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Did you want to discuss something, OP?

As dumb as this stuff is, we should try to get dumb people on our side or at least inoculate them to reactionary/fascist ideology.

welcome to my world

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What is dumb? The truth?

And what i wanted to make clear to all Anarchists is that we should see the Police as a criminal,terrorist organization and fight them with violence!

Anarchists and most other posters on this board recognize the police as a reactionary force. You've done nothing but share some dumb images.
We're not admitting to or conding shit here FBI.

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Shut up Faggot, i dont talk to you! I am talking to Anarchists, who are willing to stand up and fight against this system, not to reactionary wannabe revolutionaries!

Hello FBI

Like most of this board I am an anarchist.

Yes, exactly someone who not only wants to talk but also act, is from the FBI … xD said the FBI agent!


bottom text

gamers rise up

I dunno man but i'm like 90% sure that anyone who's an anarchist already believes this about the police on account of, you know, them being anarchists

This is now a CHAOS MARXISM thread.

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what if i told you that the police are effectively no different to the post office and that most laws these days are fairly reasonable

Hello, bootlicker

Change never comes from above, but from below. These pic try to shame people with power, which is a tactic that never creates change. Change can only come from those who are not in power (prols) because it’s in there interest to change the system. Cops won’t challenge the system because it isn’t in there self interest.

Lissen up FBI, Stirner is an anarchist, and unlike you, he’s smart and doesn’t make desions based on gut instinct. We know cops are bad. But we also know WHY cops are bad (they are the first line of defence against revolution) you don’t know why cops are bad, you just know that they are bad.

gamers rise up


Are you totally handicapped, you shit bastard ?! What I wanted to say with my pictures was exactly the fact that not only the rich are responsible for all this, but above all the executing (cops, soldiers) and I wanted to call exactly to act! You are stupider than dog shit on the sidewalk, you Bastard! Kill yourself!

reminder that you can legally be too intelligent to become a cop in burgerland

stating the obvious…

not worth it if it doesn't leads to anything. stop being a moron. you're a Zig Forumstard posing as anarchist lets be honest. you don't understand anarchism at all. we will know when it's worth it.

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Another mentally handicapped, castrated Retard found, who only talks shit and has something against doing rather than just talk about it … kill yourself too!


Again, politely requesting further reading material and info by/about this author.

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read his wikipedia article first he wrote a BUNCH of books. Later on in his life he picked up the truth that all politics is just a lie, an illusion, a huge spook and only individual is fact. He is aware he can't challenge that power based on illusion tho because there is a lot of spooked idiotic followers of it.

Late wiser Ernst Jünger is best Jünger. All his literature is colossal tho and really gives a picture of the phases he went through into his full maturity (the de-spooked ego). He never liked the Nazis tho, he always saw them as anti-socialist.

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You are a assfucked faggot and you do not understand anything. And why should it not lead to anything, if you kill all cops and porkys, you stupid cocksucker?!