South Africa Happenings

Looks like they've started land expropriation! I'm overjoyed that they're at least trying to make things right; unfortunately it's gonna be so embarrassing when the famine hits cus they didn't dedicate enough time and resources to public agricultural development education initiatives.

The boers deserve everything that is about to happen.

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The only solution to the land issue is South Africa (and Zimbabwe) is multiracial agriculture communes, the truth is that the Boers are needed in order for agriculture here to succeed. Many of the people given farms don’t know how to operate them. When the ANC came to power the first thing they should of done is banned Boers from emigrating, but now that there all leaving South Africa will face famine.

It's true. They forgot the number one rule. Around blacks, never relax.

This might be Zig Forums bait, but unironically the land expropriation would be a good thing if it wasn't racialized and they also targeted wealthy black farmers instead of only Boers.

Call me when they expropriate the mining companies or car manufacturers.

Agriculture is important, without food, everyone starves. Expropriating industry before agriculture will lead to Kulaks burning everything.

Self-correcting problem. I predict the number of people facing starvation in SA will dramatically increase, and then rapidly decrease.

you nigger subhumans are all gonna starve

The Boers were there before the Bantu. Also Africa was conquered out of self defense and the need to acquire more resource and land in order for white people to survive. African and Ottoman Pirates had been attacking for centuries. There were Massive Muslim t*rkic Khanates fixed on invading Europe.

Shut the fuck up you neo colonist, reactionary pig. There is no such thing as "white people"

I'm not going to accuse you of being Zig Forums trying to defame us like Zig Forums does, but I will say that these statements make people like

Seem right.
For the most part though I believe they should deport the whites back to Europe, simple problem solved.

Whites make up the majority of South Africa’s highly skilled work force. deporting them would be a brain drain and destroy there economy, if anything South Africa should ban there emigration.

no one could face western powers in the colonialist era other than europeans themselves thats why the claimed most of the world. if european nations claimed most of the world its not like they were in a middle of a harship or they were being threatened by other powers, you blind idiot

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Genetics says otherwise.

I could find a bone marrow donor from any European country, but not from any nonwhite nation. You bitch about White people colonizing other people out of pure self defense/ life or death situations, but not about the countless billions that have marched on Europe with the intent to rape and slaughter.

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There isn't more variation withing than between races, dipshit. That's an outdated canard using mitochondrial DNA instead of nuclear DNA, the shit that actually determines your traits.One again lefty E-celebs spout blatant pseudoscience

Because colonialism allowed Europe to gain tons of wealth and power. Before that we were facing extinction. We had Moors, Ottomans, Arabs, and various Turco-Mongol khanates constantly attacking us. Even the Chinese toyed with the Idea of invading Russia.

I thought the fact that you are genetically incompatible with others would be enough. If I fucked a black girl and had a kid with her I wouldn't be able to give that kid Organs, or marrow if he was ill. I would be more closely related to any random white kid than "my own" kid. That's pretty fucked up

No you wouldn't.

Yes I would. I would be able to give my organs to some white people and vise versa. But not with a biracial child that I sired.
Because my own kid would have less in common with me than any random white kid on the street. My bloodline would be fucked

That's not how relations work.
A lot of kids can't get blood donations from same-ethnicity parents because they don't have genetic compatibility, my sister had complications as a baby because she had a different blood type from my mom

"genetics is literally the only thing that matters to me ;~;"

I look forward to dropping at least a few of your type.

I look forward to dipping your children in molten aluminum. I wonder what sounds a communist baby makes when you cut the soft spot on its head open and drip a little bit of concentrated sulfuric acid in?

Blood type isn't a useful tool for ascertaining one's genome. Plsu the problem with your sister is very rare, but if you have a mixed kid he's a goner if he needs organs. You need to find another person with the same admixture to have a hope of finding a donor.

I don't have kids and have no intent to, so good luck with that.

You and your kind disgust me. You have no words, no ways to describe people other than as sacks of genes that shamble through the world trying to mate and "preserve" themselves despite the impossibility of the act. You never think of other people as actual whole people with thoughts, feelings, insights, experiences and irrational bases. You retain no capacity for people to be an actual human, you have dehumanized people into nothing more than their base genetic makeup. The only way you ever talk about people thinking is after they've been brainwashed into a zombie-like state.

You disgust me.

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You and your ilk disgust me even more. You drone on and on about how materialism and how marxism is a science, yet you ignore the biological realities of man yet here you are going on about feelings and experiences. things that you'd denounce as spooks if I spooks if I spoke of them. And stop trying to sound cultured and educated. If you got your way we'd end up as a hideous mass of flabby, weak, sickly, deformed, brown creatures before extinction. Humanities legacy would be nothing more than some plastic fragments scattered in the dirt a few feet below the grass.

The whole problem here is that people who shouldn't have reproduced did it and passed their weak ass genes forward to their kids to be fucked by illnesses that require medical intervention.
If you have a grave illness that require a serious medical procedure and a transplant of whatever then you should just fucking die and free the human gene pool from your defective genes. It doesn't matter if you are mixed or not, if you have hereditary problems then you shouldn't reproduce, period.
Mixed people of non-inferior parents won't have to worry about these stuff.

