Converting to Catholicism

Do I need to go to RCIA to become Catholic? I plan on becoming in the fall but want to become catholic before job searching

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I mean kind of, if you want to understand it at all.

Yes but it is mostly so you understand the Sacraments and why they are important also other things like canon law, the hierarchy, and other things. And if they teach you poorly just go on YouTube and look up read Catholic explanations on all that stuff.

If you go to the FSSP/ICKSP, you can get baptized sooner. They don't have RCIA, rather, it's a one-on-one with a priest.

For me FSSP is taking longer (about a year) than RCIA would, since they are much more thorough

Really? They should just work with you on a catechism, and then once they understand you have the Faith, they'll baptize you. Strange.

the problem is I can't go to religious classes. Who will take me. My mom said you don't need to. Just being fauthful is enough and then complemented my 'knowledge' of the bible. Pic related is How I feel. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

shit forgot pic

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Is it just one class? please please please!!!!! WHAT DO I DO?! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

I'm getting VERY angry. I WANT GOD!!!! THERE HAS TO BE A FASTER WAY!!!!!!


im stuck in this winnie the pooh house. it'll never end!!!! its never gonna end!!! :(""""""""""""""""Its so Hopeless

Calm yourself, talk to a priest.

That is step zero. You're not the first, nor will you be the last, to find yourself in a position where you want to become Catholic but your circumstances don't allow the usual methods.

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bless you brother!!!! bless you. I have felt His Love in my life. I don't want to lose it. I love you Jesus. I love you guys. everyone. For once Life has meaning. I will remember this user. I have felt what Gods love is. ITS BEAUTIFUL. thank you, I love you user.

I will read the church fathers, do my research. i will attend mass every sunday if I can. Your RIGHT I Will be Catholic!!!! I LOVE JESUS, GOD, MARY, the HOLY SPIRIT. BLESS YOU anons. I AM SO GLAD I Found you guys. I was at a crossroads in my Life a few months back. I have found what god wants of me. AGAPE! AGAPE!

You're a strange dude, user. You must understand that back in the day confirmation took years and in some places hostile to Christians it does take years still. This is a practice that's been around since the beginning to weed out those not truly interested in learning the faith that they may live it. I went to Catholic school k-12 and have done extensive reading outside of that and I still had to go through RCIA. I had a good program though so I did learn a thing here and there. Patience is a virtue, user, good luck.

I have had a LONG road of misery dating back to november 2008

I'm panicked because of what happened a few weeks back. A good friend of mine from years back Was killed back in june. A drunk Driver killed him shortly before he was due to be married to his fiance and shortly after he was discharged( marines) THAT is why I'm scared and paniced. I'm not afraid of dying itself. but I am afraid of dying before becoming Catholic and joining his church. i'm scared of dying before confessions. THIS is why I'm spazing out. The Idea of dying before salvation SCARES ME MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE

IT SCARES ME SOOOO MUCH. IF I DO DIE, am I going to the lake of Fire? Am I?

I would likely reject a recent convert for mental health reasons.

Huh, I am from a "christian" nation, where confirmation is a hollowed out gesture to get money from the family.
In fact, many foreigners show up wearing a cross expecting special treatment, little do they know..

I'm not mentally unhinged see

For much of my adolescence up till this may. I was tormented by the anger and Sadness felt at YEARS of being bullied in school. i hate politics. I'm a conservative, right? Our school had a mock election in middle school. I voted Mccain, Because Dad like his running mate. I told people who I voted for and the result was years of psychological abuse and neglect at the hands of people I THOUGHT were friends. THEY called me Nazi, Racist, etc. I felt like hanging myself at 12 years old. I then felt not just sadness. I felt ANGER. why must I who had never hurt these people and would have bent over backwards to help them, be at the center at their abuse. the teachers, WHO I LOOKED up to, turned a blind eye and neglected and even encouraged. anger became hatred, then rage. I lashed at parents, then god, and went into a dejected viscous nihilsm that coursed through my very heart.
School destroyed my spiritual wellbeing.
BUT NOW I have forgiven them for all the stuff they put me through. I love them even If they may not like me per say. I have returned to God and I don't want to lose him, user. I want no more hatred in my life. i want to make amends with God. I love you user, "I'm just someone who has been thorough a lot" GOD SPEED user : )

I want love and be loved. i want a wife and kids. I want to do Good. I want to do Gods will user. Because i love him.

I'm a mess I know. but bear with me, user. I want no more suffering user. God was the one who told me to forgive those who wronged me all those years. He also helped me get over my mistakes. I feel… better

is 90% of what i listen to now. i have found what i lost all those years ago and am truly happy. except for dying before converting. but i think I can manage that. I will talk to a priest about it

also i'm a sperg if it means anything

Are you ok, user?

Frazzled and worried is all. Bless you for caring user. If I don't convert, will I go to hell? can I try to Gods will without conversion. i WANT to do GOOD so bad. But transportation is the bottleneck. can't go to class if I have no way to get there. THAT is my problem. I have no way to learn cathecism….unless. UNLESS … can I learn it from HOME? can I can I? Can I learn RCIA (at least most of it) from home? that would solve the transportation problems for the most part. PLEASE tell me I can?


I feel MUCH better. I love Zig Forums I don't know where i'd be without you. Finding this place has brought HAPPINESS for the first time in a long time : D sorry for the emoticons. They are to prevent misunderstanding.

Anyways I love you all in brotherly love! Godspeed!

This thread actually gives me hope, good luck OP. I always love to see someone who has been led back from the brink by Christ our good Shepherd.

And no, no you won't burn in a lake of fire, heaven doesn't have a bureaucracy like the Church on earth needs, God is too efficient for that. Have a favourite picture.

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Love you user. Love you all.

God Love you, user.

Why should anyone convert to Catholicism? It's much better to be a Christian.

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When I was little I always was shocked at how our countries in Europe warred for many years merely because of concessional differences.
But now that I am older I will say heretics like you do fill me with a just and right fury. I will pray for your conversion to Jesus's church but that doesn't mean I would hesitate to go to war with you apostates if the church called for it.

Yeah thats what we are doing, we have a 1.5 hr session every week, going through a catechism from the 50s, we just go into lots of detail, and its a pretty large group so it takes a while.

group sessions? i'm not really good with group sessions : /

My experience with group work has not been the most.. enlightening. When I was in school I did group work by myself because i didn't know how to relate with people. I found they tended to slow things down as well.; I will give it my best : )