Nuclear exterminism

I feel like capitalism's inevitable course is going to be either some kind of fascist uprising arguing for a massive culling of humans (because fuck renouncing SUVs, iPads, plane-delivered pineapples and mangoes if you can just gas half humanity and keep blind consumerism going) or nuclear war.
Even films like Idiocracy or that one avenger film with Thanos prepare the population through mass
media for some kind of exterminist policy.

Friendly reminder the bourgeoisie will go the full extent of their ability to stop the inevitable socialist new order and they'd rather kill everyone save for a few loyal lackeys than renounce extraction of surplus value.

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More realistically, imperialist porkies will rather make an example of a country that staunchly refuses to align itself with capitalist doctrine (free-trade etc) like Iran. Trump would probably love to enter history as the big man with the big boom boom who glassed ebul brown muslims and kept the american hegemony going.

how can you overthrow the bourgeoisie if they control nukes and essentially hold the world hostage via MAD

I asked this on Zig Forums a while back and xir person angrily banned me. The prospect of armed proletarian revolution was dead decades before your father was swimming around in his father's nutsack, boyos. The demiurge is real.

Naziposters need to learn more about history

leftist need to improve their reading comprehension

How can anyone take Idiocracy seriously? Do they think that we got where we are today because only the "intelligent" bred? Or that there's a caste of "intelligent" people (which, of course, the spectator belongs to) that has some grand conspiracy to keep breeding "intelligent" people while the vast majority of humanity is just hopelessly stupid?

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No, but we need some number of them, and the number grows as technology grows more complicated. The point of Idiocracy was that ONLY the stupid people were breeding, and the intelligent were just dwindling out because they didn't feel like it, or the smart women were too busy working. So society regressed technologically and culturally. People were still alive though, why wouldn't they be?

By today's standard, 500 years ago everyone was stupid, yet here we are. I don't get why people believe that if they don't breed like rabbits humanity will just magically become stupider and stupider.

I meant that these films instill a feeling of superiority in people who watch them because they identify with the main protag, the only lucid one in a sea of stupidity.
It generally promotes the idea that collective action is impossible because "people are dumb". It's basically the argument that the cause of the environmental problems is "too much people" instead of the way our economy developed and the mentalities that it brought it with (eg using airplane for delivering fresh fruit)

this is actually one of the major talking points of retards when they say "Communism can't happen because everyone is greedy and stupid"

Nick Land wrote a nice article about nuclear deterrence and game theory around the same time, when Kim was launching ICBMs into the air:

Before reading this essay, I think 🤔ing about this quote taken from a latter Jacobite editorial is a good thing to do:
>Since 1945, when the forces of liberal democracy (and communism) stood triumphant and there were less than 50 sovereign states on the planet, the world has fragmented at a pace unmatched since the bricklayers on the Tower of Babel put aside their vain construction project and headed for the hills — the Almighty having confounded their consensus-making abilities. Today there are around 200. And short of new states, new forms of negotiated sovereignty are appearing throughout the world. This process shows no signs of slowing down.

This quote kinda alludes to the 'Patchwork' concept of Mencius Moldbug. Patchwork, a blueprint for the future, is basically a world divided into millions of city-states with their own peculiar mode of governance and ruled by a CEO and a board of shareholders. If you are unhappy about how things are managed in your city, you don't revolt or voice your disagreement, you get out and reach out for the exit.
It's anarcho-capitalist-monarchism basically, but in this framework of governance, you could potential have communist city-states coexisting with capitalist city-states, radfem communes coexisting with incel communes, and so on, which is fun to 🤔 about.

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This honestly sounds like a good world to read about, but a shit one to live in.

Liberals would love this "market of city-states", that's how those retards think.

To me, Idiocracy was about capitalism making people dumb.

The battle cry of capitalism is "CULL THE HERD!"
They all seem to exclude themselves from "The Herd", though.

Capitalism is genocidal towards the entire human race and must be combated using any means necessary. It sustains itself only through toxic, delusional self-deception and feeds on people's mistrust of each other, their predatory urges, and their hate.

Jacobite seems pretty interesting. Is the name a nod to Jacobin magazine, or vice versa? Jacobitism seems an odd movement to reference.

We have our own nukes.

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so what would be your alternative way of overthrowing the bourgeoisie? Waiting until they die out?

