The Young Karl Marx

Have you guys seen this yet?
It's kind of a light weight melodrama, but it's fun. Especially fun for the anarchists, since Proudhon, Bakunin, and Stirner all make appearances.

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I can only handle so much butchering of history I need to know beforehand how many inaccuracies there especially in regards to Marx's character and ideas.

You can't really be too anal-retentive with this one because it is very much a melodrama, and is basically meant to be a pleasant film. I think they did a fair job portraying both his positive and negative relationships with his contemporaries. His ideas are portrayed basically accurately, but it's all very surface level stuff.

old marx best marx, read althusser

I watched it and while it had some fun parts, it had also the same severe shortcoming other medias have recently.
How do you make Marx and Engels look good? By making the others look shit.
Bakunin got a light jab, too. He said something during a speech and everyone was looking at him as if he was a special kid or something.

That's a fair criticism. I actually enjoyed the Bakunin, though, since they kind of made him the "cool guy." The film made Proudhon seem impractical, but I was okay with that because I think that fit with Marx's basic perspective on anarchism. The one that actually did bother me was Stirner, though, because they made him sort of a sniveling little guy, which isn't how I've ever seen him.

I'll check it out

Stirner appeared only once in the beginning and Marx called everyone out in that group.
He basically said they were a circlejerk who wasted their time exchanging memes.

Honestly I thought there were a few fun parts but overall found it to be uninspired. Watching something like The Wind That Shakes The Barley or the recent Sorry To Bother You would be a lot more enjoyable to most anons than a drama based on young Marx with cameos from contemporaries and competitors.

Where can i watch it?

The definition of a boring sequence of events with no tension.

I don't expect particularly fair portrayals anyway, so seems fun.

Well matey, there be this port were one can find whatever one's heart desire's without cost…

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I torrented it a while ago but haven't watched it yet. It seems pretty decent though.

Where is it captain? don't be mean >:(

No u

Cool movie. My communist party's student wing organized an event where we watched it.

It's obviously a fictionalization, but I thought they did a good job representing his ideology and the sentiments behind it.

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Yeah I think the point was to show how Marx took some things from the thinkers that inspired him, like Proudhon, but corrected their mistakes. To show something "theoretical" like that in a movie you need to make it less subtle than it would be on paper


Do you use a VPN for downloading movies off pirate bay? I don't know how seriously I should take the possibility that a copyright owner may track you. (I'm in Belgium)

Depends on your country. Belgium is fine I think, but in places like the US and Germany, they send threatening letters if you do it.

I have been torrenting for years, but I live in a easter europe shithole so it doesn't matter.

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It's not even that clear if downloading torrents is even illegal, from a legal perspective. The worst that can happen is that you'll get a letter from the publisher via a law firm that sends them out automatically making up random numbers (like 25k € fee or whatever), this practice itself is legally dubious to say the least and may be attempted fraud so they will never go to court anyway. If one out of 1000 pays them something they make a profit they don't give a shit about you if you don't pay.

Torrenting is NOT theft, you can't steal data

Yeah and you can wipe your ass with these letters or sue them because of attempted fraud by making up numbers and trying to obligate your to pay for their own contract with the collection company.

Depends, in the US they can actually sue you after those letters.

In Continental Law only a court can send you letters that you actually have to follow up on, and the made-up numbers won't stand in the courtroom and the claimant would actually have to substantiate how he was damaged - which he usually wasn't at all, data can't be stolen because nothing is taken away and as long as you don't seed you don't distribute it either. The company would have to prove that you would have bought the product if you haven't downloaded it, which is not possible to prove.

The chances of getting "caught" are so low to not even worry about it. Remember torrenting isn't some secret shit, TPB is one of the most popular websites on the entire internet. Combine that with all of the websites (including youtube) where copyright content is uploaded for free, and combine that with the fact that this movie is a pretty small production. Worst case scenario you accidentally seed 50GB or something and your ISP sends you an angry letter about using too much data and to cut it out. If ISP's reported everyone using torrents they wouldn't have any customers.

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A VPN isn't necessary, but some consider using one generally good for security whether torrenting or not. Of course you can't exactly trust VPN providers either…


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Why did they change Lizzie burns name to Mary?


Mary was Lizzie's older sister. Mary and Engels were partners but never married. After Mary died, Lizzie and Engels became partners.