Sarah Wagenknecht #aufstehen

She is /ourgirl/ and you know it comrades. Why haven't you joined #aufstehen yet user?

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I’d hit that tbh

She basically has potential for becoming a German Jeremy Corbyn tbqh

Here a link

I just want to find somebody to support, who's totally anti-capitalist but is extremely pro-free speech, isn't a socjus loon, and despises all superstitions.

Because I'm not a social democrat you fucking "Here's how my favourite liberal politician of the week can still win" retard.

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Well, how is she a liberal? She is a Democratic Socialist from all I have read about her and the first internationale was a big tent movement in the beginning as well. Stop being so aggressive and judgemental. Being secterian like this really will make the right victorious.

But she's a succdem too, same for her "mass movement".

That means she’s shit, period.

She's pretty much the only decent politician in Germany.

t. internet revolutionary warriors that will achieve even less things for the workers than wagenknecht


There's nothing wrong with opposing the enemies of the working class, whether they are on the left or right wing of capital
None cares about your bourgeois left-moralist alarmism anymore.
So you admit she's a socdem.

Literally a clintonite talking point, congratulations.

Hegel remarks somewhere that all great world-historic facts and personages appear, so to speak, twice. He forgot to add: the first time as tragedy, the second time as farce. Merkel for Papen, Schulz for Ebert, Lafontaine for Luxemburg, Wagenknecht for Liebknecht, Die Linke for the KPD. And the same caricature occurs in the circumstances of the second edition of the German Revolution.
For real though as a burger I wish we had anything close to Die Linke, this country is so infinitely cucked. Even if it is infested with succdems, it’s better than nothing.


If you were running for the Bundestag, Sarah Wagenknecht would vote for you.

That's actually pretty interesting. It makes me wonder if it's a normal last name in Germany or a unique creation of a socialist. I've never heard of the equivalent last name in my [other Germanic native language].

Any German speakers know if 'Wagenknecht' is a semi-normal name in Germany?

“Wage slave” is Lohnsklave / Lohnsklavin. Knecht does mean servant and I presume he made the post because “Wagen” (meaning cart / car) looks like “wage”

It's "Wagen-knecht"
wagen being compared to "wagon" and "knecht" being compared to "knight"
It basically means "cart servant"

Up until recently, I had thought krauts completely hopeless from a political standpoint, given not just the Left Party's laughable performance, but AfD's too, in the face of record populist upsets in the UK, France, Greece, US, etc., for both the left and right. However, the small but noticeable uptick in AfD's performance recently, even if unaccompanied by any bump to the Left Party, has given me hope that the establishment iceberg of kraut politics may be breaking up, even if not in the correct direction.

Even more worrying, however, is the general impression I have of the Left Party, namely its being split between a wing of mostly center-leftists and anti-German SJWS, versus a (smaller) wing of principled leftists and GDR nostalgics. Along with the lack of any other leftist party of note, nor leftist wings within bigger parties (i.e.: Greens, SDP), this paints a grim picture of uphill struggle for kraut leftists.

She is, if I'm not mistaken in my secondhand anglophone impression of her past writings, literally a tankie.

Reminder Sanders officially got 43% of the vote in the Democrap Party primaries, was very probably cheated out of a victory given discrepancies from exit polls, and was uniformly found to win the burgerstan general election in opinion polls against Republicans such as Trump. There is absolutely nothing resembling Sanders' success in Germany.

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This is a libcom board, /ourgirl/ is the women of the proletariat. A politician is the girl of the left wing of capital.

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what did he mean by this?

Wagenknecht is not your average DemSoc. She literally wrote an article that Stalin did nothing and studied Marxist economics.

Look, the whole "aufstehen" thing is literally just a front against neoliberalism, it doesn't aspire to be anything else. It's not a party. If it purges the Neolibs in the SPD and the IdPol/Antideutsch cancer from DieLinke, it would have been a success. Nothing more nothing less.

In any case, a defense of this movement against libshits is morally mandatory for the real left, they already publish articles how this is "Querfront", nationalistic, "homophobic and transphobic" (no joke), etc.

Get ready for a campaign not unlike the one against Corbyn.

Good post and yeah I agree mostly. The SJW/Red Liberal wongtof her party bashed her recently for not wanting uncontrolled mass immigration (like greens and parts of her own party which apparently do not care how refugees in Germany end up).

She is based af basically. I hope she will become a "German Corbyn" and tbh idgaf about what tankies or armchairs like screech about her.

Also nice meme we should make more of those pics with our red lady

Do you have present writings that prove she's and her movement tankies? Also why do you have an ancom flag if you support tankies?

