This comrade is right. We need a new definitive leftist web site...

This comrade is right. We need a new definitive leftist web site. This is pretty much a refugee camp for anons disgusted with Zig Forums. And more importantly, if we want to build class conciousness we need to get people out of that tanky shithole and be a more open, debative, heterogenic community.Comrades, when i see a rational debate going on here or in Zig Forums i get fucking surprised, and thats a problem we all need to solve personally when typing either here, or on a new website.

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If something keeps happening again and again and again, then the issue is systemic. A new website will just run into the same problems.

It's time for some personal and ideological introspection, instead of the constant schooling of others (others who do manage to run actual political organizations successfully that is).

No offense, but seriously fuck off already. I happen to like anonymous image boards, I've been shitposting on them longer than some of the newfags on 8ch have been alive at this point, and I'm not about to abandon this place to the right-wing menace to another website even more insular and sheltered.

Do you have any idea how long people had been waiting for a viable alternative to 4chan when gamergate happened? Do you have any idea how many alternative image boards with communities you can count on your hand?

Just keep telling Zig Forums fags to fuck off

this tbh

Damn looks like i just got owned. At least i can argue with neoliberalism is managed succsessfully and countless other systems, that doesnt make them any better than less tried alternative systems. Marxism leninism has been proven time and time again to be shit and like tankies often do you just blind fold to those proofs for the sake of your own conservative authoritharian beliefs


Has it really been that long? Tfw people who were born after the creation of 4chan are at drinking legal age.

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There's little point in being better if that betterment remains confined to telling people how much better you are.

That's not something to be proud of tbh

I would love a new board, but the previous attempts were half-assed, by community members most people hated, or at a time when Zig Forums was still fun to browse.

the problem is that imageboards are shit but signing up is also a shit waste of time and usually involves forums that aren't ephemeral so it's less easy to have fun shitposting about how jeremy corbyn is going to create a stasi to hunt blairites because you know that post will still be there in a decade.

the other problem is that a new site has the same problem as a new hardware standard. you think you'll consolidate 42 different use-cases into 1 bigger, better, easier and simpler place and what you end up with is 43 different standards.

this is like hitler saying he's not going to abandon Berlin to the communist menace circa 1945. Like mate you don't exactly have a choice it's already basically conquered.

Light moderation and anonymity means this doesn't really matter. If Zig Forums were anything like Reddit or Tumblr, this board would've been banned into oblivion and all its shitposters placed on some Twitter-Gestazi-curated unperson list.

This places owes its existence to being a haven for people too racist for 4chan. Guess there's something to the horse shoe theory after all.


Leftypol's BO is busy writing it.

Let's think ahead a little with a hypothetical scenario.

This. If I have to sign up for shit, enable cookies or java or any bullshit like that, I'm out. I'm not here to be polite and as you said I'm sure af not here to give the fuckers in charge any character assassination materiel. Anonymity is essential to honest discourse.
No, it's that either Zig Forums raidposts aren't being reported or vols aren't doing their jobs.

This also.

No, there was an exudus before Zig Forums and a brief time when the racist shit on this site was the good-natured irreverant ribbing for which cuckchan was known in its heyday. Then Zig Forums, milopedo and some of the other youtube buttpuppets (Mundane Twat, GWARcum of Mossad) lampreyed onto GG and everything turned to shit.

Good thing we have our own Zig Forums with blackjack and hookers, then.

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anyone got any moneyz to get this thing up and running? i know people have donated to richard wolff before well why not a website

why not read the post right above yours?

This place really owes its existence to GaymerGate, which is why every third thread some idiot brings it up and starts ranting about how ‘feminism’ and ‘SJWs’ somehow control society. You will find people here who claim to be committed leftists, but will defend the spooked righty idpol dumpster fire that was GG like an ML defending the Norks.

Fortunately I never got into GG but to be honest I could never understand what the fuck it was supposed to be about. Whenever I talked to a GGer on the internet I just got treated to a firehose of shit about some girl fucking some guy who wrote about video games or something.

Maybe I'm just getting older but I could not be arsed to give a damn at all about this issue. But I can see it as being a precursor to the sort of firehose mindfuck of reactionary propaganda that'd vomit itself out all over the internet and body politic a short time later.

who cares

The point of GG was specifically to get the "left" out of spooked idpol dumpster fires. The fact that didn't entirely work is why "leftists" still don't have their sights on actual politics.

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Yeah somehow I don't think that adds up.

GG was about a clique of goons exerting control over the video game industry. Those were just a couple of things that happened tangentially related to it. Good job just believing what the western capitalist video game marketing media had to say about what was happening.

