Why do some capitalists push SJW stuff in a market where most of their consumers out right reject it

Leftypol seems to be really struggling to get their heads round this but I think its really simple.

Its such an obvious strategy. Its enabled by the fact that SJWs are so delusional that they dont understand they are being exploited.

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A tiny majority of people actively sperg out over this shit. Normalfags by and large don’t care.

It's easy press and most people don't care.

They dont care for modern remakes of classic movies. That is a something l IP owners are desperate to avoid. You can damage the reputation of the original with a shitty remake.

The idea behind forcing SJW in to the equation is to avoid being labelled as a shitty modernized version that doesnt live up to the originals.
Instead your stunning and brave and the only reason why anyone would possibly complain about your low effort trash is because they are muhsoggyknees.

Most of what is called "SJW" is really just being a decent human being. The USA has an unusual quantity of absolutely garbage people but the rest of the world does not get irrationally upset when women take leading roles in films.

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Either way, fuck off.

This is you and your ilk

When you really think about it, SJWs are pretty racist and sexist themselves for being so focused on race and sex that they cant see past it.

The only people focused on gender and race are Nazis like you.

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I was born in the era when we were taught not to see colour. More of the Martin Luther King type mentality. Which I know is not fashionable any more.

I dont think the girl in OPs weebm is upset at starwars because of gender or race. Do you?

Do people really get this butthurt over video games and shitty movies? First world problems

Gee I wonder why.

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Yeah didnt you see the protests at the Oscars in the last few years?

Its not working great for Star Wars though. That IP is supposed to be a license to print money. Yet their movies are losing momentum fast and the only merchanidse that is selling is characters from the originals.

No, I don’t listen to any of this shit at all. Doesn’t surprise me at all

They were protesting because they wanted 50% of Hollywood actors to be black. Even though that doesnt match US demographics.

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Data please.

Hello, Zig Forums

That's literally all that SJWs care about. So you either don't know what people mean when they say SJW or you are being dishonest pretending to be ignorant.

Basically, yeah. Knowingly flawed product being wrapped with insincere rhetoric.

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It works for standalone movies but not a full series I think, at some point you need good writing to keep people coming back. The initial press buzz will only take you so far.

(I actually thought the Force Awakened sucked but Last Jedi was a much more compelling story, but I seem to be out on an island with that opinion.)

SJWs only exist in Zig Forums's imagination.

I enjoyed Rogue One so I dont really have any credibility either.

People seem to be misinterpreting my argument as me saying SJW movies are automatically bad because muh-norities. Im actually saying that correlation comes from the fact that SJWs are exploted by capitalists to deflect criticism of their low effort shit.

THISSS is a very concise way of putting it. Thanks.

Wherever the fuck you came from, you need to go back there right now. The gaming community never fucking demanded to have gays, blacks or women removed from their games. Stop listening to the fucking media's shitty accusations that they throw around to desperately try to salvage their failing credibility.

So which part of it was compelling to you? Was it the rape of established lore and characterization including the total destruction of Luke Skywalker's character? Was it the idiotic leadership of Admiral Tumblr that got almost the entire Resistance killed? Was it how Rey continues to be the biggest Mary Sue ever put on film? Inquiring minds want to know.

Rogue one wasn't as buttfucking terrible as the sequel trilogy itself, but it was still severely flawed, and even THAT level of relative competence may only have emerged, not only from less attention being focused on it by corporate, but from MASSIVE amounts of edits, rewrites, and reshoots, prior to production. See here:

A better example, perhaps, would be Mad Max: Fury Road. From a distance, it seemed like a typical specimen, with its being a new installment in a long-dead franchise, its lead actor (mired in PC crimethink) swapped out for a newbie, his character sidelined for a pointless looking macho female sidekick, a plot supposedly about sex trafficking, and even the full feminazi meatshield campaign lined up behind it, complete with Eve "child rape is okay if it's lezbo" Ensler onboard as a "subject matter consultant". Except… It was actually a fairly competent action movie, received well by old and new audiences of all political stripes!

