What are your stances on social issues leftpol? Ive always been curious as a lurker

What are your stances on social issues leftpol? Ive always been curious as a lurker.

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What social issues?

what kind of social issues?

Any really, from LGBT to queer, ethics of authority, media potrayal, stuff like that, sorry I forgot i even posted it, read as an error so I abandoned it


That's an extremely vague question but I'll assume you're talking about everyday "issues" like gay marriage, weed and abortion etc.

My opinion is this: our goal as socialists is to overthrow the current state of things and to bring about worker self-rule. As long as a specific social issue can be used in some way to further socialism, it should be used in that way. For example if a proletarian asks us "what of weed" we shouldn't respond with "well we should legalize weed and provide safe spaces for responsible consumption and licensing to increase tax revenue blah blah blah", we should respond with "we are against the system that simultaneously promotes drug use and benefits from mass incarceration of proles"

As socialists we shouldn't be going down a laundry list of every issue that exists under capitalism and giving a marketable little slogan about each, we should exploit these issues to build class consciousness and wage class war

We of course should oppose all sorts of prejudice and discrimination that sow conflict between proles (sexism, homophobia, racism etc) but they should be overcame by the means of worker solidarity and class struggle rather than identity politics

OP here
Good criticism, I was vague
And even better answer

Workers are comrades regardless of race, sexuality, gender, etc. and all workers should have a place in the revolutionary left. Class comes first and attempts to work on a social issue removed from socialism is ineffective towards achieving the stated goal.

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This tbh. There are too many social issues to take a specific position on each. It's better to be tolerant and support freedom in general. Despite what SJWs think, it's possible to respect people and treat them kindly without understanding their unique struggle.

as long as it doesn't hurt anyone who doesn't consent it's good and should happen

t. radlib first worlder

t. crypto-reactionary

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I'll bet we're going to start seeing people labeled "streamer-exclusionist radical gamers" soon

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Anti drugs
Anti homo marriage
Anti abortion
Anti sex worker
Anti trans

Christianity and Virtue not hedonism and liberalism

Praise Jesus

Reminder Jeebuz was a "why can't everybody, like, just get along, man."-hippy

I'm kind of fascinated by hippies, just voluntarily peaceful and good-natured folk, the ones I met anyways. But yeah he seemed monkish and hippy-like, too bad the Catholics and Protestants completely fucked that up.

So basically you're boring as fuck

Ok gotcha

You should go back to miss piggy's play pen. Arguing that sexwork isn't work because it's recreational and people often fuck for free would be like arguing restaurant workers aren't actually working because you can make food at home or actors/musicians aren't workers because it's fun for some people to play music or act.

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Marriage in general has been raped repeatedly by capitalism. Gay marriage is pointless though spiritually speaking, I will give you that. If anyone wishes to contest this point I would love to discuss it.
This is a complicated issue. The problem is that most (well all of it really) of the push for "muh secks werkers" comes from slutty first worlder whores who are just mad that they have to worry about getting arrested after sucking a saudi prince's dick for $3,000 USD and/or cannot deduct their hooking expenses on their taxes. Meanwhile the rest of the world's "sex workers" have been stolen from their families at young age (as in 9 years old) and are forced to fuck foreign men for money or are impoverished (i.e. they are fucking starving to death) and have to suck dick in order to survive. The rest of the world doesn't want to be sex workers, they want it abolished and replaced by actual work with fulll rights. It is only the first world whores that want this disgusting thing and they will lose horribly in the end.
Gender is a "spook" and should be openly mocked. There is literally nothing wrong with transgender people.

The virtue inherent to Christianity (and Islam) is their support for all oppressed peoples worldwide, not their alleged opposition to hedonism. Liberalism is most definitely anti-christian/islam though.

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I think promiscuity is bad for both individuals and social cohesion, and the nuclear family is a very good form of familial organization regardless of whether capitalism led to its formation in the west or not.

But those are just philosophical outlooks. I don't have particular interest in legal policy on issues like this.

Daily reminder that christcoms are crypto-reactionaries

t. liberal

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Jesus was definitely not an lsd dropping weed smoking orgy having idiot hedonist.

Stop doing drugs and rid yourself of the satanic gender ideology.