Which is clearly why if I go on GG forums nowadays they're discussing that and not endlessly shrieking about the stuff I was talking about. Oh wait.
The Zoe Quinn thing was literally the genesis of GG. And and you're right, I forgot about the part where you clueless idiots decided the evil sjw media was colluding to get you and 'push a narrative' because someone wrote a provocative article and other writers covering the same subject decided to, shockingly, write up their own take on it.

That's because Zig Forumsyps eventually took over. There was a whole internal conflict over how to deal with them, whether or not to allow them in the threads at all. Because they have turbo autism and paranoid delusions they were much more dedicated than anyone else and dominated the conversation pretty fast.
No it wasn't. People were paying attention to that, but GG started when this happened:
Except you missed the part where all the articles were published together.

You also ignored my point that these people are largely goons, i.e. from the SomethingAwful community and have each others' backs. They're also working as mostly independent marketers for the industry and realized that they have a lot of power when it comes to shaping consumer behavior, which they can use to affect who makes money. There's a very clear class conflict here and you're on the wrong side of it if you call yourself a communist.

If you want to go that far back, I'd cite the ME3 debacle as the flashpoint for GG, porky using SJW cocksuckers as ablative shielding for a "piss in my face and tell me it's raining" PR campaign.

Oh, hardly just that, articles with the exact same wording, with documented proof of coordination from a secret mailing list in violation of industry regs, all to white knight some secondhand vagina goon clique-ette from a forgettable clickbait-of-the-week story the likes of which (Brad Wardell) had vanished from the public's attention span that same month.

The sheer level of hubris and poor perspective goons have about the stupidest shit, falling on their sword over something so pointless, and refusing to concede an inch over it, is truly flabbergasting.

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fuck right off back to reddit

This narrative is also full of shit.

>GG has Zig Forums cancer therefore it was always at war with Eurasia Zig Forumsshit
Yeah nice revisionist history. Burgers n Fries traded sex for reviews, and everybody including, surprisingly, Mootles hotpocketed people talking about it, then a bunch of media asspuppets volley-fired articles calling gamers all the insults you've just repeated verbatim. That's what started it. Stop fucking lying about shit like this, on this site of all places.

Yup, that was a lot of what started the shitshow.

Would anyone here use a private forum if it was invite only? That way you would have to know someone who is a lefty to get in? Somewhat like a private tracker.

Speaking for myself and only for myself, nope. If I gotta sign up, sign in, enable cookies or enable javashit, I'm out. Destroying anonymity in the name of security is unnecessary. Short of a full-on shitflood raid (in which case the board can be locked), all it takes is users reporting Master Trole 2018 from r/the_cuckold to the mods, and the mods banning him and anchoring or deleting his threads. And the only way we'll grow as a community is if we're willing to engage with people and their arguments, which a chaperone/reccommendation system would prevent.

If you're talking about in addition to this site I'm leery of that too. Both online and in meatspace the formation of seperate, exclusive cliques within a movement or group has been the deathknell of that movements or groups. Zig Forums's mods jerking each other off into a frenzy on Discord in April would be a good example of this.

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I'm not convinced what I observed would be possible without greater collusion than even the most intensely autismic SA circlejerking could account for, but I'd be willing to believe they were part of it. Agree 100% on the Doom That Came to Zig Forums being something we should take deliberate steps to avoid.

Fuck off idiot, GG was in fact majority left-liberal when it was active.

stopped reading after 'SJW-dominated media'
Yes and that buttfuck nothing to do with this.
forget where you are m8?
Irrelevant and no proofs.
Benis lol
8=================D~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
take your fucking meds
they did that? that's terrifying, it'd take the force of a strong gust of wind to do that!

Hey that's me. If anyone is curious what the the post image is; It's a mod showing how someone is also trying to subvert the board by spamming threads with video games that seem to be pushing a liberal/SJW "agenda". The mods don't seem to care anymore now though because they know they can't contain the autism.

On the topic of this thread though, there's some good points that have been made. I don't think we need to migrate for now. But if we do, it's not only going to have to be better than what we have now, but it'll have to be much better otherwise the community will be split yet again. For now it's small boards like /his/ and /lit/. But it would also be cool if we could convince Hiro to make a sister board for Zig Forums in the same way there's /v/ and /vg/.

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You do realize GJP was being used to coordinate industry blacklists, right? Like it's in the leaks if you bothered to read them, got a lot of attention from GG and was why I signed on. People like Alastair Pinsof and Kevin Dent stopped finding work in the industry because they stepped on the wrong toes, Wolf Wozniak actually apologized for publicizing that Zoe Quinn sexually harassed him.