It's the initial piece of agitprop from which #NYS sprang.

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Tell that to the people who had their lives ruined by false rape accusations and feminist divorce courts. I've been noticing a lot more SJWs here these days and it needs to be dealt with. They already have literally every other nominally left-wing board on the entire goddamn internet to spew their garbage. They even took over Zig Forums, which was supposed to be a refuge from them where people could speak freely. I'm so fucking tired of their bullshit that I'm seriously ready to just kill every last one of them. That seems like the only way this is ever going to stop.



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Ah, decenthumanbeingfag, long time no see. How's reddit these days?

Outrage is free publicity. Nobody would give a shit about a ghostbusters remake but do a gender flip and now bloggers have something to yell about. Most people don't give a fuck or even notice SJW messaging. Only the SJWs and anti-SJWs are going to see that shit or even care, but they're loud enough to increase discussion and make a bit more money. It's product placement but with ideology rather than soda or whatever.

People stopped giving a shit about star wars because the movies have been trash. TFA was ok but a predictable retread of ANH. TLJ was terrible from a writing perspective, and Solo was phoned in by every single person involved. It has nothing to do with politics in the movies and everything to do with being lazy because they think the IP will print money.

every time, stay classy

I was with you on everything except that last part. In some of the blockbuster movies the SJW victimhood narrative does get repeated in the mainstream press. Even in highly regarded publications you can read headlines suggesting everyone who disliked nu-starwars was sexist against the female lead character. Or racist against the black stormtrooper.

Yes, if there's one thing Zig Forums will defend it's multinational conglomerates :^)
It is was but whatever, not sure how this ties in with your smug narrative, did you think it out?
That hasn't usually stopped them before or since. They don't care if it lives up to the originals, they care about profit margin.
I have an alternate theory that seems a little more believable: Some wanker from Hollyweird went down on, was related to, did coke with and/or owed a favor to some other wanker, one of the wankers had a shitty script, the other one could pull some strings to get the shitty script made into a movie. A shitty movie ensued.
Which palette-shifted movies are Black Caesar and Shaft based on?
Yes, this may have been a calculated move on the studio's part.
Who are you talking about specifically?
Nobody's debating that it sucked my dude
Yes, they did that. To make money.
I was on the road when it opened, but iirc the local news outlet where I was mentioned it doing poorly and didn't try to scapegoat gamers or anything like with gg.

Ghostbusters box office gross does not support your claim.

are you that asswipe who hates anime? or a falseflag like thinks?

I love how any reaction whatsoever is rage or better yet S E E T H I N G or some shit. Nobody is ever moderately annoyed, feels the need to get something off their chest, gives their $.02, is somewhat in the know and feels the need to clear up misinformation, or just has nothing better to do atm than shoot the shit about whatever the subject in question is. Or just doesn't like a crummy movie and is sick of crummy prequels/sequels/reboots/gaiden. Whatever.


I also liked Rogue One. It wasn't great but at least they tried new shit.


That's a bit different. Those articles aren't responding to the content of the films or the alleged content of the criticism, but to the controversy itself if it's big enough (usually because the studio is pushing it). There's definitely an attempt to piss people off deliberately. The first few seconds of footage from the new Star Wars was a black dude for a reason.

Shaft is a reskinned Dirty Harry. I also enjoyed Rogue One but TLJ was abominable and Solo far too dull and generic, trying to sell itself on copious and blatant fanservice to the original trilogy.

I find that a little difficult to believe to be honest. Quit being hyperbolic.

>some actress' vapid opinions are important to the quality of a Star Wars film though I'll admit Tara Strong's autistic screeching on twatter put a damper on MLP
Yes clearly this person is discussing Star Wars as a longtime, concerned fan and not as a clickel-hungry political dingleberry. Fuck this lol, call me when you have something that can get through 6 minutes without all this dogwhistling 'if you hate X you love Zig Forums' cancerAIDS.