People don't cook for recreation, but because of the need for sustenance, zero similarity whatsoever.
There is a rather large difference between being a performer and an audience member. Moreover, unlike sports or whatever, performing arts inherently (except in some odd edge-cases like collaborative theater) require the performer/audience dichotomy exist.

Prostitution, on the other hand, has both the "worker" and "consumer" doing literally the exact same thing to each other simultaneously. Allowing it to become an economic activity is asinine at best, dehumanizing at worst.

Beep beep, does not compute. "Learn my pronouns, shitlord!!1!" trannies (and currently PC flavors of fag in general) overwhelmingly revel in the reification of gender (and increasingly race/nationality/etc) rather than undermining it.

Jesus was more the Hindu Yogic Swami-influenced "free yourself of material obligations and go into psychadelic trances from ascetic meditation" sort of hippy. John the Baptist is another in this mold.

Here you go
Now here’s the hot take



They often do cook and eat for recreation, barbecues, picnics, and cookouts are a social gathering which heavily features cooking and eating. Going to a restuarant is similar to seeing a hooker, because both involve getting a service you would receive at home in exchange for money. We can also compare prostitution to house keeping, lawn care, and nannies in that regard.
Out of sex work only prostitution doesn't have an audience. Stripping and porn are analogous to a play or film and considered sex work.
So? It is still performing duties or tasks for compensation, hence work.
We aren't allowing it you fool, it has already been established as an economic activity by the economic structure of capitalism and is out of our hands. The point isn't to celebrate prostitution as some empowering thing to aspire to but to recognize that it is work created by capitalism and to organize workers as we would in any other occupation. Abandoning the single moms who want to feed their children or college students who don't want to fall into the debt trap is retarded and only serves to push a segment of the population towards liberalism.

That is only in addition to its fundamental purpose of physical necessity, not instead of it. In addition, the majority of eating out actually has nothing to do with recreation, but is instead motivated primarily by busyness or a dysfunctional aversion to home cooking inculcated by capitalism:
Bullshit "jobs" need to be stamped out, not protected, even under capitalism.

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How about this incel problem that's popping up?

Anyone who thinks a 14-year-old girl has the knowledge to give sexual consent to a 14-year-old boy but somehow doesn't for a 20-year-old man even though it's the same act in both cases should be guillotined for being a doublethink faggot who's too stupid to be allowed to live. Chris Hansen deserves to get his face smashed with a sledgehammer on livestream as a warning to everyone who believes in his stupid bullshit. If something helps the cause of smashing the faces of Chris Hansen and all his supporters with a sledgehammer, I support it. If it has nothing to do with this cause, I don't care about it. If it poses a threat to this cause, it should be destroyed immediately with as much force as possible to ensure that busybodies are properly deterred. Ephebophobes are impossible to reason with and must be utterly destroyed by any means available.

Oh, and get rid of the porkies too I guess. TBH a lot of you people deserve them though.

Which doesn't change that eating and cooking are recreational acts in some situations, such as cookouts or going to a nice restuarant.
And the same exists for sex in the form of tinder and prostitution. Someone is too busy or averse to having a relationship so they instead use an app or pay for sex. If we are to consider hookers not workers because you could just get a gf or fuck a sloot from tinder, then we should similarly disregard restaurant workers because you could just cook at home.
Then you've got a lot of unemployed people who will be desperate to eat. This isn't good for us, because it will push them towards reformism instead of the people who worked to get them unemployed instead of organizing them.

Me, I'm just anti-christianism.

The main issues are:
1. Power imbalance. Allowing sexual relationships between adults and children creates countless additional avenues for abuse, very much like relationships between students and teachers, or subordinates and superiors.
2. Supply & demand. There are, especially in a society that's achieved population stability, always going to be a lot more adults than children. If all the teenagers, especially of a particular sex, are taken by adults, this will result in social disruption, very much like the effects of polygamy in creating armies of disgruntled betas.

It's not that you COULD cook at home, but that if you don't have someone else cook for you, you MUST cook at home, or you'll die of starvation. The same is not true of prostitution, due to its 100% recreational nature.
The money that would've been spent on bullshit will instead be spent on welfare, funneled into real jobs, or stolen in a mass revolution. There is zero reason to ever put up with bullshit.

