It’s been a while sense we’ve had one of these threads. All discussion on leftist paramilitaries/militias belongs here.

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Rule number 1: be fit
Rule number 2: don't be a pussy

1. be humble. know that a bullet can kill any motherfucker no matter his body
2. train every day, nobody in life gets better at something without struggle. It's part of humbleness too.

Unhumble individuals who can't recognize their flaws and practice to overcome them are always worthless losers. Always.

This. Hubris is a sure shortcut to disasters and getting blown the fuck up.

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So I suppose at least some of this board will agree we need at least basic regulations on guns if we want to build a functioning socialist society. How should we do this? I know this is a controversial topic because of "muh freedumz", but it seems fairly extreme to me to allow any potential psychopath/school shooter to obtain a gun at free will. I was thinking maybe guns can be kept in some kind of depot and you can get them there if you have your identification documents as well as the needed credentials, showing that you have a blank crime slate etc.

Good to see local self defense groups popping up, however young and inexperienced.

They already do background checks via NICS. You have to have a drivers license and pass a background check. This is US law. As for private sales, opening NICS up to John Q. Public would be viable, as well as requiring paperwork to be kept by the person in question.

Centralized storage isn't an ideal solution. If something akin to an invasion were to occur, such warehouses and storage units wound be target number one for PGMs.

The real issue is that dipshit parents leave their guns out for thier fucked up shit of a kid to find and show to other kids.

Id support locking the mentally ill away or disposing of them. Maybe require a minimum Autism Level to have kids. The guns are fine and necessary to the security of any socialist state. Every citizen in good health must be able to use a weapon with some amount of proficiency and care for it properly. Anything else is inviting the corrupted world of luxury and vice to pile on and destroy any dreams a people have of a truely free nation.

Hello, fellow leftists!

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No, fuck you.

Love you too! Have fun with the staggering murder rates in your crime-ridden utopia

Guns don't cause crime. Socioeconomic factors do. This is Marx 101, fagget.


Oops. It's almost like most murders are drug and gang related, which exist because of massive poverty.

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Yeah sure, but it's a whole lot easier to actually shoot people if you have easy access to guns fam. And please don't come at me with "they'd use knives otherwise" or "they'd hijack a car and drive over people" as if those things are equally efficient ways of carrying out a murder spree as a fucking machine gun.

Yeah, that's kind of the point of having a gun. I want to be able to shoot people who need shooting. That's why I carry one and keep one next to me as I sleep. They don't do any good at a depot.

Murder sprees aren't the main cause of homicides in the US. They are almost a non-issue. Instead, we should be trying to take care of these individuals who feel left out of society. Under socialism, homicide rates would necessarily drop because of economic conditions. Murder sprees are not the main issue at hand.

No, the main problem is that you gun grabbers would try to ban them too, else you'd run out of things to ban.

Canada has more guns per capita than the US. It's a problem with culture, not guns.
Television in the US is a lot different than elsewhere, it shows how weird their culture has become.
Also, the general wealth divide and lack of social security stuff like healthcare tends to cause problems. Lots of desperate people, doing desperate things.

If know chimestry you can make bombs
We should ban chimestry.

I'm not convinced that you being paranoid is a good argument for gun ownership.
I'm not denying any of this, but the point stays that you're not making society safer by deliberately increasing gun ownership either.

am chimest can concer, we make only bombs

(some) Gun Control is fine post-revolution, but as people who wish for revolution we must do evrethying to undermine capitalism and the state.

We all know that Chimestry is the best friend of the proletariat.
1905 all over again.

I guess robberies, assaults, and rapes never happen, then.
It's about having a free society, fag. All workers must be armed. Go fuck off right back to whatever liberal hole you crawled out of.

All weapons in the hands of the people. Abolish professional armies, institute a militia system. Mandatory gun-training – nothing less. Any party worth its salt should have a paramilitary wing too

Gun control can encompass a lot of things. What do you have in mind?

So that's why the Amish have such a massive gang problem..

The Amish are a unique population group, that also use guns, you stupid faggot. Their adherence to total non-violence and cooperation seems to drive crime down, not their lack of scary guns. Nice going, dipshit liberal.

Amish often have exceptions carved out so that they can buy guns without photo ID. This is the case in Illinois.