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Zig Forums and reddit sorts won't admit it, but idpol is a great way for exploitative capitalist organizations and incredibly wealthy individuals to present themselves as caring and sympathetic without threatening the economic system that has granted them positions of comparative luxury. You might be poisoning the water supplies of poorer nations, assassinating union organizers or stepping over starving beggars but that's okay because you support gay marriage and a black woman in every boardroom.

right, they're the exact same thing because you disagree with them
Yes we do. We kinda never stop bitching about it.
We're not SJWs, newfag, read the FAQ.

Damn i never thought about this. You are most surely right. The other only opcion would be that they think most people are sjw-ish now but i dont know about that. Also i doubt is targeting mostly women, i think is the "ideology" itself


Because it works. There is no "evil plan" involved. Most of their consumers actually do not care and they also get to expand the market. Autistic Zig Forumsacks who throw fits about inclusivity are a tiny minority and most of them will still buy the games/see the movies or whatever if only to experience recreationary anger.

Ghostbusters was a flop because it is a shit movie that nobody asked for. Most franchises that have been "ruined by SJWs" like Star Wars are doing good. Zig Forums's narrative that only white nationalists have hobbies has no basis in reality.

it's a safe way to look woke. supporting antifa is another one of those ways that presents zero threat to capital.

its a spook and fake

that's why I don't post there anymore, they purged Nazbols and Sorelians. fuck em.

yeah so decent that they have to ruin someone's life over a difference of opinion. classy af.

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That's a good thing that Zig Forums did

No way this shit could possibly be fucking real. Nobody would actually do that, would they? If this is even close to being halfway true, you need to go to /sw/ and post it in the YouTube thread because Kyle Katarn is a meme there. I fucking despise SJWs more than almost anybody else, but that isn't a license for Zig Forumscunts to do the same shit. I know they just love to say anybody who says they're against both Zig Forums and SJWs is a disguised SJW, but showing them a few instances of Zig Forums trying to astroturf up support without actually being a part of the fandom in question would do a lot to dispel that. Kyle Katarn is the most likely to garner that sort of reaction because Rogue One was essentially Disney erasing his biggest contribution to the Rebellion's victory by crediting his theft of the Death Star plans to some fucking rando diversity hires that nobody ever heard of before, even going as far as to rip off Jan Ors' name in the most blatant fashion possible, which could also offend Asians because they replaced Jan with a white girl. If some Zig Forums dipshit doesn't even know that much about why a lot of people hate Rogue One, there's no way they could be doing this for anything other than politics.

The main point I linked the video for was his analysis of the film's massive changes during production, the fact those involved in producing it were a gaggle of cacophonous disorganized blowhards, and how this resulted in the neither-good-nor-bad mediocrity of the final product.
Yeah, his Zig Forumsyp obsessions are tiresome
He says right upfront he's not a fan and is in fact doin it for da clix inb4 "ironic shitposting is still shitposting", but his analysis of the film and its history is solid.

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Wishful thinking.
Your average normalfag might not care enough to take to the internet and espouse their beliefs, but most of them if prompted will tell you to fuck off with your pants-on-head retarded beliefs and opinions.

Imagine being an adult and still playing video games

Concurred, comrade-bot.

Time to start being useful, video games and cartoons belong to children

Nigga stop posting

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I'm just going to assume English isn't your first language and you've misunderstood that the 'you' refers not to posters on this board but the recipients of luxury mentioned earlier in the post.

That's what looking "woke" is.

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The question still remains is SJWism a symptom of the decline of the top western media corporations or a cause of it?

Symptom. They are doing it to increase profits (and it works to an extent, but not enough to cover for other failings). It's not a shadowy conspiracy they are implementing to their own detriment.

