The 1% keep taking more and more

When are we putting them on the chopping block?

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CEO's are working class according to the marxist definition.

which Marxist definition, you can't be working class if you're at the top.

They don't own the means of production. According to marxism, a Nepalese tea vendor making 2$ a day is a porky, while a CEO on a 5 million salary is a worker.

CEOs often own a large portion of the company as compared to other workers who may have retirement investments in that company. They are bourgeoisie. Now, in theory, it is possible for a CEO to be a manager of working class status, but this is often not the case in practice.


A problem with Marxists is their tendency to divide the masses of people into different class groups and using the hierarchy of groups to make it seem as if only the proletariat is bound in chains. Under capital all classes are enslaved. The bourgeoise and the petty-bourgeoise are both enslaved by capital and thus have to engage in anti-social and immoral activities in order to preserve themselves. This leads to a rise in mental illness in society which is evidenced by the high rates of depression afflicting all members of society including the top.

I think that Marxism needs to rebrand itself as the emancipatory vehicle of all people, not just the proletariat.

That's fantastic, it'll motivate everybody to look up to the 1% and dream that they can too become one of them.

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Majority of CEOs control the means of production with investors, shareholders and the board of directors.

There are some that are considered proletarian but it is extremely rare.

I like your theory but I don't have that much faith in humanity, especially the porky parts of humanity. They only know capitalism and will die with capitalism.

I hope I can find this guy put him on the chopping block personally.

Here is another article about these proletarian CEOs from today.

I think I'm going to start posting an article or two a day for us to discuss the bourgeoisie. We need to stay focused on the real problems of our world. These rich fucks doing fuck all with their money unless they are going collect more capital.

The funny part is that this phenomenon is basically making capitalism unsustainable faster and faster. It's coming down boys, prepare for a global recession, monetary and financial gigacrisis.

I'm real interested in info on what their advisors are saying about the looming collapse

I've heard both Wolff and Hudson mention before that the financial class pretty much knows what's going on and each person is basically grabbing as much as they can before it hits.

Yeah I've read the same things but I wanna know exactly what they're grabbing. How do they plan on living once their wealth no longer has the leverage it once did

The position of CEO is nominally a working class job, but whether any given CEO is technically a prole depends on a number of factors.

It tends to be the case in smaller businesses and smaller subsidiaries.

Rich CEO don't need to work a job to make a living. They can live off their profits. Hence they're bourgeoisie.

Communism, as analysed by Marx, is the emancipatory vehicle of all peopleā€¦ by the proletariat.

Article of the day.

So many good nuggets of information on these porkies and fucked up their wages are.

Has EPI ever even made policy recommendations? Seems all they do is compile real statistics. Can never resist trying to discredit reality by calling it politically charged.

Not as such, but right off their front page:

If you read them, I'd also strongly recommend checking out their sister-thinktanks:

A shame there aren't any explicitly rad-left thinktanks.

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Fuck, it's been a long time since I've seen this game
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Watch out OP that could be interpreted as a bit islamophobic.

I wonder who is behind this post

Probably a fucking Yazidi Kurd.

They will their heads chopped just like every other porky regardless of race, gender, orientation, culture, etc.

If you exploit others and control the means of production. You getting chopped.

But don't worry, I'll have a working class Islamic minster bless the blade in Muhammad's name just for those Sheiks.

Another article of the day. Student loans are starting to catch up to the one percent. This student isn't from the one percent but most likely would join them in the long run.

Doctors are a mixed bag imo. Some of them are greedy fucks while others truly are our comrades. Nurses imo should have the most say in medical prices and labor because they are on the front line of hospitals and get abused from patients, to doctors, to hospitals administration.

I hope you enjoy the read.

Article of the day:

An older but decent read. The problem isn't just held to one percent. We have a lot of work to do in attaining socialism.