Drag and pride parades is ultra cringe. It needs to go away. Public sex is not expectable, nor is over sexualization of the human body. These things happen in “queer” culture. Also “queer culture”is extremely shallow and consumerists.

Pic related sums up my views pretty well when it comes to race, gender, LGBT etc.
When it comes to drugs. Legalize and regulate all the "lighter" stuff and anything with potential medical use and crack down on everything else.
I'm a little on the fence when it comes to abortion. From my understanding a lot of abortions are motivated by economic circumstances obviously resulting from capitalism so there wouldn't be too many abortions under socialism I imagine.
I don't know much about sex work to provide any meaningful input but makes a decent point.
While organised religion is a tool of the ruling class to control the proletariat, people should be free to follow whatever spiritual and religious ideals as they see fit.

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Legalize all drugs
Legalize more military-style weapons for civilian ownership
Legalize prostitution
Legalize polygamy
Legalize dueling and gladiator style fights
Legalize pedophilia
Legalize internet piracy
Keep abortion legal and fully funded
Keep porn legal
Keep hate speech legal
Keep gay marriage legal

Pretty spooked tbh

They are amusing though.
At a recent pride event in my country the lesbians decided that the trannies dont really have female victimhood because they grew up as men and therefore have privilege.

That was good for a laugh.

This is a bullshit meme that means nothing. What about the power imbalance between a 50-year-old and an 18-year-old? What about the power imbalance between men and women in terms of physical strength? I don't ever see you retards talking about that. It magically only seems to apply when you're talking about teens fucking adults willingly. Furthermore, you don't actually have any evidence that teens are any less knowledgeable about sexual matters than adults, so take liberal "power dynamics" crap and shove it, you fucking cuck.

And another thing.

If you pretentious crypto-liberal feminist twats had the slightest sense of fucking perspective, you'd realize that the reason for this is precisely because of the idiotic prohibition you support, and it's not a hypothetical situation anymore. There's an entire generation that's had to deal with assholes like you tearing them away from girls they loved who were only a handful of years younger. This is what creates the social disruption you're referring to. If you handwringing liberal niggerfaggots had just minded your own goddamn fucking business and let that 20-year-old guy date that 15-year-old girl, he wouldn't still be trying to get with a 15-year-old at 30 because he's trying to get back what you stole from him based on your zero-evidence hysteria about what a teenager does or doesn't know (protip: they do). And when you come along and tell this guy you literally robbed of the one he loves at literal gunpoint that he should just settle for a busted 25-year-old hag who's already fucked 79,000 guys instead because it takes away opportunities from other 15-year-olds if he doesn't, you know what he's going to tell you? Probably either "tough shit, cunt" or "up against the goddamn wall".

That guy shouldn't be expected to settle for a worthless roastie because of your lack of fucking self-awareness that you're causing every single one of the problems you complain about by destroying perfectly legitimate, consensual relationships for no other reason than your need to destroy something beautiful because you can't have it yourself. You fucking created this situation with your pseudointellectual bullshit claims about power dynamics and all this other la-la faggotry that liberals use to ban everything that hurts their constantly offended feefees. And at the end of the day, you're going to pay for it more than anyone else. Millennial men will never forgive you for what you've done, and you'd best get used to the idea that all those disgruntled betas you're talking about are firmly in my camp because they're the ones you stole from.

Deregulate the individual’s desires such as sexuality, drugs, firearms, and speech.
Abolish intelligence services and many government bureaus
Deregulate unions and paramilitary activities
Deregulate currency
Remove business subsidies
Put all excess funding into public healthcare, public education, and basic infrastructure
Abolish private property, in place of either personal property or nothing
Abolish congress
Abolish private prisons in place of rehabilitation centers
Abolish regulated voting
Abolish state and local government.
Slash taxes to the bare minimum
Allow local towns to independently organize.
Increase environmental protection regulation
Watch the cyberpunk communes grow

Adolescence was a social-legal concept realized in the 1940s as reparation for child labor during the Great Depression. Before the 90s, it was not uncommon for 14/15 yo girls to be courted to in the West. I live in a small Floridian town. A lot of the older folks who lived there their entire lives had kids right after they dropped out of high school.