I can't confirm or deny this atp but I doubt you can either. What I get about it is a lot of mixed signals. Box office gross has been middling when last I checked, and less than the original trilogy (or iirc the prequels) made, possibly even adjusting for inflation. China doesn't seem to like it based on that. Fansites include the new shit, but they're autistic completionists and they include crap from the narmy comics from the 70s and the Droids and Ewoks TV shows from the 80s and some of them even have crap from the Life Day Special. Corpo sites say they're doing well and people love them and that everybody who disagrees is le ebil misogynerd troll shitlord. Youtube suggestions are all thinly-disguised, cancerous unfunny take-that! Zig Forumsshit that the other corpo media tries to make everybody out to be who dislikes the Star Wars movies for unrelated resons. Rotten Tomatoes rated the latest one before Solo that was so amazing that I don't remeber the name and can't be arsed to look it up, a few points below the Ewoks kino, depending on your narrative perspective, after a dedicated harassment and trolling campaign by misogynerd terrist pissbabies coordinated by the leader of the GooberGape dankweb pedo sex ring site known only as Hate-Chan, or a consumer rejection of a shit movie. I saw them all with my father because it's one of the few things we can do together and one of us may well drop dead soon, we both pretended to like them just well enough not to be a burden on the other. My friend thinks I'm a huge faggot for caring about 30 years of lore being fucked up the asshole because writers who are to their trade what La CalArtura is to animation, don't want to have to eff around with consistency because that would require efforts. Aside from Rogue One (which my reaction to was biased by the brief semi-ceasefire breaking out on this site after the election when we all stopped to mine Dem salt together). There's merch in the stores, including stupid 'why is this a thing' shit like sunglasses and ziploc bags (although the latter is admittedly a canny move on Porky's part since dealers will probably use them as themed baggies like they do with the smiley face dimebags), idk if they sell at all. They're not in bargain bins but I don't see people buying them. The pansexual Lando thing didn't offend the normies I know for being pansexual, but vaguely annoyed them for how shoehorned-in it was. It's like the Eternal War in 1984, but with the fucking Star Wars franchise.

you're right, we should all join the vanguard that you get to be Chief Central Planner of because you started lol XD fuck off

Where can I learn more about this?

You noticed that too, eh?

your inb4 doesn't make it less-so tho

Posts like this are tiresome.

Body Odour, Varg, or That Guy?

I think it's you who misunderstand, actually. It's partially my fault, I parsed it funky and you're looking for a typo or somesuch to blow your smug load on.

No, you're just evading the point as usual. I'm not interested in discussion, though.

None of them, actually useful person when the revolution comes. Video games and anime are for sissified manchildren in skirts

I actually find the Star Wars movies one of the worst symptoms of capitalist entertainment in the modern era, not because the movies suck (which they do) but because they're not profitable enough. Any studio would have been fine with a nearly $400m box office total, but not Disney. Unless a movie breaks a billion dollars it's apparently a corporate flop and word around twitter is that a lot of heads start to roll if the SW or the Marvel movies don't make enough. Any studio would be pleased that half of all movies in theaters are owned and produced by themselves, but not Disney, they have to buy up and copyright strangle as many cultural icons as they possibly can.

I'm also surprised that SW fatigue has set in so quickly, as the marvel movies are doing better and better as the years roll by. I really think a lot of these films will be seen as like the Lucas prequels are now days in the next decade or too. I've tried watching a few of them back to back and they're literally the same fucking movie copied and pasted: Buff, snarky, fish-out-of-water super hero with a side chick tries to find some sort of glowing mcguffen object for an hour and a half while beating up on the occasional faceless bad guy guard, then faces off in a 90% CGI battle the last 20 minutes. And these movies are now all crossovers, when main character isn't on the screen I literally forget which movie I'm watching.

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Thats because they view any IP as a business asset.
If you invest in something with a billion dollar value, that something is expected to bring in a significant return on your investment.