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What does your population group adhere to?

Maybe it's a cultural thing because you live in Murica. In Europe, the chance of being the victim of any of those in your own home is microscopic.
This is like the kind of argument a libertarian would make based on a vague appeal to "freedom". You can defend all types of highly shady practices in the name of freedom.
If the police and military are actually functioning, and serve to protect the workers' interests as they supposedly will in a socialist society, what's the use of letting random dipshits carry guns?
Not an argument.

I don't understand your question.

Except it's not, or is Russia, for example, not a European country? There are also more home invasions in the UK than in the US.
There's nothing shady about being able to defend yourself. There is something shady about taking away guns in the name of "safety".
The fact that everyone can be called upon for service, and the fact that the police and military can't be everywhere at once.
Also not an argument. Kill yourself. You don't belong here.

The goal of socialism is freedom, it’s not a concept to be dismissed so lightly.

Not really, since even liberals figured out that your freedom only extends to the point that it begins to inhibit the freedom of others. So I don’t see how you could seriously justify anything with freedom without lying through your teeth like lolberts do.

To protect against both foreign invasion as well as keep the state in check and ensure its loyalty to the workers.

Forgot flag

Bumping with pics of my collection.

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Nice collection!

Next thing you should work on is getting a pistol belt and some load bearing suspenders. Web gear would help you carry canteens, more ammo pouches and a pistol holster. You could still wear the SKS rig and shotgun bandolier with it also.

You can find this type of gear in basically any army surplus store or online. I would post a picture of me in my gear but I don't have it completely set up yet so these pictures will have to do as examples.

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I’m planning on getting some web gear. Also looking into reproduction Rhodesian FAL chest rigs for M14 mags. Only going with the Rhodesian ones because they seem weirdly readily available in leafland compared to others. What’s a good mode of all purpose web gear to get?

I'm not sure what types of web gear are most common in your area. Gear of NATO aligned countries are compatible for the most part. Basically all US gear from WW1 all the way into ALICE gear is compatible. The only real difference is older style gear uses hooks that go through the eyelets to attach things to the belt and newer style stuff uses clips. There's nothing stopping you from mixing and matching gear to get exactly what you want.

At first just get what ever is the cheapest which I'm assuming would be ALICE stuff. It just takes trial and error to decide what's best for you.

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Do you know anywhere that sells USGI stripper clips for M14/M1A rifles? I was planning on carrying extra ammo on clips in Mosin Nagant pouches in addition to the four mags my chest rig will allow.

I don't know how bad shipping costs would be to the Syrup Soviet but this looks pretty nice.


Honestly if getting even more magazines isn't an issue you could also get magazine pouches to put on a belt when you get one. Ideally with the chest rig, bandolier and pouches you could carry a couple hundred rounds. Since I'm assuming you're limited to five round mags because of leafland maybe just getting more stripper clips would be the better option. I guess for you with clips it'd be fully loading your gun instead of just topping it off.

What's up fellow leftists? Send me pictures of your guns!

Nice try FBI, I’m 100% legal.

Or instead of robbing people of the right to defend themselves, you could stop abusing people and they won't want to shoot you.

And of course by this you mean practices that hurt your whiny liberal feelings.

Just ordered a pack of 20 clips along with some mosin pouches. Looking at all the gear that’s available and cheap I’ll probably end up as some kind of Cold War Frankenstein. So far the most cost effective kit I could find involves a Czechoslovakian steel helmet, Rhodesian chest rig, USGI webbing, mosin pouches, Bundeswehr flak jacket, Canadian milsurp fatigues, and a Chinese copy of a US rifle plus Chinese ammo. Truly a Zig Forums fever dream.

Nice, post your gear when you have it all set up. I'm sure it will look pretty cool.

>>>Zig Forums599437
Found this on Zig Forums seems pretty useful

Be careful with those Zig Forums infographics. Some of them are known to be either bad designs or just plain fake and intended to blow up in your face.

sugar and KNO3 is rocket candy, I recognize it from looking up rocketry stuff.
I don't know how much smoke it produces but I do know it's a lower power explosive like black powder if it's powdered and mixed.