(Also it was coverage, doesn't have to be a review to be a CoI!)

why do people still care about this shit

It's almost 2019 and y'all motherfuckers are STILL arguing over GG. Let's get some things straight once and for all:
1. If you get your information from the Wikipedo article and not, you are a fucking sap (KnowYourMeme unironically has a more accurate article). Anita is not some innocent victim who just wanted to analyze sexist video games, pull your head out of your ass.
2. GG was destined for failure the moment it went from uncovering corruption to targeting advertisers, muh consumer revolt, and making Twitter and Reddit accounts and YouTube vids to pwn the sjews.
3. The reason why GG happened the way it did is because corrupt pieces of shit wanted to make a quick buck, end of story. Most of the notable figures involved in GG didn't give a fuck about or even hated video games in the first place, the best examples of this are grade-A opportunists like Milo and Anita. The SJW/anti-SJW bullshit was a facade and plenty of gullible idiots fell for it. Fuck them all.
At this point, your only options are to get over GG and shut the fuck up about it or attempt to succeed where it failed and focus on searching for more evidence of how sleazy and corrupt the entire industry is. I don't care which one you pick, just fucking pick one and stop your autistic screeching about it in unrelated threads.

Now, this whole "we need a new website!" shit, it's getting old pretty fast. Like others have said, even if we make a new imageboard just for us it will be suspect to the same problems that come with any site where there is a clique of faceless moderators who enforce vague rules. Any new website will have to be one where either users have some degree of control over moderation, or moderation simply does not exist the way it does now. This discussion is important and any calls to make a new site or move somewhere else should deal with this first.

He who controls the past controls the future, he who controls the present controls the past.

Now that I think about it, this isn't a really good argument. Seeing leftpol is doing just fine. If it were the case, then why did we even bother creating leftpol if the same thing was going to happen?

Rules are ill-defined, troll threads don't get anchored, harmless posts get bluefired. There's crap we could get working a lot better with a onetime investment of effort and time. And we haven't surpassed Zig Forums's IP count or even come close to it yet and we won't as long as scabs keep posting there.

We've already done that on /netcom/. It's too bad the mods here at leftpol decided to shit on the project instead of promoting it.

The project is democratic centralist and thus overtly sectarian. It's non-answer to our problem.

I was talking more so about what happened to leftypol isn't happening here. Moderation is usually shit no matter where you go, but it manages to be fairly decent here.


Hence why we need to provide a much better alternative.

So gangweed is one of us?

Is leftpol really doing just fine at the moment? The whole reason why we moved to leftpol in the first place was shit moderation, and there is no guarantee that leftpol will not succumb to the same problems as time goes on. The only way to solve the issue of poor moderation with any certainty is to formulate an alternative.
The simplest solution I can think of is allowing users to elect new moderators and recall bad moderators. This would require pseudonymous accounts to vote and be elected, but I don't see why an imageboard can't have anonymous users (with or without accounts) and pseudonymous users with accounts as well. Maybe in order to avoid popularity contests when electing moderators, pseudonymous accounts can only apply to be a moderator, pass a certain threshold of user votes, and a enter a pool where a user is randomly selected to fill the position after a certain period of time.
This is all just off the top of my head though, for all I know a better solution would be to do away with moderators entirely and let users directly enforce rules, though that poses a whole new set of problems as well. Perhaps moderators still exist but can only accept or reject what users vote to ban, anchor, delete, etc. There are also numerous other issues worth considering: moderation transparency, how users should be banned, how and what rules should be enforced, who owns the site and domain name, where the server is physically located, how the site will be funded, the list goes on. This is no easy task.

tbh tho the mods here are based

the only problem with this board is that it's slow

like really fucking slow

like really, really fucking slow

The mods here are better, yes, I absolutely agree. I have my problems with them but they have proven to be generally good at what they do. However, the point I am making is that Zig Forums uses the same system which allows Zig Forums BO and moderation to to exist. How can you be certain that the mods here will stay this way forever? If we're being honest, you can't, you can only have blind faith that the owner of this board doesn't change their behavior in a negative way for as long as the board continues to exist and be used.
Also, I might as well mention that I personally have not had any issue with the speed of the board. Different strokes for the different folks I guess.

Forgot to change flag, my bad.

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Because this board was literally founded by people who hated Zig Forums BO and that's never going to change.

I agree.
How are you certain of this?
Also, how does knowing any of this show that this board is more or less immune to poor moderation?

