What do you know about the upcoming Unite the Right rally in DC?

It won't be the same as last year. There's a chance that it will be a lot smaller, as people's enthusiasm for the far right has been shaken. However, I find that very unlikely.

I worry that it will be WAY bigger than last year. Despite going on halfchan a lot back then, I was unaware of the rally. Now everybody knows about it. And if it's big, it will only encourage the movement.

I also have a prediction I'm very concerned about, not for this weekend but for the next couple of years. Authoritarianism in the United States is encroaching slowly, but the Trump administration and a right wing administration that may follow it will need an excuse to really clamp down. I fear that the left will give it to them. As the right grows and becomes more violent, it will justifiably warrant a violent response. But if antifa launches a major terrorist attack on the right, i.e. a bombing, it will be the perfect excuse for a state of martial law to be called, and then we're really fucked.

I like the aesthetic philosopher Roger Scruton, and he's an eloquent advocate for traditionalist/Burkean conservatism. I've found that I actually agree with is values in aesthetics and to a small extent values, but as I become more versed in conservative philosophy, it becomes clearer to me that the Republican Party is no longer conservative. It's fully reactionary, as evidenced by the fact that 88% of Republicans approve of Trump and his racist, isolationist policies (a fitting number). Ironically, this pushes me further left - even if I have some conservative ideas on art, I'm a left-syndicalist on economics (for worker's control). For the sake of the board, my flag's gone from egoist to AnCom/AnSyn.

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They’re going to get wrecked by Antifa and it will probably be even less people than last year. Only the hardcore core will show up. Not to mention the city is fifty percent black and the KKK was already denied special accomodations on trains by a union there. I expect some good street-fighting, fash bashing and some Kekistani cringe

What was conservative yesterday, is reactionary today and was liberal the day before yesterday. When a leftist sits in a train that leaves the station, he believes its the station that is moving backwards.

Unite the Right 1.0 involved most of the "major" (relatively speaking) neo-Nazi groups in the U.S. planning for months and traveling to Charlottesville in convoys. There were even some people who flew in from Europe and traveled from Canada.

Here's a pic of the Texas contingent during their meetup in Texarkana before setting off on the rest of their trip. (This group was mostly Vanguard America, which split up afterwards; the Texas branch became Patriot Front). White supremacist forums and websites were also involved in heavily promoting the rally.

That is just flat-out not happening this time. It's actually the opposite where the scene is actively warning their people to stay away. I expect nothing to happen, and D.C. cops will have the entire event on lockdown. Even if it was the size of the first UTR, which it won't be, nothing would happen because it's D.C. and because the cops there are used to handling security for massive events. There was a UTR 1.0-sized rally in D.C. in 2002 that was put on by the National Alliance, which is now basically extinct but at the time was the largest neo-Nazi group in the U.S., and while there is basically no record of this march it occurred without incident.

My guess is that if anything happens it'll be between the police and counter-protesters.

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It'll be a tiny, irrelevant performance by an already fractured, incompetent and thoroughly FBI-infiltrated American far right.

Not that it'll prevent vote-hungry Democrats and DSAers from latching onto it in some vain attempt to gain popular support even though their attempts to build a base among working people are falling flat.

Remember that the goal of UTR 1.0 was to "Unite the Right." The neo-Nazis at the time were competing and feuding a lot with the "civic nationalists" or civnats, some of whom were/are sympathetic to the real white supremacists. This would be personalities like Mike Cernovich (who called himself alt-right), Jack Posobiec (who use to make 14/88 references), Gavin McInnes (founder of the Proud Boys), et al. But the difference is between right-wing Trumpy chauvinism vs. real anti-Jewish fascism.

At the the time there was interaction between these people, and how things would shake out was still unclear. So UTR was a branding exercise to say "we're the right, we're on the march, and you should follow us." Well, it was a disaster and the opposite happened. The civnats largely stayed away, and now they're the ones with the audience and the platforms while most of the alt-right has been thrown into the gutter. Ironically, the event did unite the right, it just united it behind the alt-right's competition.

I think that's where we're at now, and what the near-term future looks like. It's groups like the Proud Boys, and they're interacting with various "grassroots" organizations affiliated with the larger Trump machinery in D.C. – and getting funding from the Trump machine – putting on rallies, which is also bringing in these III% militia groups. And that is providing plausible deniability for neo-Nazis who want to join up but keep their real pro-Hitler stuff on the down low. What they basically agree on is "build the wall," anti-communism and liking Pinochet.

Some of the hardcore Nazi types will stay away because it's still too lukewarm for them, but others will join up. Look up this group called the American Guard. It's basically all people who 10 years ago were basically leading the racist, white-power skinhead scene in the U.S., and now they're calling themselves "constitutional civic nationalists" and using imagery from the nativist gang in Gangs of New York, the Francis Ford Coppola flick.

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all of them making the pepe sign.

fuck i hate this bearenstain universe.

2006 was the last year that was real. Everything after it is fanfiction.

please be careful

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Also, FYI, one of the guys in that photo (white T, back right, tattoos on arm) is facing 10 years in prison right now on an attempted murder charge he caught in Florida. The way to think about the alt-right is like stupid gangsters really.

Let's be honest there's only one thing we really need to know about them.

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Yeah, but the important thing is it gives the anarkiddies a chance to LARP like it's the 1930's.

Beating on fascists isn’t LARPing. I support them 100%

well dont because no one fucking cares

The left needs to show up to counter protest,and do it with guns. Than afterwords when the “unight the right” rally is finished we can have an armed march in DC.

Lol, we’ve had PRISM for years. Burgerland is already authoritarian.

Nothing reactionary about isolationism.

What they hope will happen: Massive crowds of right wing protesters make lefty counter protesters flee.
What will happen: Nothing.
What should happen: massive crowds of lefty protesters make police flee.

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It’s as reactionary as fuck

True American isolationism would actually be incredibly positive for global communism at this point. Of course material conditions inside of the US would never allow it.

Reminder: No guns, no fight, slapboxing doesn't count as fighting nazi's, killing them does, until I see at least one death toll on the media these dumbass rallies literally don't matter.

kill richard spencer he doesn't have anything to live for

What will happen: a handful of righties show up, do nothing and leave.
Waves of lefty-types show up and face down a massive police presence, someone (provocateur or otherwise) incites a confrontation, the cops crack down and arrest/beat up a bunch of people.
Politicians and the general public tut tut about 'growing extremist violence', giving another excuse to curtail public expression and empower the police state. Anarkiddies pat themselves on the back for effectively doing nothing. Repeat ad nauseum for the next five years.

OP here - thank fuck I was completely wrong.

But question: will this mean a decline in the white power movement? Will this leave them dispirited and unattractive to potential recruits?

Depends on material conditions, the corresponding leftist populist response to that, and then the capitalist backlash to that.


Good point. As of now, things are looking good because of the low turnout on the right, and the success of the counter-protesters. Trump and Fox News have also condemned racism. The thing I'm worried about is that Trump will two-side it again and condemn antifa, and/or Fox will do a ton of coverage demonizing the counter-protesters, because that might put things back where they were.

It's very uncomfortable being in the position where I'm hoping Trump doesn't fuck this up.