Like I said, I'm an ugly American monoglot, and everything that comes up in searches is all in German, though what referred to is probably what I'm thinking of.
I'm just saying she's clearly not a bitch-basic Rosa-stabber. Also, the tankies will be dealt with after my revolution.

So you will never deal with them? Ok.

This is her pro-Stalin article from 1992:
You always have journalists approaching her like "ARE U STILL A STALINIST :DD" and she never denounces Stalin. One time she's said "It were difficult material conditions in those days in Russia", this is how far she goes.

She's hiding her powerlevel unbelievably hard.

As far as politics go, AnComs are somewhat not present, there is a squatting scene that recently got their asses kicked in and the FAU (Freie Arbeiter Union) which is a syndicalist union that is pretty okay-ish from what I can tell (they are against smashies and IdPol). But none of them have any influence outside of the Antifa movement (which is pretty shit in Germany because Antideutsche etc.)

Don't be irritated by the other guy, Sahra is decent. She's been arround since a long time and has never deviated from her line, in her newest book she advocates worker cooperatives in a market socialist fashion as a transitional period.

Also, she joined the SED as the GDR collapsed to say "fuck it" - despite her being mistreated in the GDR because she's an anti-revisionist and the Honecker regime was a revisionist gerontocracy.

Actually the Mao poster, misclicked the flag.

I don't know now, but she was tankie as fuck back at this time.

No she is not.

Any lady who supports Stalin is our girl.
you fag.

Neck yourself, poser

That's like saying that a concentration camp guard, when asked what he did during war, would be hiding his powerlevel if he answered that he was merely working as a pest controller.

The posting of a Muhammad or a Jew cartoon being in more perilous legal territory than stalinism stands testament to the rot in the German state.

My god Zig Forums, give it up.

Behold, the maoists worst nightmare.

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Neck thyself, flagless controlled opposition.

RedStar2000 (tm) is still a useless fag.

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Do 90 year old scare you?

I'm assuming you mean "Do 90 year old's scare you?" then yes they do and yes they should. You've never seen a group of old men kick the shit in of some 20 year old. Albeit he was outnumbered but they clearly knew what they were doing and were knocking his teeth out. When people live that long they've definitely picked up survival skills and are definitely a considerable threat that deserve respect.

If only the CDR had another five years and an anti-revisionist government came to power. A socialist state in the heart of Europe would be very useful.

Not if they live in Argentina?


typical leftcom lmao

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This. She and her husband Lafontaine are the only people who can save us now. Also I was one of the first 30,000 people who registered.

Right now I would like the DDR back because at least they had plenty of rent-controlled apartments, low food prices, and safe streets. West Germany is a complete and total failure.

>She and her husband Lafontaine are the only people who can save us now.
>>>Zig Forums
We don't want your kind here.

b-but they didn't even had bananas in the DDR!

She hates Jews that much?

It's not that easy to fool us.

AHAHAHA holy shit you really believe that fabricated neocon media crap? Kill yourself you fucking Blairite left liberal piece of cancer!

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Too bad registering in a German movement doesn't make much sense for me as an Austrian but I fully support this!

Interesting. I will read through the translated version when I get home.

All over TV and radio they are debating whether Corbyn wants to gas all the jews or just gas 90% of them.

But Im supposed to believe you instead. Some random off the internet?

I know you are prolly Zig Forums but whatever: Why don't you look at what Corbyn has said himself instead of believing secondary sources?


That sounds kinda boring.

I am not gonna waste my time. Do you think Corbyn and his ilk are problematic and antisemitic? Just fuck off.

This nigga gotta be trolling lmao no way that even an Anarchist would be that retarded.

Stop taking the bait dude. He either is a troll or so retarded that only a bullet can save him.

Stop projecting sweetheart.

So they had a press conference yesterday and news was all over this. Mostly negative as expected from these neolib goons.
Just like in Britain and France, this movement needs social media to organise and to survive.
idpolacks and postmodern leftists hate them as well, so this is a plus
Both, neolibs and idpol try to link them with natsocs (either by calling them Querfront (TL: crossfront) or calling them outright Natsocs. Also they attempt to downplay the interest to it, by claiming those 100,000 people who registered are fake (yet they somehow crashed the server, the instant the registration was available).
It caters mostly to the people who are on the Left party, but also to the Green progs and Socdems.
Progs and Socdems have both a fully rightwing leadership and of course they are trying to ridicule it. Even self-proclaimed """""leftists""""" like Nahles and Klingbeil have no nice things to say (as expected). But also the leaders of the Left party have became to compliant after finally getting acknowledged that they are an "established" party..

