Kill all Gamers

Why are gamers in general reactionary and rightwing plus assholes?

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They aren’t, go back to reddit.


We aren't, but gamergate happened, the "left" (liberal) media lied about it repeatedly, and right-wing opportunists descended upon the fallout.

fuck off falseflag

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Typical leftiods hate gamer culture for all the wrong reasons.
Here is a critique that is actually good

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I used to play a lot of video games but I stopped. It's just a form of escapism and a way to accept and enjoy capitalist life. But it can never fill the void of a lack of social life or the void of interacting with nature

because they all enjoy their cushy suburbanite life, most of them are NEETs.

They aren't if we're taking about people who play vidya often, it's just the most autistic who do nothing but play vidya that are aut-right because the aut-right are autistic losers.




Neither of these are true, most people who have legitimate gaming addictions have almost no political inclinations what so ever, being alt right would disqualify you from having one since it requires you to do something besides shit, eat, play vidya, and sleep. Also most enthusiast gamers who don't have gaming addictions are wage slaves not NEETs, most Zig Forumsyps aren't NEETs are either.

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Causals play shit unsatisying games, so they compensate it with politics and e-celebs.
Real gamer play real games and are too busy and immersed in it to give a shit about your autistic falseflags.

Video games aren't an artform. Video games are pure capitalist garbage designed to distract the people, nothing more than escapism. Video games are drugs and have no space in any socialist society. They're very addictive, they turn people's brain into mush, i've known gamers and literally they waste hours playing and accomplish absolutely nothing. They show all the same signs of an addict.
THe video game industry makes billions with these people money! Gamers must be treated and video games must be made illegal and replaced with traditional and board games.

holy shit I didn't know profit was this based

Generally from everything I have seen they aren't. Most people that I know that are gamers are usually libs or lefties of some variety with a few reactionaries in them. I think the issue is that the people who have enough free time to broadcast their opinion of vidya politics over mediums like youtube need money to get the equipment for streaming/recording started, which usually means they are petite bourgeoisie. And as most people probably know at this point, the petite bourgeoisie are probably the most reactionary little shits you can find, and as their singular ability to broadcast their opinion takes over almost all political vidya discussion, people with dissenting opinions like liberals quiet down out of fear of not being part of the vocal majority, so it just becomes something of an echochamber.

I find Go far more addicting than any video games and happen to play both. I have spent countless hours studying Go. None of that is productive. I do it for fun. I see no reason to elevate traditional board games above video games. Get over yourself faggot.

Inadequate open source. go direct-action some bullshit.

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Counterproductive bitches, because open source some shit.

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This thread is obviously Zig Forums falseflag, but I might as well throw out some ammo for anons who encounter such a canard in the wild.

All the stereotypes about gamers (overlap with weebs/comics/tabletop, technically inclined, adolescent, antisocial, apolitical or libertarian and in spite of recent whining from salty PoMos gamers always have been and still are primarily left-leaning, etc.) certainly have a basis in fact, but the biggest problem with stereotyping gamers is that it isn't a niche hobby anymore. Even ignoring the casuals "playing" whale-subsidized mobileshit/socialshit (who make up 1.3 billion "gamers" worldwide, concentrated into developed nations), hardcore gamers amount to ~35M Americans, and being primarily younger males, that means around a quarter of the ~133M American males under 65 are probably gamers: (size of gaming)

As such, any stereotypes melt away under the fact that, really, we're all normalfags now.

Even ignoring this, it's typically tied into an even further reaching assumption, given out by the screeching one often sees now about how gamers, techies, STEM, etc. are all being subverted by neonazi frogs, and only the Enlightened® PoMo humanities majors can save us. It's a colossal load of nonsense, their shit stinks at least as much as ours, and they know it. The facts needed to debunk it are hardly DEEPEST LORE: (individuals) (employers) (scientists specifically) (gamers specifically)

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Have you tried writing any?

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