A man is a product of his genes. His environment plays a role, sure, but a very limited one. What a man is ultimately capable of. What he can achieve academically and physically is set in stone the moment his fathers sperm fuses with his mothers egg. No man can surpass his limits. There is no 110%. If a man surpassed is supposed limits then that just means that his real limits weren't properly ascertained

Because chemical pollutants, or random mutations never happen, nigbitch.

And people afflicted by those to the point of facing death should just fucking die, problem solved. Let natural selection follow its ways.

That's pretty racist.

Hurrdurr let’s kill everyone with a degree. Advanced tech, we don’t need it. Desalinization, unless, we can drink from empty receivers. Let’s just pretend desertification isn’t happing and not use irrigation. What we need is to return to living in huts. Let’s incentivize the only people in our country with these skills to emigrate thus preventing them from teaching us these skills.

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South Africa is facing a brain drain, and banning emigration is the only way to stop it.

So what happens when one arguments his capability to do exactly that?
Barely contributes to mental and physical fitness, epigenetics and the environment play a huge factor in that. Offspring of Olympic athletes have fat kids and offspring of Intellectuals have kids that are clinically mentally retarded.

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send them to the zoo

they may live in the zop

The only flabby, weak, sickly, deformed brown creature posting in this thread is you you fucking retard.

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Non whites can be white supremacists too, stop buying into ipol.

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So is immigration what's causing the brain drain, or is the lack of it causing it?

Hasn't this been going on for decades though? Like there are plenty of white farmers who were simply born and raised into it, do they deserve to die for being evil "imperialists"? Not to mention there are plenty of non-farming white people in SA who are poor as fuck and will also bear the ire of racism. Nothing wrong with trying to nationalize farming, but it's pretty obvious SA is pulling a Zig Forums and trying to blame an ethnic group for all of their problems (even modern ones that the current black controlled government has created).

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This has to be a joke.

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that is exactly how you cucks justify migration from MENA to Europe in the current day (and yes those Mena immigrants are imperialists)

Article is being BTFO in the very comments…

POC immigrants are not imperialists you scum fuck, Zig Forumstard. They are refugees escaping wars created by the CIA and Mossad, seeking a better life. While "white" colonists murder, pillage, enslave, and genocide the defensive natives. POC just want to provide food on the table for their families.

They are sent by their host nations to pillage wealth and funnel them back to their country.

It's imperalism, son.

Even if this article would be right (which it isn't) it would not make your brainlet view of colonization correct lmao


This actually what the former president of Serbia said.
"Now they are going to return their treasures, to return what the West has taken from them, their dinosaurs and gold."
This is what Zig Forumsyps actually believe.

fucking THIS
these kinds of threads give me crippling depression about morons in the left so I won't scroll down any further

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Immigration to the first world cause and emigration from the third world causes brain drain.

Genetics is over 80% of those things. If you have shit genetics you can take roids and still not get big.
Overblown shit used to push "Muh inherited holocaust trauma" so they can still guilt trip us out of billions of dollars. Epigenetics has such a small impact it may as well be nothing, and it never makes it past 1 generation.

Prove it wrong.

People in the comments are using sources that cite mitochondrial DNA. Another guy said that there's more variation withing apes of the same species than between humans and apes. Don't forget non Africans have neanderthal DNA and Africans have a mix of different species in their genes, some of them haven't even been named yet. If the fact that we have blood from different species won't convince you I don't know what will
Pack it up boys, president boomer is gonna freedomize South Africa because fox news convinced him that hwite genocide is real

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ITT: OP gives themselves away as a radlib.

in all seriousness, carpet bombing is more effective, both whites and blacks die. everyone is happy.

lol can't wait to see how orange buffoon man fucks this up

This tbh.

based Nihilists.

I dunno, some things Pol Pot was correct about. but you think the Vietcong were the good guys. most rich Hollywood queers loved Ho Chih Minh. the same can't be said for Pol Pot, he was the Ted K or Elliot Rodger of his day. take your pic.

better usa than China scooping up all of the mineral wealth

look at the bright side, when benevolent white rule is reinstituted the ape people won't starve en masse

what does Zig Forums make of this possibly all being spurred by Chinese mining interests?

all the land the Boers farm just so happen to be prime real estate for Chinese mineral exploration. this is pure Machiavellianism

That's a sociopathic idea.

And? sorry we can't all be emotionally charged liberals.

Oh yeah. Anarchists do that all the time. buddy.

It worked in East Germany, it prevented there collapse in the 60’s. It can prevent South Africa’s collapse. Unless your a muh immigration is a human right radlib there’s nothing wring with closing boarders.

…except… having them?
This ain't the nationalism-isolationism board. You have to go back.

It is of course a gross injustice that such a small racial minority owns so large a share. I therefor expect Trump's detractors to support the expropriation of Jewish assets.

Human rights don’t exist you retarted radlib

Banning Boer emigration isn’t about nationalism it’s about preventing brain drain from destroying South Africa.

I agree, if we give all the farms to completely random people who are incompetent, everything is solved, efficiency is a ponzi scheme designed by rich 1% NWO elites

That pic is too subtle, fam.

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They have already effectively done so for many South Africans, very few people can afford to leave South Africa.

it will be interesting to see the mass censorship that FANGS will have to engage in now that everyone is South Africa has a smart phone. It's not just the violence against the Boers they will have to censor, but also the torture and murder of the whites living in the ghettos

why are you deleting posts talking about how this is all instigated by Chinese mining interests?

very interesting…