The funniest thing is...

The funniest thing is, that the US created the IS itself (which the Trump-bootlickers hate so) so that the imperialists can invade even more countries, to get more oil and that the submissive slaves are even more afraid, of the evil Bogeyman and so that they would accept the fascist police surveillance state!

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I laughed at this years ago in >>1623 thread.

While the US certainly intended to knock over Syria once the rebellion started (the original gameplan being chemical weapons->"justification"->invasion, only thwarted due to a poorly worded speech by Kerry, followed by an agile counteroffer by Putin), ISIS was far from intentional.

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This. If you mean by their shit foreign policy and invasion of Iraq led to IS, then you're 100% right. The US almost wiped IS out in 2009 and never actually supplied them directly or indirectly, unless you count all the goodies taken from the Iraqi army which you should

The US did not write the Quran.
There's no evil shit that the Islamic State does that the Profet Muhammad didn't also do.

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Wow, you figured that out just now, did you? Must have been a very comfortable rock you were under.

Hi Billy where are the proofs?

Islamists found an unguarded bank full of American dollars and an unguarded armoury full of American weapons in Mossul.
Americans are the good guys. They dindu nuffin.

Of course the U.S (or israel) created ISIS, muslims can't do or accomplish anything by themselves, as such, anything that happens in muslim land is the doing of someone else. They're passive creatures, playthings of history, too retarded to do anything but willingly die in the games of smarter people.

I knew that already at the previous Bogeyman "Al Qaeda" or "international drug trafficking" and the fight against drugs, you asshole!

Adhering to an ideology that promotes athoritarian sociopathy is pretty stupid.

There is no reason to think that they built specifically IS itself with full intention.
Granted, they got weapons and money from the united states. But these have multiple properly explained sources.
In general, a lot of the militancy can be explained by the sudden surplus of fighters and mercenaries after Iran was taken out.
Further, as leaked emails indicate, there was already a plan to destabilize Syria on the table in 2008. This would involve funding and support to any militant anti-Assad group. This made geopolitical sense at the time because of pipelines, see webm.
The media did not report on anything about this group, while they have been doing their thing for at least a year beforehand. No evidence of actual corruption or gags, but there may be suspicious connections nonetheless.
There is NO evidence that there was intent in the creation of IS specifically. Only enough evidence to prove that the US was destabilizing Syria as a whole.
This should be bad enough in its own right. But to spread the conspiracy theory that US=IS is retarded, malicious, and honestly banworthy.

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The MIC can't survive without an enemy. The US makes its own enemies as needed.

fuck off CIA

But also

There is a difference between consciously creating something and something being a accidental byproduct of something you did. The US probably didn't expext that throwing money at random people with only intersting feature was opposing Assad would blow up in their face because let's be honest, Americans never learn.
That doesn't make it less shitty tho.

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I think most people you "the US created IS" as an umbrella term for "the US likes to find terrorist groups etc to destabilize regions and hurt their enemies"

Those evil americans, making muslims do what the quran tells them to.

I wonder who was behind this post.

Somebody non-religious. Perhaps a godless communist of some kind.

No, since that would presuppose that they would have a critique of empire and commodity production, of which that user seemed oblivious to. So safe to speculate that the poster is closer to some reactive form of nationalism, failing to mask this fact with anonymity as ideology is quite easy to spot through communication; no flags or flairs needed.

Nobody is defending the CIA or US involvement in Syria, we’re just pointing out that there is no conclusive evidence that the US deliberately supported Daesh, at least not after 2014. Miss Piggy would unironically have you believe that the Americans were bombing ISIS while simultaneously helping them in some retarded 4D chess match.

Not every post can end with "also Israel sux lol"

Actually, the fact that Obama created IS and gave them so much funding and arms is a huge drumpfkin talking point.

you are higly uninformed on these events user

what the fuck is a bizzarro nazbol

Hes right on that point though.
The Quran is many hundreds of years older than the USA. They couldnt have possibly written it.

They are.

The only IS affiliated group the USA still funds is the white helmets.

Well please educate me then. What fucked-up shit has ISIS done that Muhammed didn't do or have his followers do?

Where are the proofs billy?