Besides, adolescence is a preview of adulthood. All of the behaviors we accuse teens of exhibiting are things that adults do all the time, yet the adults somehow swear themselves as "mature." My opinion, adults are afraid of being obsolete, so they pass legislation to hurt young people financially and accuse them of being "lazy."

Not that poster, but that's obviously pretty fucked too, it's just the convergence of the fact that ya kinda gotta pick an age when you consider someone 'adult' so that you can give them adult privileges and the fact that consequentially it becomes far less justified to try and regulate their behavior.
Not relevant? Me being stronger than a given woman doesn't have any coercive sway on if she'll agree to fuck me, assuming she has a reason to believe I'll respect her decision and not fly into a rage and rape/beat her if I get no for an answer.

Whatever fucking whacko tendency you are you get the bullet too

You fucking hypocrites never had any problem trying a 14-year-old as an adult in court. You only treat them like children when they want to be in a relationship that threatens roasties' sexual market value. Fuck you.

Physical strength is a form of power, you fucking retard. You don't get to just ignore that and say it doesn't matter when you're trying to justify banning harmless relationships by citing a supposed power gap.

Someone who honestly takes issue with a woman being called out as a roastie for riding the cock carousel is a weak, stupid cuck who doesn't have what it takes to give anyone the bullet.

Which is irrelevant to the point of both prostitution and restuarants perform a function someone would normally get done on a personal level. Such jobs outsourcing previously personal tasks are making up an increasing amount of what millenials can get through the magic of the gig economy. The only reason to exclude hookers from these workers is moralfaggotry.
No it won't, liberal states have slashed the welfare consistently and prostitution already exists alongside "real jobs" illegally. The money spent on hookers would go into other vices and the ex-hookers would increase competition for the "real jobs".
If there's a revolution work, including sex work, will die with capitalism. However this doesn't factor in to the reality of work in capitalist society.
Survival and meagar comforts are two. Bullshit jobs are already dominant in the west and a good number of hookers work a "real job" or go to school because what income they get isn't enough to live off of or they don't want to die in poverty.

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Age, at least the way it’s portrayed in culture, is an abstraction. The difference in brainpower between a 30 year old and a 15 year old is so minuscule in the bigger scheme of things that I would go as far to say that age is a form of systemic discrimination and that teenagers are fully capable of living independently. The only real reason that there is such a rift is because of societal conditioning and being told and coerced into believing that they are inferior and are subhuman.

Basically stuff that would make the rest of the board mad so I'm not going into it

Looking at you, Contrapoints fans

Lolwut? Trying children as adults is inhumane, no idea what you’re accusing me of.
Wait, do you think people think the problem with adult on kid sex is the PHYSICAL strength difference? Oh wow, you’re way stupider than I gave you credit for. Anyways, the reason a physical power gap is irrelevant is because it doesn’t lessen the other person’s ability to consent, I might be exceptionally physically strong but that doesn’t put pressure on a girl to consent to sex with me (it might be more likely to make her physically attracted to me, but that isn’t coercive because I’m not doing anything other than existing), whereas in an adult-kid relationship the adult has way more power in society than the kid and thus can exercise that power to coerce the kid into consenting. Is the distinction between these two types of power really not that obvious?
Yeah whatever enjoy getting shot.

Transphobes will get the bullet

My stance is that I am generally for social issues

tankies will usually be reactionary towards identity politics. collectivist archists are really open about them, i'd say they are the most open of society as a whole. Anarcho individualists dont seem to care about them

Yeah, it's an arbitrary number placed on what is a sliding scale of gradiations in the real world. But the same can be said of most laws, the fact they're consistent and predictable is more important than their being perfect, we have to pick a number. Romeo & Juliet laws (softening it for couples within a few years of each other) are about as much fuzz as we can introduce.
As opposed to 50-year-olds stealing away all the child brides, leaving none for the actual teenagers?

No they don't. Food is a limited physical resource, necessary for life, so it has to be charged for. Recreational sex is something with zero material inputs (aside from time) and zero minimum needs, as such there is no reason to pay someone for it.
Some of them. In those which have slashed it, such as burgerstan, we should fight that trend, not encourage bullshit that creates a shadow economy based on (literally, in the case of prostitutes, less literally in the case of other bullshit jobs) sucking porky's dick for handouts.
That energy should be spent pushing for good reforms, not capitulating to porky's antics.

Way to strawman.

