Worst Revionists Thread

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Literally the last leader who was in a position to save the Soviet Union and he presided over the beginning of its end.

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cia go away

this guy

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I think he's just desperate. China is a super power so of course some people trick themselves into thinking they are harboring this secret plan to bring about socialism in 30 years. If you literally have nothing else to cling onto, this seems almost understandable.

The worst part is, I can't even blame the CPCh for doing what they are doing, I mean they are totally rational actors, but the problem is that the social relations in China have degenerated so much that socialism will not happen, even if China has achieved an average level of wealth comparable to Western countries.

I think you are absolutely right.

I think I agree with this as well but could you clarify what you mean?

this is your brain on leftism

china's living condition improved because they replaced the least awfull part of communism with the worst part of capitalism, and the result was still better than unadultered communism.
also prooving in the process that communism is allways worst than capitalism, at every single point.

I mean that when the majority of your economy is capitalist, and capitalist class relations dominate your society, it is very very unlikely that a reformist peaceful transition to socialism is going to happen even if you have achieved high living standards and abundance (which in itself is a contradiction to the predatory capitalist system currently established in China and defended by the CPCh). By "rational actors" I mean that they are not neoliberal ideolouges, with Xi purging the libs we can assume that the CPCh has firm control over Chinese state capitalism and genuinely wants to improve the material standard of Chinese society and the well-being of China as a whole. So I don't agree with the whole simplifying bullshit that China is just like Western neoliberalism, but it's clearly not socialist and it is de facto imperialist but nonetheless warrants a nuanced analysis.

I mean, modern China would be the absolute to-go example of modern social imperialism.

I hope there’s a hell just so that C*mpaoré can suffer there for eternity.

I hope the Ivory Coast extradites him one day so he can face justice for what he did. Burkina Faso put out an international arrest warrant for him after he was deposed but Compaore got Ivorian citizenship and is effectively safe now.

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Someone has the "how to call traitors in other languages" pic?

The difference is, there are tankies who unironically defend this US shill

There was Maoists back then defending him, but it had something to do about how Vietnam was closer to the USSR than China or some BS.

I've seen like one guy in lelftypol defending him, but I'm pretty sure it's a joke.

He’s even worse than that

>borderline ethnonationalist
Ah, I see you're not familiar with the ethinic cleanses!

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I stand corrected, I do remember reading that he had Vietnamese killed for just being Vietnamese iirc.

google herbert marcuse


I wonder if the current president/leader of burkina faso is any better than this piece of shit?

Don't forget Muslims and pretty much anyone that wasn't Khmer.

Party filled with freedom fighters, union leaders, and cunning intelectuals. With 14 years of power, did very little besides university quotas and small assistance programs for starving families. Party now mostly known for blatant corruption and cult of personality.

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