. .

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Read books.

Oh i did

Communism is the best program to enslave wide populations!

Even better than Christianity!

read a book

Are you a parrot?

it's possible to make a distinction between decent and bad sources to get your information from without being a "parrot"

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It's really funny xD no matter where you are, at the communists, the not socialists, the christians, the muslims or the jews, everywhere the slaves think they are free and that their rulers have freed them and only want the best for them. .. xD

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Yes, if you're too stupid to think for yourself, it's no wonder that you do not understand it.

Mods, can you just delete every thread by this ID this time instead of bumplocking it? He made like 4 or 5. Thanks


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lol wtf is that shit?

Zig Forums realized "jewish bolshevism" is a dead meme, but thinking of something new is too hard so they gave it another name

No… This means that political correctness makes racism against whites, socially compliant, so that the "we are all the same ideology" can be implemented.

How can peole have the same ideology if there is racism?
Also what ideology exactly?


And besides, I also portrayed Hitler as an example,of a slave-owner! So why do you think I'm a Nazi? Your idiots are well conditioned… xD

Imagine being such a mentally deranged cuck that you feel you need to adhere to a specific ideology because of the race you happen to be born into

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You don't need to like Hitler to be antisemitic.

Does it hurt to have such a small brain?

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It not 2008 anymore, and you did not explain shit, you don't even understand your own propaganda.

In contrast to you slaves, I don't do propaganda.

You're either lying or brainwashed to spam an imageboard with propaganda pics and claimed it's not propaganda.

Propaganda is information that is not objective and is used primarily to influence an audience and further an agenda, often by presenting facts selectively to encourage a particular synthesis or perception, or using loaded language to produce an emotional rather than a rational response to the information that is presented.

Well, that's exactly what you're doing.

And what I showed was objective and logical and therefore no propaganda.

How is it objective and logical if you can't even explain it? It's only objective and logical to you, which means it's subjective, you're not fooling anyone here.

I also did not intend to give a lecture here, i just wanted to remind you Communists how stupid and brainwashed you are , as well as the Nazis, Muslims, Jews and Christians!

So you don't know what you are talking about.
Also you are using antisemitic rethoric, even if you critize the Nazis everyone see through your lies, if you truly believe in a jewish conspiracy you are as brainwashed as a nazi.

Yes because you have to be antisemitic, if you say that Jews and Communists are stupid, but it is totally ok to say that Christians or Nazis are stupid… xD kill yourself

Orwell was a socialist.

come on comrade, let it go

This is like talking with a 12 year old who still hasn't evolved out of the concrete operational period

The thing is, he most likely didn't even read the book and just heard about it on Zig Forums who heard about it from someone that read the Wikipedia article on it

Why do you think you communists are jewish?

You're saying that, but I don't understand why you say Nazis are stupid because you share the same views about the jews.

Huh this is a new one, did you come up with it yourself, or did your retarded friends help you with the words?

"This is like talking with a 12 year old who still hasn't evolved out of the concrete operational period"
I translate the newspeak: It's like talking to someone, who does not want to be a slave, yet.

Don't worry you won't be slave until you finish high school.

Beat me to it

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Stick to memes and avoid politics until your majority.