Nessicary posting material

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So after two years of owning a firearm owner ID (thanks IL) I bought my first firearm a month ago. A Maverick 88, 20" barrel and 7+1 tube. Paid $250 in total for a new gun. First one came in with a dented muzzle (that I nearly shot out of before realizing), had it replaced, went back four days later and shot, did pretty well. I actually loved the recoil, loved the feel of racking the slide. Shot slugs and landed everything near center of mass going decently quickly.

Did I do well in choice? Anyone have suggestions for other decent low-cost weapons? I've noticed that it seems like low cost guns get bashed way more than they deserve by people trying to justify their name-brand gun's price with "obviously more expensive guns are better".

What would be good firearms to equip people in bulk and train with?

Also, while on the subject, would anyone mind posting some information on how to build an AR or other similar rifle? It seems you can make one cheaper than buying a whole. There's a million offerings for lowers and uppers but how will I be sure that they fit together properly?

Yes, the Maverick 88 is a great gun, since it’s just a copy of a Mossy 500 with lower quality parts. I have one myself and I love it.

You should definitely look into an economy AR-15, assuming the IL laws aren’t too restrictive with it. If you are into guns in America than not owning an AR is a no-brainer. Unfortunately they’re restricted in leafland, and being a southpaw I can’t use a Type 97, so I’m just sticking with my Norinco M14 for now.

Has to start somewhere my man

This shit needs to stop. Masculinity is unironically a good thing in these situations. I don’t care if you’re gay or trans but this is no time to cater to pussies, you have to be willing to knock heads.

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Yeah, everyone in the columbine shooting for example was personally abusing Dylan & Eric.
More like child molestation, but okay whatever.

this. im trans but i boxed for years before transitioning and i still play ice hockey and ill throw down with any reactionary still no pussying out

"Masculinity" isn't even a real thing lol, you sound like a reactionary.

So, practices that hurt your whiny liberal feelings?

This is why there's a need for people with guns who hate liberals, especially red liberals.

Masculinity is a social construct, but a revolutionary situation calls for traits that would be considered traditionally masculine, and so its something the left should promote.

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Those are carbines not rifles.

Is $360 with S&H and FFL transfer costs inlcuded a good price for an AR kit + lower?

And you are being pedantic, as a carbine is a subset of rifle.

Still rather have a rifle with barrel length >=41 cm.

It's really not that much of an advantage. Just make sure to include SDMs as part of your unit and you'll be just fine. Now, whether you'll want to issue an optics package or a completely different rifle to the standard, is up to you. I'd rather all my guys look the same so as not to give the enemy the ability to choose certain soldiers out of the pack. That was the idea when I was in, and I haven't found a reason not to keep using it.
My main worry is replacing SAWs and gun teams. That shit is was my bread and butter. There is no sweeter sound than hearing guns talking back and forth. That's how you know shit's going to be alright.

You guys should be posting on 4chan Zig Forums. It's somewhat less completely flooded with Zig Forums and most of them don't really recognize gommunism enough to properly distinguish when you're advocating for policies and viewpoints that mesh with socialist ones.


This is actually a good idea, especially if you talk shit about libs a lot and use generic enlightenment language.

I've already been been doing that for years. I mostly just lurk there to understand their mindset. It's only occasionally that I'll argue with someone when they say something anti-com. It gets too mentally exhausting arguing with brainlets. With guns being a somewhat expensive hobby there's definitely allot of reactionaries and petit bourgeois types. With that there comes the undercurrent of Zig Forums, unapologetic imperialism and casual racism. So it's important we make ourselves known and breadpill people whenever possible. It's just tiresome when every argument is in bad faith.

There’s less ethno-nationalists. But there Burger nationalists with ISIS sympathies there.

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Bumping this thread for now, will post some cool info later.

what an incredibly American thing to say lol

what if I shoot my wife's bf by mistake?

I take issue with the premise that the widespread ownership of small arms produces a free society. The working class does need to be the dominant military power, but I do not think that everyone having small arms accomplishes that goal. It is a fundimental misconception of the nature of military power to see it in so atomized a fashion. Military power lies in the sophistication of the gestalt machine, not in the number of bodies that compose it. In order for the working class to be militarily dominant, it cannot rely on 18th century military philosophy. It needs a proper modern army.

Then the problem isn't your rifle. It's your gun.

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