Questions for real socialists tm

What would have to happen to make you abandon your favorite economic system in favor of what you consider it's opposite? I'll go first, if I saw a communist country rise to have the highest quality of life, on average amongst it's people, and leading the way in technology and knowledge, then I'd happily abandon the country I'm currently in to go join this beautiful place.

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If a nuclear MAD-tier disruptive weapon or other technology empowering individuals against tyrants rendered fascism/monarchy/theocracy/etc essentially toothless, I wouldn't have much reason to care about politics.

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Really? You wouldn't need to eat anymore?

I could grow food, or start a coop, or whatever. Since no organized group could stop me without being crippled by untraceable acts of terrorism or other sabotage, the broader state of society would be largely irrelevant.

Yeah no. You couldn't.

As long as the economic system doesn't make antisocial behaviour the winning move (disregarding environmental issues, rewarding short-term planning and opportunism) it should work.

Right now, those activities require dealing with capitalists and other rentiers. Land is absentee occupied by them, MoP like industrial equipment is hoarded by them, liquid funds to rentbuy these things from them are controlled by their banks, and all of this is secured by their brainwashed thugs. Unless you suck their dick, you basically can't do anything.

If there were a means of bypassing the superior force used to maintain this "property" and these "laws", it wouldn't be an issue.

Proof that the average man can operate on his own free will without degrading to worthlessness
Wait you didn't expect the one true Socialism that is Volkich Socialism?

So you agree with Hitler on at least some terms then

Hitler is an epitome of capitalist short-term planning, and a prime example of how it invariably requires wars of aggression to perpetuate.

Except you ignore that it was British aggression that forced his hand

He planned a thousand years ahead, that like most long-term planners he couldn't see the immediate consequences of his long-term plans is a different story

Hard to plan long-term when every superpower on earth is throwing everything they have at you.

What "forced his hand" was massive, unsustainable debt with the intent of funding a war machine to plunder Europe.

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Lol literally the only reason why Germany lost is because of lack of oil. The debt could have been paid back easily after the war.

Yes, with the plundered wealth of a continent, as opposed to legitimate economic growth, which the Nazis intentionally failed to undertake.

It's not hard at all, it is easy escapism.

And only because of jet fighters only going in production in 1944, and only because Mussolini wasted German forces in Africa and Greece, and only because of a lack in intelligence during the battle for Britain..

Nothing. Economics aren't just a label and M-L will always be correct. Even if Ancapistan happened and was somehow a net improvement over the world of today in terms of my well-being and liberties it would still be plagued by the inherent contradictions and unsustainability of capitalism.

Maybe if something like happened and we all got DBZ superpowers, making politics unnecessary.

I agree with Hitler in so far as animals don't deserve to be mistreated and liberals get the rope.

But you'll need property to run your coop, no?

No, I need only possessions, which I own through use, rather than have thugs secure in my absence. Property is theft.

If you could make capitalism somehow not exploitative, maybe. But that's pretty much asking if you could tolerate capitalism not being capitalism.

This is your brain on autism

So your coop would produce everything you need?

I don't think I could ever see capitalism as the ideal social system.

There's no "opposite ideology". That's not how it works you retard. I go with whatever ideology has the most support as the best system.

That means communism is more of a religion than an objective belief in your eyes. Unlike who is open to it if it beat his expectations.

The world is literally deteriorating due to climate change and various ecological crises brought on by capitalism, so I'm not sure how anyone could ever support such a thing. I could see my views switching to another philosophy, but not capitalism

oh boy another gotchya thread

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How illiterate can one be?

I don't see what in the world would convince me being a wagecuck for the majority of my lifespan is a good thing.

Mate, not being able to change your mind on something that completely exceeds your expectations is what religions do, it's what sjws do. If an atheist actually found proof god exists, he'd change his mind.

The elimination of exploitative property in favor of possessions for use would hardly preclude the operation of an economy between different entities.


I would go full Pinochet if OP stopped posting.

If I had a lot of capital, I would probably be a capitalist. That's about the only way it would work in my advantage. I'm not a moralist about it and I don't blame porky for being what he is - but as it is, I don't like that he is, and would rather than he wasn't.

Nah. "If God really existed, it would be necessary to abolish him."

If Southeast Asia continues to grow in prosperity, I would honestly become a Southeast Asian nationalists, because I don't see a proletarian international movement happening in my lifetime. Being half-Filipino helps I guess.

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It's opposite wants me dead.
No way I'm switching.

If capitalism did everything it promises.

Show me a capitalism where every single manager is gone. At the same time I want security of the roof over my head and the food in my stomach.



State administration have adopted the roles of the managers. Sticking a different label on a manager doesn't remove her. Are you going to beat me with the people's stick for pointing this out?

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