am I porky if I run a small shop with minimal staff?

am I porky if I run a small shop with minimal staff?
it's always been a dream of mine to be able to run a small shop, maybe a bakery or a cafe, with a couple other people.

it's not like I'm starting a chain or expanding (inb4 "that's just bad business") and I accept one day I might just be forcibly swallowed up by the bigger fish.

is it really petty bourgeois if it's essentially co-ownership with a close friend(s)?

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Look up anarcho communist bakery.
Then smack yourself for asking this question when there was never anything stopping you from not following capitalism when opening a business. If you feel guilty about it you don't have to do it.




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Its got to be one of those anarchist shops where there are no work schedules, everyone turns up when they like and does whatever what they want.
If its a succsessful business then your porky but if its a financial basket case your fine.

no. make a coop. everyone should be paid their labor fairly, ownership of the establishment belongs to all employees democratically.

Bonus points if you have a rich family memeber who can support your loss making business for months if not years before it closes.

This is a really good way to let other people make shitty decisions for your company. You cant trust others to follow through, keep them involved in decision making but remember… The company in a capitalistic society puts the food on the table.

If its co-ownership its not bourgeois
If you employ a handfull of people its petit bourg

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I must have been going to the wrong table for a few years or something lol XD

Fuck off.

Yes. It is pretty much the definition of it.

If appropriate the surplus value of your workers and redistribute it without their say, then yes, you are a porky. And no, just because it's small doesn't make it any better than large corporations. Small businesses actually tend to have worse worker protections and benefits than large ones.

OP here

guess I'm evil porky exploiting my friends who I treat equal to myself.

I'm sorry I enjoy making bread for people and having a sense of community.

there's no ethical consumption under capitalism anyway right? I think the least I could do is make it minutely more ethical to some extent, no matter how marginal, rather than just continue being a wagey.

Well the thing is, how much are you earning and how much are they earning?
How long do you work, and how much do they work?

I'm not really sure I understand you here, but can you explain to us how you make it more ethical?

to answer both your questions, I'm not trying to just "start a business", I'm trying to run a shop with some people close to me.

I don't give a shit about profit, I don't wanna be anyone's boss, I want to work with people I love and do something I enjoy, and attempt to make some other people's lives better in the process.

I could even use it as an opportunity to hold events with people, there's an appalling amount of homeless here and I could do what those French AnCom bakers do (as mentioned by someone else in this thread) and give cheap bread to those who cant afford it, and hand out leftovers at the end of the day.

Then there is nothing wrong in what you do honestly, keep at it user

That would make you petit bourg which is even worse than being regular bourg.

There's no such thing.

>is it really petty bourgeois if it's essentially co-ownership with a close friend(s)?
No, as long as all workers are also equal co-owners, there's zero porkiness involved.

Reminder there are numerous, highly successful, decades-old coops, from titans like the multi-trillion-dollar CUNA credit union system, to multi-billion dollar Mondragon conglomerate, and small businesses like, indeed, bakeries.

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Keep triggering statists & antidialectical revolutionists, bro. Your dream is not just 'ok', it's the way forward.

If you're really interested in your friends being treated equally, why haven't you transformed your business into a worker cooperative?

I'm sorry OP, but you are now a nonperson for admitting to being petit-bourgeois and counter-revolutionary.

Please post your name and address so me and the other commisars can come over and drag you off to gulag.

So it's a coop then? Because otherwise it's not really co-ownership

I fail to see how. Explain?

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Probably referring to the statistical fact that employees of petite-bourgs tend to be even more oppressed than employees of transnat enterprise-scale bourgeoisie, as noted.

Protip: Bourgeoisie is a noun, and bourgeois an adjective

Some might consider co-operatives in capitalism petit bourgeois property (I'm pretty sure that's technically correct). If you hire workers that aren't co-owners it definitely makes you petit bourgeois. But really, who cares about classifying things in a Marxist framework when it comes to your personal life decisions? If it's always been a dream of yours to run a small shop, then do it.

Can co-ops even be sustainable when they operate within the capitalist economy? If you aren't going for exponential growth and acquisition of capital won't that business go under?

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If you manage to make your cafe/restaurant popular why wouldn't it be sustainable? It would get you customers and that's what counts, not whether it is run cooperatively.

This is pretty based. Maybe do something like this, OP?

Sauce? Further reading? I'm not saying they don't have it bad, but at least Lesser Porkies lack the ability to dick them out of pay by putting all their pay on McCards that charge a McFee for every McWithdrawl.


anything that makes me jealous

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dousing oranges with kerosene is a funny way of putting them on tables

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You're petty bourgeois not a porky.

You are not necessarily exploiting enough people or resources to constitute as a major proponent. But your actions do impact the environment, third world people grind up that flour and wheat for you to buy from a bigger porker just so you can feel good about yourself and pat yourself on the back saying "I got ahead by my own hard work!" Which im sure you did…by first world standards. Good for fucking you. How does that justify raping the earth and Ugandan Knuckles? Technically everyone in jail right now worked really really hard shooting people, smuggling drugs, sticking their peepee where it didn't belong.

And you're infact worse than the bourgeois as you wont see it. You're more indoctrinated not seeing how the hotdogs get made and will cling to liberalism tighter than the elites ironically enough.

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Pretty sure it falls into the same category as self-employed, of wholly outside the class system, much like lumpens.

The subject matter of the following piece is quite a bit less neutral politically, but in terms of hard facts, I think it's well on target:

Essentially, small businesses (ESPECIALLY sub-25-employee "microbusinesses") are less able to offer benefits like medical, less able to accommodate staffing changes, are harder for government and NGOs to direct scrutiny toward, operate in more economically marginal sectors, and are of course likelier to fall on hard times or fold. All of these things tend to produce lower pay, less flexible employee accommodations, more regulatory violations, and a higher chance of employee abuse going unchecked.

On the plus side, IMHO, small business certainly provides a bulwark against excessive power agglomerating in any one entity's hands, and prevent local capital from bleeding out of an area so quickly, in addition to providing greater accountability to local concerns. For their employees, of course, if some degree of revenue stability has been achieved, and the boss isn't a total jerk, the closer everyday relationship with employees can grant a better working environment and more leeway for dealing with personal situations.

Imagine you've set up a small shop, and it's going pretty well.
You co-own with one or two friends, who know their shit, and employ one or two people for part-time or menial tasks (but you pay oh so fair a wage, you are a bona fide job creator!)

Imagine now that there is a revolutionary movement that wants to integrate your shop into a greater body of production. If you have a bakery, the movement wants to integrate it with the wheat fields and flour mills, and the transportation and distribution under a centralized, deputized system of management. You stand to lose some degree of executive control of the bakery site and machinery. If you resist this, then you are porky. You probably don't have to worry about that, just remember communism means commons and gemeinwesen.

Where the fuck is that ever the case??? Nearly all Western countries vomit food exports, nimrod.


why the fuck is everyone immediately assuming I'd just immediately resist collectivisation or some shit?

and you still eat the same flour dipshit, even if you'd decided never to buy big brand baked goods again and made everything yourself, it would still be that same flour "ground up by third world people". there is no ethical consumption under capitalism, period. the best I can do is marginally improve it.

Because that's what people from your class usually do.


Kulaks get the rope too.

Wait, so why are we trying to overthrow it again?

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