A teen isn't a kid. What you're talking about here is only the case because of other laws set that say someone over 18/21 is allowed to do something but someone under isn't, which are just as baseless as this law is. There's nothing inherent in their brains or maturity levels that makes them less mature, because people are as mature as they're going to be by about 14. Except for you, of course. You've never matured at any point in your entire life. Also, I have way more gun owning men on my side than you. Enjoy getting shot.

So you're just outright admitting that you don't care if the laws make sense. This is basically a concession, or as close to one as we'll ever get out of you.

So pick one that actually reflects biology. Picking a number doesn't necessitate picking the current number.

I just explained this to you in the post you quoted. It's incredibly disingenuous of you to act like this would be a huge problem. In socialism, nobody has to marry for money, so it's unlikely that this would happen with any great frequency because people tend to want to marry someone young enough to be at their most attractive. This means that the potential crisis you're alleging here would never become an issue. You preventing relationships between marriage-age young men and teenage girls who love them, on the contrary, is a massive problem that already exists and is causing large amounts of social disruption. Your continued refusal to acknowledge that the policies you support are wrong and tyrannical is only making the problem worse.




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Their brains are at a higher stage of development than yours. Point out anything at all that a 15-year-old girl automatically doesn't understand about sex or relationships that someone 18 or over automatically does. You can't. No such knowledge has ever existed. These urges are not only normal, for millions of goddamned years they were the status quo for all of humanity because they represent how humanity evolved, and how men of breeding age sought young girls to both make sure that they were fertile and to make sure that they hadn't yet been fucked so they could be sure the children were theirs. That only started to change when jealous cunts like you came along and decided you had the right to tell everyone what to do because you were mad that some 20-something guy was pounding teenage pussy and you weren't because no teenage girls ever liked you or ever will. A teenage girl that wants to fuck an older guy was probably never going to date someone her age anyway, and if you're admitting that men in their 20s and 30s would frequently be dating teenagers if it was allowed, that's tantamount to an admission that they're often much more attractive than teen boys, meaning you have to rig the game against them so others can compete.

Whenever I see someone like you here, it's always either the damn christcoms or some shithead tankie/crypto-tankie ancom posting feminist talking points, and as you can see right here in this thread, all their other shitty beliefs like banning prostitution align perfectly with the feminist agenda, so perfectly that it's hard to believe they're actual people and not just bots.


A 15 year old girl can't deal with an unintended pregnancy, she probably can't even work in most countries. She will literally either be pumped and dumped by thirsty fucks like you who only want sex or be so financially dependent on her partner that she'll essentially be a slave. There is a massive power imbalance that for all your blithering you can't hide. The AoC should be raised to 21 years.

Also feminism is sex-positive. It always has been through its push for contraception technologies to become widespread, to abortion being widespread, etc. Sorry but you can't paint me as part of your feminazi boogeywomyn.

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You don't have a single fucking idea what I want.

This is entirely an artifact of modern feminist society. 15 was more than old enough to hold a job for countless millennia. Besides, an adult isn't the only one who can get a 15-year-old girl pregnant, so if that's what you're concerned about, you need to ban all sex with a teen, not just when an adult does it.

The irony of the situation here is that to the extent that said power imbalances have ever existed at all, it's the people who bitch the most about them who do the most to create them by passing laws restricting teens from being autonomous, not just sexually but economically. Feminists wanted teenagers to be dependent on them and economically disempowered so they could make their bullshit case about brain differences that don't fucking exist and power imbalances that wouldn't exist if we got rid of the laws feminists supported.

Except when it's a male birth control pill. Then feminists screech and do everything in their power to stop it so they can keep trapping guys with pregnancy. If feminists allowed the male birth control pill to be approved, all your concerns about teen pregnancy would go away, so this is another instance of feminists creating the problems they complain about.

I can paint you as whatever the hell I want given that you're supporting policies feminists created to control the sexual marketplace.

