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What are you guys gonna do with one of the largest disenfranchised group of people in amercia, incels? They are an untapped source, very likely to change in this world. Can you really blame them for being incels in a world where 80% of single women think 80% of men are below average? How are you gonna seduce them to your side?(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

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Stop. Making. New. Threads.


What's missing from Marx's analysis of capitalism is the role of looks. Prior to capitalism, the upper classes inherited their status or gained it through force. In ages past, it was hit and miss whether the king's son would be a Chad or not. Regardless, he would be king. With capitalism, social mobility improved. Does this enable the most deserving person to get promoted? Fuck no, it just enables Chad to become rich through the halo effect. It's well established that the average male CEO is taller than the average man.

The blackpill explains why socialism will never work. Why was Russia the most successful socialist state? They didn't transition from capitalism, so the upper classes were not all Chads. Also, there were Chad proles who helped the socialist cause. Today there are no Chad proles, so the female half of the population will not support socialism.

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Because fascism with manchild characteristics is still fascism, and fascists go to the gulag.

Defeatists should be permabanned

Incels are less than 10% of the population and their "disenfranchisement" is them being unwilling to improve themselves or talk to women. They can either go gay or go to the gym.

This just in, The Lion King and Saving Private Ryan are both movies and are therefore exactly the same thing.

Incels may be a small group, but MRAs/M.G.T.O.W.s are the greater portion of what you need to worry about as a socialist because they're much, much larger. I wouldn't be at all surprised if all three groups collectively made up over half of the American male population at this point. While not being a subset of incels, they're sympathetic to the incels and share many of their beliefs about women.

Reduce atomization and alienation, by any means necessary! Seriously tho, just killing off bullshit jobs, thus reducing the workweek to like

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Incels need to build up self-respect first.
So they need to get into shape. All of them are either scrawny or fat.
They also need a lot of sun.

Girlfriends are too high maintenance.
Just give me a robot.

The smartest thing communists could do is just simply admit that M.G.T.O.W.s/MRAs are right about some things or at least have some legitimate concerns and get rid of all moderation on left wing discussion boards(if not just get rid of the mods cause they are literally enforcing private property which is contrary to communism anyway) so the discussions around these places doesn't devolve into white knight central. Unfortunately """leftists""" going to be completely unwilling to do either of these things because of how oversocialized they tend to be, that's why real communists ought to just ditch """leftism""" at this point.

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Hmm, where have I heard this before?

Anyway, incel/MRA shit is just idpol for white guys, we should repudiate it along with standard SJW idpol

TBF, there are still explicit anti-male IdPol laws on the books. Not as bad as what (legitimate) feminists complained about decades ago, but still nasty, shit's a little different from typical SJW/alt-right trash.

Incels/MRAs/M.G.T.O.W.s are only a majority white in how it corresponds to the demographics of the west. Anyway why would it be "idpol" to at least get rid of the fucking moderators so we could discuss this shit freely? Funny how you don't address that part.

This sounds like a better and better idea every day. I'm tired of being called a fucking ancap by some redditor twat because I won't just shut up and play nice with the feminazi bullshit age of consent laws (which figure into these MRA-type problems greatly) when I've read more socialist theory than they've fucking heard of, while their reading list is shorter than fucking Muke's. The question is, what would you replace the left with?

And incels/MRAs merely use those as motte-and-bailey to complain about hypergamy and other retarded shit. As fairly typical of idpol sjws.

Moderation is good. If we let every opportunist idpol retard spew their drivel on 8ch's leftist boards, then the last decent place to discuss leftist politics on the internet would be ruined.

okay this is probably a falseflag but fuck it I'm bored lol
Based on them being incel? Nothing. You getting your end in is not the responsibility of my preferrred socioeconomic system in the way that roads, for instance, would be.
Why untapped? Not getting laid should if anything give you more time to focus on your other goals. Done the volcel thing, would fairly strongly recommend for that, especially if you attract nutbars. Nofap is bullshit though.
I'm not saying it's your fault, I'm saying it not being your fault doesn't make it the system's job to fix.
With the same shit I try to win everyone over with: Shorter work hours, better, safer working conditions, not being starved or frozen to death because you've been replaced by a machine and need to justify your existence to the system with busywork but can't because employing you isn't profitable for Porky, medical care, cops or cop-like entities that actually serve and protect you and not just the elites your next move will be to put meme parentheses around this word when you quote it, demonstrably-anthropogenic aspects of environmental change halted or slowed if that can be done, no more DRM or DLC, no more hotpocket-ridden social media. As for your inceldom, all I can promise off the top of my head is fewer obligate gold-diggers.