They could have spent that money on bonds or property or mining and got a healthy profit for their shareholders.
To them making a few hundred million is just standing still. Breaking even is going backwards.

hahaha okay

Yep you sure are going to win a lot of people over telling them you've never seen such filth back on the farm and to stop doing what they like, good luck with that vanguard of yours lol

We have nothing to hold the Marvel films up to. 80s Superman and 2001 Spiderman were good, but don't seem to be as big in the public eye as the original SW trilogy.
"I don't like sand" is fucking Shakespeare in both writing and delivery next to "I bypassed the compresser," so I think that may be an understatement. That's another reason the Marvel movies are doing better, the dialogue ranges from mostly-pasable to occasionally funny and memetic (Cap's 'I understood that reference,' etc.), rather than mediocre to grating and forced ('muh capes!').
Sounds about right lol. Also don't forget how everything has to be at least one of an origin story or a sequel hook. And the product placement.
I've experienced similar symptoms. That or I just sorta tune out.

Let me remind you as to what I was pointing you'd, being charitable, misread
There's no argument to be made. You're deliberately trying to draw attention away from this and talk about something else. Again, I'm not interested in a discussion. Reply if you like, I have no interest in talking to scum.

Enjoy your time in working camp tranny

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The Marvel movies are essentially a modern continuity-based TV show, but shot on the budget of a feature film.

They're baby normalfag's first taste of what we get out of anime, for people too shallow to let go of greenscreened actors in their high-concept genre fiction.

Marvel has lasted so long because there is just so much material to draw from with the comics, both in terms of storylines and characters. They've also gotten bolder with risk taking by doing less conventional stuff, e.g. Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor Ragnarok, and the whole concept of the cinematic universe. Star Wars OTOH is really quite limited. It's a family drama disguised as a space opera. There are a few iconic Star Wars things that fans will love, but once you've exhausted those (which has now happened as of Solo) there is not much there. The advantage Marvel has is decades of content that's already passed through a filter of fan judgment and transformed into "cool thing I recognize". Going into Star Wars Disney had 3 well-received films worth of content to adapt in comparison.

Marvel also learned quickly to keep a consistent tone and feel for their movies, but the Star Wars project is just kind of assuming that the IP itself will carry it. I credit this to the MCU starting before Disney bought Marvel. When Disney acquired the MCU as part of Marvel they were buying an ongoing and successful project. When they acquired Star Wars as part of Lucasfilm, they were buying a dormant franchise that had been panned the last time it was active (outside cartoons and shit). The MCU has had continuity since the acquisition and is basically autonomous because that works and Disney wants it to keep working. The Star Wars project had to get built from the ground up by Disney, who didn't really understand what the IP was other than its apparent value.

You do realise that, other than Weed Gang, nobody actually cares?

literally what is wrong with this
a good number of legitimate assault cases are being brought to light
also media capitalists are being held to account

Theres some legit cases but obviously a lot of the women were quite happy to advance their careers by fugging some dirty old man. Its not exactly a new phenomenon.

Its the women who refused the advances of people like Winestain whose careers were snuffed out that I feel bad for.

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Enjoy your blood feuds

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Disney could have adapted some of the most-loved pieces of the EU to movie, which has existed for a long time and been very well established. It's not like there wasn't content available, it's that they didn't give a shit.

I think 99% of the EU is fucking retarded, and the strongest stories of "the EU" came not of building directly atop the shaky foundations of other hacks (techniques that largely worked for other properties, like capeshit comics as other poster noted, or long-running RPGs like D&D/WoD/Shadowrun/WH/etc for another example), but from mere indirect reworking the themes of the core movies to produce something mostly new.

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I checked their thread and I don't know wtf you are talking about. Everybody agrees that it is not unprofitable, and that it is used to tap into new consumer markets, and only one Zig Forumsyp and another guy argue that it is not but fail to provide evidence.

Anyway, I agree with them. It is profitable and noone except some people on the internet care. Liberals still harp on about the representation of black and LGBTQ folks on the media but completely ignore the insidious underlying classist message of almost all modern blockbusters (which is, of course, why they are libshits). I do agree to a certain extent that diversity quotas can hurt the quality of the movie but not how Zig Forums thinks it does. It's less that the main character has a different pigmentation or that he likes to stick his dick into another guy, it's more that this overwhelming focus on identity leads to the writers writing arcs largely focused arround identity, which turns shows and films into petty, narcisstic ego-dramas. Best example is Star Trek Discovery. Instead of posing ethical questions, politics and space riddles, we are forced to watch Michael Burnham struggling with her identity while everybody arround her as to pay tribute to her mannerisms.

