Reminder that "ANTIFA" is an agent provocateur organization, and participating in it not only wastes your efforts...

Reminder that "ANTIFA" is an agent provocateur organization, and participating in it not only wastes your efforts, but also makes the left look like violent loons.

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i kinda like them, they are the ones who defends protestors against reactionary counter protestors get violent. A lot of their shit is just media capitalazing on them to give bad reputation. I disagree with a lot of policies of them do but if somehow antifa dissolved i would be sad

They were literally singing Solidarity Forever, chanting Power to the Workers, and calling for the abolishment of the US.

They were calling for the abolisment of all straight white men.
Despite being comprised entirely of white men.

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Calling for an end to white supremacy is not calling for the abolition of white people. Back to Zig Forums or whatever reactionary shithole you crawled from

'White supremacy' is an amorphous bullshit radlib concept.

Often yes but in the context of UTR it is a genuine protest against white supremacy

The absolute state of anti-antifa.

They’ve done good work scaring the alt right back into their burrows, but they’ve also pulled off some retarded horror shows. Their anarkiddy decentralized org bullshit needs to stop, they need to actually get organized and disciplined, and adopt a purely defensive posture. They should openly confront fascists but now allow themselves to get drawn into conflicts that make them look like thuggish buffoons.

No you idiot, the decentralization is why they're successful in the first place. Look at Charlottesville, the utr organizations all got sued and will now have to pay court costs and possibly settlement fees. By being decentralized antifa completely avoids this and can't be sued as an organization by reactionaries, who will almost certainly have more money from their wealthy backers. If you want to bankrupt your org because a nazi got a booboo go ahead, but don't sperg out about muh anargiddies when you have to pay out the ass.

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looks like just got owned by

We know user

I get that a lot of antifa are probably just socdems and liberals. But are you actually proposing we just let the fascists run rampant?

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What, the twenty of them? Yeah. That's much better than making it look as if they're the victims of a violent, contrarian-silencing left who are basically the same as them. Maybe if the left spent less time on idpol and more time on class consciousness, fashies would have no worker appeal to begin with.

They chickened out specifically because antifa made their lives terrible after the first UTR event and was going to be there for this one.

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Kek, fashies are middle class suburbanites who make significantly more than the average worker or they're neets trying to subsist off crypto ponzi schemes. They're not pur audience and they never will be.

Gee, that's a nicely unfalsifiable claim. Had there been more of them, you would have said antifa wasn't violent enough.

Antifa is not an organisation, you faggot. It means anti-fascism, and it a broad action that includes many different organisations, some of which are more productive than others. The problems with American antifa are symptomatic of deeper problems with the non-existent left generally, and not reflective of antifa itself. You have to go back

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Rightists learned from last years deaths while leftists continue to chimp out on the streets.

the reason there were so few fascists out in public is because Antifa spooked them

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Then why did antifa get the shit beaten out of them in Oregon a month ago. Maybe just maybe people getting run over by cars is a bad look and no one except antifa wants to be associated with it.

Hey Zig Forums

Because the reactionaries bussed in guys from out of state and had the support from Portland cops.

It was Home Land Security not Portland PD. I just wish you would all learn instead of getting baited time and time again.

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I don't know what the hell you're doing on the left if you're not willing to get violent. I agree that supporting Antifa is a waste of time and effort though:

That's literally true though. It would have meant that the rightists were stronger than thought and the response should have been greater, which should be taken into account the next engagement.

It was portland cops firing on protestors while giving the imported reactionaries kid glove treatment. Unless you're going to start claiming homeland security cosplayed as pigs to beat on antifa, it's obvious that portalnd police participated and that they favored reaction.

Political movements may not be organizations but they operate like one, just because you "Have no leaders." doesn't make you special, the alt right has no leaders either and they're still one.

Zig Forums was also really pissed off at bike lock guy, but the reason he got three years of probation on a no contest plea instead of prison is because he shut his trap when the police caught him, got a lawyer (from a pro bono firm that defending the Black Panthers back in the day). A lot of alt-right guys form hierarchical orgs that can be sued, and then why they get into trouble, they talk to the cops.

I don't know why the righties do that other than (a) they defer to authority figures as they are right wing and all (b) they think they're smarter than everyone else so they fall for the cops' lie that talking will "help them out" or "get them a better deal."

There's a guide here on forming an antifa group that is a must read:

Ninety-five percent of it falls under this part: "Track white nationalist activity." The reason UTR fucked up the neo-Nazis so bad is all those guys were livestreaming everything while showing their faces, and local antifa groups figured out who they were, or in a lot of cases, already knew who they were. The vehicular attack on the crowd was extraordinarily bad P.R. for the fash but the info on people who attended brought consequences. People lost their jobs; their family members disowned them, etc. The most effective groups will track these guys to the ends of the earth.

Where I live, I will say straight-up that the neo-Nazi groups are more prone to acts of aggression against the left. Not against antifa. I mean they will show up at a normie immigrant rights' group screaming "strong nation" in their faces and flip their tables over. This is in America. Most people (talking about the general public here) will not tolerate neo-Nazis however and where the antifa groups can be successful is outing them so people can recognize who it is when those things happen. Act local. One of the things the fash in America do is organize clandestine meet-up groups in bars and will try to start shit once they have a few drinks, so you can get the bar owners and so on to recognize these people and kick them out.

Grassroots community awareness really.

If anyone thinks anti-fascism is going to actually change anything, then they're mistaken and I agree. But when I got involved in socialist groups, my impression of the anti-fascists changed because I saw what neo-Nazis were doing first hand. People I know were singled out and targeted by local Nazis. If you think you can just organize for socialism and not have to think about self defense or getting harassed, or even the possibility you might get attacked, then you're extremely naive.

IDPOL and identitarian prejudice are fundamentally damaging ideals in their very nature, and often do breed authfasc beliefs, do they not?

they also fight in packs which is nigger behavior.

Nothing wrong with being a violent loon. Just gotta loon to the right tune.

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Oh, so far the moment the guy who ran the girl over in Cville actually did it and is yer boi and leftists beware. Your mental gymnastics are impressive.

I didn’t say they have to exist as an open group, there’s no reason why their central organization couldn’t go underground while publicly they remain decentralized.

Antifa is short for "antifascist action." It's a set of tactics. Is "protest march" a movement/organization?

that's when you just bring out machine guns and take out the trash

no, its pretty much what anyone who despises them, even me, must do.

they're a distraction at best and an annoyance at worst.

best thing is to ignore them unless they get in your face.

I like how the left comes up with convenient dogwhistles of their own. this is what creates radicals. never learn, leftpol. just keep being you.


You’re talking to a literal schizophrenic fascist. Hide his trip

What a humongous wannabe mobster.

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