Armchair / Political Hobbyism Hate Thread

Is there anything worse than armchair leftists and political hobbyism in general? What the fuck is the point of reading theory if you don't plan to participate in IRL politics? Are there people who seriously reading theory just to masturbate over their knowledge in internet communities? Reading theory is a waste of time if you don't work to put it into praxis.

Post anti-armchair memes and destroyed chairs ITT

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Those whose activities are actively damaging to the socialist movement, like the various autistic parties or reformist groups who try to sheperd workers towards socdem. Armchair are annoying but don't do anything to harm the movement.

There's nothing wrong with book club leftism, especially among the students. In fact I would prefer it if most students stayed out of non-antifa stuff and read theory instead. We don't need more red liberals.

But I do try to put my theory into praxis, by organizing discussion groups around socialist history and strategies, and trying to agitate for an independent socialist party.

Nobody gave a shit because they wanted to learn how to tussle with the cops, and go to protests against cops, and generally talk about how they hate cops.

Antifa has a time and a place, but I completely agree that people need to be reading theory right now more than they should be worrying about Antifa shit. If there was a UTR-like event in my town I'd probably go out with Antifa. They do do some good things but they're almost invariably composed of socdems, radlibs and other assorted cancer. They need to be more firmly anti-capitalism and have a broader "mission" than fucking with white supremacists and Zig Forumsyps who wander out of their basement

How do you personnally participate IRL?

It’s called working with a party. It’s not that unusual, retard

So you help red socdems fail in elections?

Action for the sake of action has become an unthinking dogma among many so-called leftists. Our contemporary period is marked by extreme anti-intellectualism, and incoherence/eclecticism. Taking theory seriously above all else, is worth far more than pointless protests and """""""""activism""""""""""

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Stop treating communism like a religion. The act of studying alone does nothing, especially when you are "studying" bullshit like Nick Land or anything from American academia. The goal should be to study the right texts and then put them into action.

LARPing as an early 20th-century revolutionary on Twitter
Gaining a better understanding of the world that surrounds me. I just want to get a more accurate idea of how humanity deals with itself sometimes, and that involves reading critiques of capitalism when I feel like doing so.
I had a bad experience with IRL orgs, because a lot of their members are kinda cringey and short-sighted. I know some of them are doing useful direct actions, and I'm grateful for that, but in the end it seemed to me nothing more than a social game where you have to do your fair share of virtue-signalling and so on.
I don't want to be constrained in participating in more social rituals than I already need to. I don't feel like calling a group of nerds "comrades" after work, and pretend we are going to overthrow capitalism 1917-style. I don't feel like reading Lenin like the Bible, sometimes I want to contemplate different perspectives and sharing them without fearing to offend nerds IRL. That's all. I just participate to the occasional protest and move on with my (pathetic) life.
Yes, and even if I don't do it a lot, it makes me feel good, just like when I touch my peepee. You should try it.
I've seen more silly praxis stemming from overzealousness than armchair philosophers in my life, sadly.

Reading is good. IRL activism is good too. Most of all, do go vote. It is good, easy praxis. The exploited don't have the luxury of retreating into armchairs to await some revolution.

Saging in a brainlet thread.

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Which party?

who ya gettin mad at? lol



implying i even do that as opposed to just watching leftist youtubers

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Probably the only thing worse than armchair leftists is women who think their shrill annoying opinion is valid.

You are worse than any armchair faggot

When will there be a youtube alternative that offers HTML5 video?


He was the meme theory guy of the 2000s, just like Land is for the 2010s. Right-wing hipsterism will fade away during the next decade and glorious scholastic Debordism will finally become the fresh new thing.

I feel bad for bumping this thread sorry

Because they don't exist around here

t armchair
Stuff like strikes, Pickets, and protests are good. They are how worker’s participate in class struggle and how we will propagate to them. The masses don’t want to sit in armchairs, they want an improvement to there living conditions.