You can't call it sectarian when there aren't even membership requirements. Anyone can join and vote. There were never requirements that members be Leninist or Anarchist or any other -ist.

why doesn't someone just make a leftychan?

need money to host and shit

yeah but i'm sure there's some bougie leftist guy who would be willing to make it

bruh none of us are rich why do you think we're lefty

What material guarantee do we have that things will stay that way?

I think we need to have a model figured out before even beginning to set up a site. The whole post-moderation thing needs to start from a clearly and technically described system.

The big problem IMO is site administration, which materially has the power to change the way the site works and just ditch the system for typical moderation. Site architecture comes before the software. Some kind of distributed system is almost certainly necessary, but that requires more development. However, since that's a bigger challenge than just designing the function of a typical site, this could be put off while moving to a better site administrated by someone who's not a shitter.

The question of moderation is how much moderation and how to do it. It's possible to have a site with no moderation whatsoever, but it needs some way to deal with spam and the like. Simple user moderation like reddit's voting system can help ID spam but it's also prone to abuse and can destroy more controversial ideas leading to a circlejerk. So even a little moderation causes problems, but without some measures to avert spam it's basically unusable. How do you avoid these problems or just find a balance here?

Disappointing, but leftypol is actually looking better than leftpol these days. Moderation still shitty, but discussion is far better. How many posts is bitching about other board's mods?


Half of the threads on the first page here are Zig Forumsyps spamming
At least those get anchored if not deleted on leftypol
I mean what's the point of having a thread that says "Marx want's you to suck Jew cock" on the first page?

It's better than getting a month ban for disagreeing with the constant autistic screeching about how every man, woman and child in burgerland is an ebil oppressor and how only St. Pootin will save us.

was secretly frequenting the board by night! The posters were so disturbed
that they could hardly sleep in their stalls. Every night, it was said, he
came creeping in under cover of darkness and performed all kinds of
mischief. Whenever anything went wrong it became usual to attribute it to Zig Forums.

Was always there.
lol go fuck yourself you fucking cuck, Milo did absolutely nothing wrong. If anything he isn't extreme enough.
They were there from the start. The movement wasn't hindered by them in the least.

I understood that reference, but it might help if you told us whose argument you were strawmanning it with. Also why'd you break up part of a novel into prose-like lines?

>Zig Forums invented the aeroplane goobergape
Proofs or fuck off
Fuck off pedo.
>youtube buttpuppets were always at war with Eastasia there
No they weren't. There were a few months before they lampreyed onto the movement, and a few weeks after that where they weren't fully trusted and some of them were purged (remember MundaneTwatt or whoever it was wanting to sell GG tshirts?).
The fact that you think that's an argument makes you a massive retard.
Well when you can prove such magic exists, I'll gaf. Also if you think that'd be such a good timeline you should post a map or blurb of what you think things'd be like 10, 60 or 100 years after that happened. People have done similar crap, search 'ISOT' on deviantart or and you'll see what I mean.
t. althistfag

"waaaaaah stop questioning my zero-evidence moral panic waaaaaaah" The day of the helicopter is coming for you soon. Like Trotsky said, if you can't convince a busybody to see the facts, acquaint their head with the pavement at terminal velocity.

Remember how InternetAristocrat's video was the first exposure most people had to GG?

You'd be gone, either directly by falling into the void if you're American, or indirectly by uncucked men in your own country shooting you once americuck military forces aren't around to back up your shit. Any timeline without you would be great.


like pottery
kys and reincarnate in a new one I guess then

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I'll say whatever the fuck I want. GTFO back to reddit you feminist faggot.

Fuck outta here. Teens aren't children. You are, though. Also, the pic you posted is hella fucking retarded. Everything written in the lower right corner is irrefutably correct. Putting arguments you can't refute in a meme picture doesn't make them wrong.

Ah, so you weren't actually around when GG started and are just making shit up. As if anyone had ever expected anything else.


Here we go.
No offense intended but Zig Forums is what it is, you and anybody fool enough to ram against a nazi wall deserve counseling.

we know
piss off

>don't continue to piss off and make fools of the wannabe-nazis on their own site, go to some other site so we can DDOS it or shut it down

Imagine having the self-awareness to type this, yet still doing it.

I don't give a single fuck if you want me here or not. Partly I do this to piss cucks like you off since you're feminist cancer that refuses to be reasoned with and deserves to be lined up and shot, and I intend to make things as difficult and frustrating for you as possible.

Imagine not having the reading comprehension necessary to realize that I'm not the person who typed that post.

If you didn't type then why, exactly, did you reply?

benis lol XD

neck yourself pedo


change that to idpol and it be more accurate