It's just right-wing hogwash
Jacobite was created after Jacobin, and their name is probably a nod, yes
Right-wing hipsterism is a thing

I agree, I just wanted to give some context to what awaits you if you decide to go down that rabbithole.
If you want to take a look at the original thing:
This is the guy that made "redpill" right-wing jargon btw.
Personally, I would much rather go with an incremental reduction of work hours till we have a zero-hours workweek. I mean, for God's sake, even Keynes said we would be working just 15 hours by now, and it's definitely not habbening, while we have the material means to do that. It's depressing to no end.

Well you just gave credence to your enemy, my dude.

It is both a nod and a reference I believe, but I don't know shit about the history of English monarchy to give a valuable verdict on that.
I have a vague memory of someone addressing this in an editorial some time ago.

The main shtick of Jacobite is that it's just pieces written by people who think Nick Land and that Patchwork idea are interesting. They call that "post-politics" but I think it's a bit presumptuous. They just have a colder and more novel way of analyzing the current mess than most ideologues, that's all.
There was a nice article recently about Montana and its potential to become a eco-fascist stronghold by a leftist guy: What I like about it is that it's more about assessing the situation than anything, and there is virtually no preaching to the choir because the choir is an fluid group of people who don't share the same goals. Yet, at the end we are forced to 🤔 about the possibility of an ecofascist memegroup taking over the political scene in rural lands.

What do you recommend then? Left-wing hipsterism nowadays is all about being an edgy Stalineet, a red-lib virtue-signaler or a smug anarchist squatter fawning over the Invisible Committee. It gets boring after a while, and I think I will just get consumed by capital in the end, so yeah, I feel like betraying you and looking at new (grim) horizons. In the end, all of you faggots are doing nothing to reduce my 40 hours workweek, and you just LARP as 19th-century-syndicalists and Italian assembly-line workers. That won't convince people at my workplace to overthrow capitalism.

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Sorry, what?

big gamble, using a nuke could unite the rest of humanity against you, at the very least it would kick nuclear proliferation into overdrive.

I call that Assange Gang Accelerationism which runs strong in Zig Forums (even though Assange is an economic libertarian [pic related]). Their logical jist is this:

Empower right wing ethnonationalist fascists in the west via destroying and dividing opposition. The new authoritarian nationalist western order will be noninterventionalist so you're actually taking the pacifist route. The capitalist accelerationism and reaction to DemSocs will cause massive unrest which leads to the people overthrowing the western governments (even though the United States can destroy the world 1000 times over with it's annual 600 billion dollar military budget and nuclear reserve).

Besides the gaping holes in logic such as expecting a firmly held fascist American regime to be non-interventionist or fascists not rigging unanimous support for their regime… It completely ignores history. Yet nearly every major socialist organization and talking head is basically a proponent of this. I have negligible respect for the intellectual honesty of modern leftist revolutionaries. They are definitely mongoloids compared to Mao and Lenin, and the current mainstream revolutionary socialist direction is destined for pitiful failure. The only hope for historical socialist dialectical synthesis in the age of super militaries is through uniting various coalitions from all parties into a greater party, preventing a fascist crackdown, constantly fighting reactionarism and pushing through broadly popular democratic socialists. Then normalizing democratic socialism as too right wing and repeating the process with a more socialist candidate.

Why I don't trust Assange Gang Destroy The World for a more permanent Pacifist and Socialist Structure Accelerationism. The pic checks out. Assange has to be the dumbest motherfucker alive, and after reading his chat logs the socialist revolutionary movement is 100% Assangism.

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I think the Marxist Black Pill might be of interest to you.

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I've binge-watched his videos a few weeks ago, and I like him because he is sincere, peculiar and smart, and funny in a post-metapostironic or w/e way, but I can't take him too seriously because he is too hung-up on women and moderators.

He has a point because moderators routinely stifle and prohibit discussion, as we can see on Zig Forums, and women too often have undisclosed favors they quickly put under the rug when confronted, but you can't build an universalist ideology by only critiquing that, an ideology which would go beyond capitalism.

He said in a video that he might run against Nathan Larson or something, and he definitely should, he has so much memetic potential he might push weird-leftist discourse into the (U.S.) mainstream by doing that.

It's easier to grab people's mind with a nice speech when you are a poor smart incel Marxist smoking hookahs rather than a psychopathic pedophile addicted to weed IMHO. I want Incel Marxism to be a thing, and Jim is the key.

Sorry to the OP, I've haven't read your article yet because I'm too drunk, but I know Verso generally publish good stuff. buump

sorry for the reddit spacing, it's a side-effect of copy-pasting my post and reposting it for autistic purposes

I never met a single person who used that pic who wasn't totally autistic.

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Sorry, I don't watch anime.

Who’s this furfag “Albedo". Is she a girl (male)?

So like, hyenas?