Higher Facebook use is linked to higher amounts of far-right attacks

Looks like Facebook is training the new generation of Hitlerjügend.

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We need LWDS.

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I'm not yet convinced of this.

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Reminder that autists will be purged on the day of the reckoning for being parasites who steal from the proletariat.

And youtube and twitter and pretty much the whole internet.
Kids have been taught about the importance of race, nation, etc and they know that if they don't become nazis then evil ess jay dablya will all come out of the bushes to get their waifu's panties in video games or something dumb like that.
The future is going to be bright as a 20 megaton nuke lighting the whole sky.

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Nazis confirmed for normalshits. And I thought them using *reddit* was bad…

Stop using Facebook

I suspect the cold war era trend of kids starting out liberal and becoming conservative will reverse in the coming decades as first worlders become poorer though.

What should be done in response?

Fascism is the master of optics and aesthetics. They can take any lie and use enough propaganda to spread it until it turns into human tragedy.

Promote federated free software alternatives like Diaspora, Mastodon and Matrix in your political and counter-cultural milieus. Taking part in the normalization of the corporate Silicon Valley mediation between our comrades is unacceptable and should be opposed vehemently.

I'd like to know more about these, what are they?

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They're all beyond the threshold of being 'dead' in any sense, and are all continually evolving. Don't fall for the meme that we somehow "need" to use the corporate mega-giant platforms that data-mine and openly collaborate with state agencies through shitty encryption mechanisms and dystopically honest terms of use / privacy policies.

Just poverty by itself isn't enough to raise class-consciousness or even just turn people liberal, on the contrary, without proper education/information people actually tend to become more reactionary and conservative when they are poorer. All the education/information means are controlled by those in power and porky does one hell of a good job brainwashing people.

Good luck convincing your normie friends to use anything else other than what's the most popular, botneted, proprietary, data collecting, data mining, ass fuckery out there. I don't know what the fuck is wrong with the normie's minds but when it comes to technology they all seen to be allergic to whatever is actually a good alternative to whatever they need to use and they just flock to whatever is literally the worst possible thing they could use, it's a completely counter-intuitive and non-sense phenomenon that happens all the time.

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Eh, that type of normie never would've amounted to anything positive for our end anyways. I prefer those that are already directing themselves towards the solutions.

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You mean my robust, highly active, easily accessible community? Yeah no problem. Enjoy your super sekret circlejerk that only 2 people regularly attend.

Have fun fraternizing with interpol and getting shut down the moment your groups become influential, like what happened to the Kurdish DemCon Facebook page.