This is going to be interesting. Since it isn't clear who is lying, it will bite the liar in the ass later on. Should the media be right, it would be the end of #aufstehen. They need genuine people who push it forward.
If the media is lying though, it will become a tough pill to swallow.

It may be counter-productive to cater towards centrist, but the movement specifically aims for the leftists of it, who still remind, despite all the shit they were doing.
Since the movement outright refuses to adopt idpol position and asks socioeconomic questions (about class, something the postmodernists removed entirely from their program and refuse to address) the movement can't hope to get recruits from there (and thank god for that).
So by realistic estimates this movement will have 1/4 from the SPD, 1/4 from the Greens and 2/3 from the Left party. Should the movement seriously grow, they might be excluded (first voices already call for the exclusion of Wagenknecht), this may deliver a severe blow.

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Nobody will believe this shit. The media campaign is on its last legs in this country. #aufstehen draws people from the SPD who aren't boomers and even from the fucking Greens (who are anti-German neoliberal warhawks) so it gets harder and harder to equate it with literally Hitler. From what I can tell, even the liberal Zionists from r/de think the campaign against it is bullshit.

They have also put up online grassroot discussions about the program, communists should influence that.

She is as Left as it is possible in Germany (which is SocDem, yes) - was forced to leave KPF (Communist Platform) to get a higher post in Linke, and is still watched by state security.

She never left the communist platform as far as we can know, since the communist platform keeps its members a secret. Verfassungsschutz (state security as you say it) watches everything left of the SPD, even your Trot reading circle on the campus is likely to be watched.

Most popular argument is >Muh Pootin
Yet some posters openly stated that they will become members for the putpose of COINTELPROing it.
Disgusting creatures.

Are you Germans ready to #FeelTheBern???

r/de is for people who are rejected even from 9gag. And the mods feel like they somehow need to present "the official German subreddit" which means banning everyone left of Merkel.

Sahra has written a dissertation defending Stalin, name one DemSoc burger who does that.

Fuck you bitch nigger. Jezza is a right proper lad, and opposing the white supremacist state of Israel is not only not anti-Semitic, it's pro-Semitic because Israel is making Jewish people look worse than dumb blood libel ever could. Anyone with a shred of decency opposes that shithole and what they're doing to the Palestinians and geopolitics.

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Does she have, like, a massive Russian loan to pay back, or something?



Perhaps not that far, but Bernie himself has refused to back away from his extensive praise for the Castro regime in Cuba and the Sandinistas in Nicaragua.

Bernie Sanders did his honeymoon in the USSR

Pretty much correct. It's very easy to be radical when all of that consists of sitting on your ass and denouncing socdems. They might not be perfect and many turn their backs on the working class but still they are the only way which allows us to advance the proletariat's position in bourgeios society and thus win the general public's trust.

is this what passes for satire in the Estados Unidos?

Correction: socdemism is not the only way but still you get point, right?

Especially when movements like aufstehen are fresh and undogmatic with plenty of room for agitation and no party line. SocDems did a lot of shit but these armchair heros who post stuff like "racist SocDem Rosa killers reeee" about an event that happened 100 years ago are laughable. What's stopping you from becoming a Third Worldist? Nobody claims that Corbyn or Wagenknecht will bring socialism.


I don't speak Hitlerese can you translate this article?

Damn right! We need to protect Judaism and the imperialist state of Israel! This is true ==TOLERANT LEFT== power! Everyone who disagrees is literally red fascist like Marx and Lenin! The western media is always right #FuckH8!

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It's Bartsch, a known left-liberal reformist, only Ramelow is worse. Die Linke is a mixed big tent party though. But that the Zionists have big influence in the party leadership should be known, look up "Toiletten Affaire".

Can we offically call the SPD a right-wing party now?


Stall of the KPD at the UZ Pressefest

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to be against antisemitism is not to defend or approve isreali imperialism

They are kinda right.
The movement is full of loser… THEY CREATED.

I think it's especially ironic how the SPD, in one of the oldest and most influential Marxist/communists newspapers in the beginning of the 20th century, would call the working class loosers who didn't pull themselves up by the bootstraps.

daily reminder that reddit is full of neolib cocksuckers

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stfu I won't tolerate any slander against my tankie waifu

juche is revisionism

Die Linke really seems to be just a bunch of slightly less gay socdems
Clandestine is the actual way to go

Juche is evolved Marxism. Being an esoteric Marxist thinking Marx was flawless and knew the universal truth for all eras and conditions in the future a couple hundred years ago is ridiculous. Hoxhaist and Maoist secterians should just crawl into their holes again.

but he did you faggot