To an extent, but the simple fact that someone has a longer career, more wealth, more social connections, and greater social respect, is an unavoidable consequence of being older.
What, puberty, like 9-12 or something? You know that, with parental and/or judicial consent, minimum marriagable age is already 14-16 in most of burgerstan, and has NO BOTTOM in 19 states, right? Just how sought after is this paper-thin wedge of as little as one single year younger that you're sperging about it?
In fact, let's take a quick look at some facts on your terribly important struggle:
Lots of diversity there
So much for your loyal widdle virgin angels, I'll bet dollars to donuts most child brides were probably colossal sluts, too.
Wow, this is starting to look an awful lot like shit nobody except pedos cares about.
If you had enough guns to win a fight, you'd have enough votes to win an election, pedo.

As with pro vs. amateur porn, I have zero problems with amateur prostitution i.e.: sloots.


I try to follow as closely as possible the views of the greatest Marxist thinker of our time

Marriage as an institution is a bourgeois ploy crested by ancient baby boomers to secure land and other resources. It would be totally unnecessary in just about any economic system besides very specific capitalism and furthermore it just promotes the worship of women.

If she breathes she's a thot. Male promiscuity is fine however as you know…men have to actively work not to be an incel. Also hold down a job. Women wouldn't know about such things.

A necessary component to a manageable society number. It's not abortion that's the problem but being prochoice. Who should be making that choice? A professional. Like a judge, a doctor, or a man.

Traps are not gay because more cutey patootie traps means less thirsty men having to compete for the affections of women. So trans should be encouraged. From what I hear he's dated a few FtM trans seeing them as black pilled women who realized the error of their ways and became bros he'd be willing to fuck.

Disgusting petty bourgeois that only a woman could ever have the luxury of being. No man could just lay there getting money throw at him to cum. The epitome of privilege is in women.

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Serious question: Where do I start with Jim thought? It seems a little like Filthy Frank, a cyclopian wall of madness and terror staring down my soul from his upload list.

I'm sure all the millennials who don't have jobs because the boomers fucked up the economy will find that very comforting.

Feminists are trying to do away with this possibility just like they did away with fucking teen girls without being married to them. TBH I think you should be married or in a committed long-term relationship before fucking, but I don't go around enforcing that preference on everyone, unlike you.

All this stuff you're saying about young marriage and all these statistics you're giving have to be looked at in the proper context. Young marriage is disincentivized in general these days because people want to go to the corporatist liberal indoctrination centers - I mean colleges, and then start a life on the cock carousel due to the media telling them it's cool and you have to do it to be accepted. But what's more, it could just have been the case in all these young marriages that a lot of teenage girls like cute college guys, or really any sort of guy that they find cute.

I wouldn't have a problem changing this part. Marriage should be a lifetime commitment like it used to be, but nobody should languish in a relationship they don't want. Libertarian/ancap types would agree with this statement.

Do you have a single fact to back that up? Adult men married a teenage girl quite often for all of human history until the rise of feminism. If they'd been the sluts you describe, their men would have thrown them out.

You're implying that a non-rigged election is even possible in the US, which already disqualifies you from even having this discussion and arguably from being on this board. I could say to you that if you had the support needed to win a fight against the capitalists, you could just go run for office instead and win. But most of the guns being wielded against us aren't owned by you, but by the government stooges. If the government wasn't on the side of you feminist harpies, you'd have nothing. You can't do a damn thing without their help.

Not an argument.

As if the children of said millennials are even on that level, let alone close to equal.
Agreed, but this is ancillary to the indicativeness of these facts for my argument.
Legally recognized marriage is irrelevant to really existing social structures, fucking retarded, and should be abolished.
Do you? Genetic evidence show that cheating in both directions was extremely common for all of history, and I have no reason to believe the sorts of brats that spread their cunny while they're still in highschool are super chaste.
Yup. If we had anywhere close to 1/2 socialists, let alone 2/3rds, we would either win an election, or the polls would completely shut down, and we would flatten them in a barely violent revolution. Even with a mere 1/3rd dedicated socialists, we would be dominating state/local elections all over the country and totally subsuming the Democratic Party.
That's absolutely true, which is why neither a socialist revolution nor a socialist electoral sweep has happened. But in the meantime, we and aligned tendencies have adequate numbers to build reforms in government and consciousness among the proles, so that we can one day win an election, or if the polls are totally subverted, win a revolution that was victorious before it even started.

You kind of just need to keep watching a lot of his videos, watch the old JimProfitCommunist/JimProfitBolshevik videos as well too, not just James Lucrative/Geta Poas. Eventually when you have seen enough of them his ideas will begin to flow together and make a lot of sense, its hard to explain really.