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True enough especially given the pedopost directly above yours, but allowing public discourse and reform on the subject, at least, is okay.
No, I can think of exactly zero forums that have ever died out due to undermoderation. If this shithole had some democratic means of controlling spam & bots, I'd be happy to dispense with them entirely.

Such as?

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Bias common to or directly recommended in alimony, child custody, domestic violence and sexual harassment/assault/rape trials. In addition, the definitions used in the above for both statistical reports and some legal standards are written to exclude or ignore male victims.

Nobody cares, pedo.

That's preference, not law. Second is aggregation bias, also not law (and, by the way, an innate issue with things like registration effect). The former is also well known, and guess what brought it to the spotlight.
Still not seeing any exact citations for those laws.

Many such cases, but not universal.
You seem to be overlooking the possibility that some people may not materially be able to do this. Gym memberships cost money and working out takes time and calories. Unless you meant that'd be fixed under your preferred socioeconomic system, in which case I suppose that's not too unfair.

Why does Chewbacca live on the planet Endor with the Ewoks?
numbers? sauce? idgaf what you do with your free time as long as you don't hurt or make too much trouble for anybody else, I'm more concerned with how much free time you have relative to how much you could have if the system didn't gargle horse balls. Time's one of the things you can't get back and I think it's a fucking travesty to waste it on busywork or other unnecessary bullshit.
They don't seem terribly distinct tbh. Most people who identify as one tend to also be the other two.
Take your meds.
They appear to be almost exclusively that. I'm volcel but there's no way I'm parsing that as MRA/willful cuckold, y'all have some bad brand recognition.

About what? Or is this a demand for a blank check of belief?
Ah, right, we need to adopt a specific form of leftism (because all leftism is the same, amirite?) on this one section of a basketweaving bbs in the middle of a capitalist system despite not having any legal claim to the space we're in.
Oh no, do we not hold up to some random internet asshat's impossible, ill-informed standards that he doesn't hold himself to? ;_;
right, according to your totally-not-arbitrary-gotchya standards
Except this is so autismic I'm not even sure what the gotchya is supposed to be. lol

That's not idpol it's just a dumb idea. Some rules need to be relaxed or clarified, but removing moderation removes capability to deal with spam.
What of yours did they hotpocket?

And SJWs use actual issues faced by, for instance, women and sexual minorities in Iran as a motte-and-bailey for their bullshit. That doesn't mean that the issues those groups face should be ignored.

I know of at least one. Fun times.


First pic is not actually wrong but I would change the absolute prime to be 12-16 and the little past prime tier to 17-22
Second pic reminds me of something someone posted here not long ago about how incels might be faggots in denial who actually wanted to be women. That pic really comes off as more of a jealousy thing for women than actual bittery for their behavior.

You're going to find out very soon that a lot of people care. Most of them don't come out and say it because they fear feminist terror mobs and have very limited media presence due to feminist censorship, but that doesn't erase their anger. Maybe you don't yet understand the undercurrent that's been going around for quite a while, but you will. The only question about it is whether you'll realize the truth in time to save yourself from the fury of a generation of young men that's had its best sexual opportunities stolen by feminist laws and the virtue signaling faggots on both sides who let them get away with their busybody bullshit. Judging by what you and your people have shown us on both Zig Forums and here, I doubt it.

It's well known at this point that Wookiees originated on Kashyyyk anyway.

This couldn't possibly have anything to do with relentless media slander, could it?

oh boy here we go

take your meds pedo

Perhaps a communist movement that seeks to rape and depose of liberal morality rather than to hold liberalism accountable according to its own moral codes?

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Just because the pussy is tighter doesn't mean it's biological nature for men to fuck anybody below 16. In the middle ages, people were sometimes married as children and did not have sex before at least 16 or 17. Game of Thrones is not real history my dude. But since you are a pedo you won't care anyway

Most twelve year olds haven't even gotten their first period as yet.

Can we purge this board of pedophiles? It's been at least 4 posters within the last 2 weeks.

I'm fine with purging them, all they do is derail and sperg out about their pet issue

Thank you, I now have my next question.