Take a look at video game sales, expectations and acquisitions. Especially Capcom for the latter two. It's a symptom of global capitalism, at least in the entertainment industry at large.

Seen this spicy meatball yet?

I gotta be honest, I actually didn't mind the trailer (besides the obvious cheap memberberries with bringing in Pike) because it first implied something new but then it turns to be all about Spock, which implies MORE personal drama, MORE rehashing of 50 year old characters, etc.

It is a miracle how shows like DS9 could still introduce innovative villians like the Dominion and examine the Cardassians. It's like they were actually concerned about writing a story instead of profiting off memberberries, "epic" one-liners and personal drama.

I'll disagree on that but that's some matter of taste there.
The important point though is that there wasn't a complete lack of material to work with.

My point was that SW as an IP isn't well suited to mining for deepest lore, but instead works best as a source of narrative themes and visual motifs to reapply. For me, the worst Star Wars material is that which attempts to add to continuity or simply retell something, while the best is that which sculpts something new out of the franchise's native stone, so to speak.

fool me once, von Ribbentrop

This. We could have gotten Thrawn or Katarn, we got 'I bypassed the compressor.'

Eh, I'd rather deal with the ham n cheese and rez'd Palpatine in Dark Empire than the diarrhea in Solo. They could have done the Corporate Sector trilogy for Solo too, it would've been good.

How do you get so emotionally invested in a movie franchise that you start acting like the girl in the video? It's not like the prequel moves were't total shit, hated by fans and basically a running gag ever since either, I really don't get what she had even hoped for…

Either way, I honestly think you'd be hard pressed to argue that almost any of it would be worse off than the mary sue and throwaway character shitbag we've been handed.


Got a problem with gramsci bruh? We can sort this out outside if you want

Not so fast. Kylo Ren's story is quite obviously cribbed from the EU works. What you're really moaning about is the fact that Disney is rehashing episodes IV-VI (as
skirts in that post). I remember the original trilogy as something I treasured during my childhood and any complaining about the mouse updating that for a new generation of kids is being deeply selfish.

The problem is, again as some of you are skirting without actually overtly discussing, is that there's a wealth of more mature material the mouse is ignoring. Disney want to package everything up in kid safe wrapping, ignoring that a huge segment of the fan base. Much of what made Rogue One work was the sight of the Empire in the ascendant. The brief scene where Vader was allowed to cut his way through waves of rebel troops made that movie for me and points what the mouse could do right with the spin off movies. Imagine Boba Fett as an adults only gorefest.


Imagine being such ”””””””””leftists”””””””””that you cry over a few repulsive porkies losing their porky jobs for sleazily exploiting their underlings.

Kylo's story is not that his story is bad, by all means it has a lot of potential. The problem is they can't execute any of this for shit. The whole thing has been made kid-safe and handled carelessly, resulting in what is effectively a multimillion dollar budget saturday morning cartoon.

Being a “decent human being” is incredibly spooked though. Placing the self-intrest of others above your own is pretty spooky, and even kinda reactionary in the sense that a lot of humanist ideology comes from Christianity which is very reactionary (and spooked).

Attached: Stirner.jpg (501x525, 46.92K)

And the rhetoric of moral "decency" in itself has a long history of being deployed by "think of the children" type religious reactionaries. SJWs (just like with the phrase "social justice" are showing their theocratic roots every time they use it.

I actively choose to try to be good to other people. I've recognized that I've given money away to people who are frankly just never going to pay me back, and I'm okay with being in lopsided relationships.
These things give me joy in my life. I just recognize that the reason I'm doing it is because I wish to.

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Do you mind being used as a living fleshlight?