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imagine my shock

the issue is that every side of the political spectrum is backing them into a corner…the rise of militant incels can partially be explained also to the rise of militant Islam. it becomes its own ideology.

Also if you think about it, incels are a small minority.
They should get government funding and it should be a hate crime to insult them.

that's a bit of a stretch, consider I'm ex-incel (like before the time there was a term for it). but still I understand the sentiment. I've seen those political compass memes of Islam, and like Islam, it transcends the compass. it can't be pigeonholed.

Yes they do, I cook at home and I can fuck my gf at home or I go out and pay for someone to cook for me or someone to fuck me. This "paying someone to do something you could do yourself" also extends to various other services such as child care, cleaning services, and uber drivers. If you're going to consider hookers not real workers by such logic, you end up considering a lot of people not real workers and end up supporting mtw tier views on proletariat.
It's not a trend, by and large it already happened. You may as well fight the emergence of cars as transportation or the decline of newspapers. Our purpose should be to organize workers in the conditions we find ourselves in, not to wish capitalism would revert to a friendlier mask.
Put the rose back on.

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Did you get to this board by coming through a portal from a parallel universe?

Most of what you're citing doesn't prove anything about the morality of an adult man sexing a teenage girl who wants his dong.

Maybe they found a boy they fell in love with and want to marry. It happens all the time. Or at least that used to be the case until feminism destroyed everything.

The Democrats blatantly rigged the 2016 primary against Bernie Sanders and you didn't do shit about it except double down on liberalism and feminist crap.

You've probably already gone past this figure. Very little of this electoral progress you're talking about has materialized.

This is why nobody wants to talk to you faggots.

If only you would follow nobody's example.

Pedos should be castrated

Here's a statistic for you. Gays are 1% of humanity. Therefore nobody should care about them.

If nobody wants to talk to them, following nobody's example would mean talking to them. I'd rather not.

Yet here you are, derailing thread after thread with your pedohebephila convincing us all that you're a narcissistic faggot.

This thread is about social issues. This is a social issue. What's difficult about that concept?

Now here is a point where you people go full retard.
If it's just a spook that doesn't exist then why do we even have transgender people in the first place? why do these people feel like the opposite gender so much to the point where some of them even go as far as to chop parts of their own bodies?
Do you know that the biological part do have a great influence in our behavior? do you know that hormones can completely change how a person think and behave? do you know that men and women have different main sex hormones that influence their behavior, their very minds, their likes and dislikes?
You people would love for your narrative that gender is just an oppressive imposition put on people to be true but back to the first two questions the answer is pretty obvious and simple, gender is something that you "feel" like, not something imposed upon you because if that was the case then trans/gay/homo/lesbian/whatever people wouldn't even exist in the first place because nobody in their right minds try to raise their kids to be gay, what happens is that homo people do have the brains of the opposite gender for some reason and that doesn't make gender a spook, on the contrary, it actually reinforces gender as something real.

Look, user, I'm sorry to break this to you, but by most definitions, that's been happening for quite a while now. Even (you) may be a millennial!
The stuff about the overwhelming majority being older men and younger girls, and the high divorce rate, suggesting pump&dump patterns? The other figures were more to point out how utterly unimportant this "issue" is.
[citation needed]
Birdnie's lead over Shrillary was just north of 10 percentage points. Big, but not the sort of landslide needed to guarentee a yuge scandal. I'll admit the fact that lawsuits and criminal trials haven't happened, even taking into account Sanders' own lack of assertiveness, is pretty pathetic.
By "dedicated socialists", I mean people who know what the labor/capitalist class distinction is, why left/right idpol are the exact same, and that socialism means something beyond "duh gubmint does stuff".

Maybe not nobody, but certainly a lot less people should spend energy on them, especially in areas (nearly all) they have little or nothing to do with.

Why do we have otherkin who think they're fucking dragons, super saiyans, and magical ponies? Even if transexuals were some sort of genuine schitzophrenic disorder which most aren't, as the massive excess of MtF autoerotic self-hating misandrists versus FtMs proves, why is reifying the current norms of "gender", sometimes to the extent of self-mutiliation, the answer?

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There's no scientific basis behind the concept of "generations".

