misanthropic angle, but the trick to pulling that off is recognizing that humanity is very powerful but uses its power unwisely.

yeah, I'm gonna say no that buddy

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We are powerful enough to exterminate all life on Earth and retarded enough to actually do that.

Ok then, rebel against God.