Indeed! Yet, like all language, it is a means of conveying information about scientifically verifiable facts, like your being a fucking millennial hipster.

We have to understand that all social conflicts and issues people argue about that are not directly related to class are ideology.
Capitalism created these issues and any solution within capitalism only perpetuates it, so the solution is end capitalism and create new material condition where these issues will vanish.

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I personally grant a bit of slack, by noting that idpol oppression can be separated into the explicit (laws condoning or enforcing oppression, such as segregation, which can be distinguished and solved under capitalism via legislation, and if not explicitly tackled, could persist under socialism), and the implicit (crimes of motive, such as redlining, which are indistinguishable in any external practical way from the oppression inherent to and required by capitalism, as such impossible to attack under capitalism, and can only be solved under socialism).

Since idpol confined to powerless thoughts is both futile to attempt detecting or fighting, and completely irrelevant to peoples' wellbeing, we must only concern ourselves with actual material oppression.

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The divorce rate has been absurdly high for everyone for a long time. It was lower by a great deal before feminist divorce laws and before monogamy was murdered to make way for the cock carousel. You're once again only considering your statistics in isolation and failing to use systemic thinking.

It was illegal before divorce laws
You aren't one of those "nuclear family is hooman nature" fags, right?

Divorce laws and feminist divorce laws aren't the same thing and I don't give a shit what kind of family structure you want to adopt. I only care about removing the most nonsensical restriction in human history. It's not like normalfags give a fuck about pump and dump anyway, so why would that even matter to them aside from how it means they can act like outraged faggots at something completely harmless because that's literally all they ever do?

This isn't just pump & dump, it's an irrelevantly tiny number of men demented fetishizing childhood and virginity, who would chew up and spit out girls for the brief period (kek) they possess these characteristics, if they were still allowed to.

I'm sure there are true intergenerational romances, but obviously not very many.

“communism is not an ideology suited for black people" -stokely carmichael

The context following that soundbite:
The man was dealing with a system of explicit, legally enforced racism and colonialism, not wholly tied to capitalism, which could be and was tackled under capitalism. Not to mention the absurdity of calling him COINTELPRO when he was a top target of their and the CIA's scrutiny, and a lifelong personal friend of communists low and high around the world.

I will grant, however, that he dipped into the sort of unsavory separatist positions peddled by screwballs like Malcom X and Louis Farrakhan.

Even niggers are more smarter than Christians. Jesus is a fictional character you retarded faggots.

On generations and revolutionary organization

On generations and revolutionary organization

Excuse the double-post, I can't delete the first error-ridden one due to not using browser cookies.

Yes but lots of people have a hard time understanding this

We should be aware of those things but always see them in the bigger framework of capitalism.

It's ALL men. ALL men want a teenage girlfriend, preferably a virgin. Then again, I wouldn't expect a feminist hack like you to tell the truth about this. Of course, for as long as you continue to act like it's only a small minority and not a stupidly huge silent majority, you're making the problem worse for both yourself and others. Most romances you've destroyed weren't intergenerational either, but thanks to your stupidity many of them will be in the future. You're going to have 30-year-old men dating 16-year-olds on every fucking street corner once feminism is done away with because they're not going to accept a bunch of disgusting thots who kept them from dating those same 16-year-olds at 20 out of sheer jealousy of said 16-year-olds' cuteness. All the girls that rode the cock carousel until they were 30 and then looked for a beta bitchboy to leech off of are going to find the door slammed in their faces.

Most guys wouldn't say no, but don't really care about age either way, as the numbers aptly illustrate.

Given the actual state of the law, I don't really see what you're complaining about, unless you're fixated on the under-14 set.

He wants to fuck underage girls and thinks this translates to all other men having teenage thirst. He blames not being able to do this legally on feminists who want to force men to marry used up women in their late 20's to early 30's instead of take in teenage pussy, and assumes everyone who thinks he's an idiot is part of the liberal feminist cabal to cuck men.

t. someone who didn't actually read any of the laws

t. someone who didn't pay attention in biology class

Meant for and . God I wish the damn site let you click to quote posts without having to enable Javascript.

I linked them to you upthread. Assuming you aren't just some skeezy pedo that would repel her parents, the overwhelming majority of states allow child marriage and emancipation.