On a scale of 1 to 10, how mad are you that Trump is president?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how mad are you that Trump is president?

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Trump is seriously the best thing that has ever happened to the western left.


The presidency is a show. The US has done the same bullshit it has always done but now there's a moron on stage actually saying horrible shit instead of just doing.

OMG I'm so fucking triggered

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I cheered when he won over Hillary


you missed out on a fun time, OP

Hopefully with Trump putting Tariffs on all over the place the WTO will collapse and die





t. 1

t. 0

t. 0

i went to american public school. i don't know numbers and i still can vote.


Don't care

both of those are me, could you not see that the image was ironic from your smartphone screen? lol

I'm mad that the choices we were give were shit. I don't care that shit won the horse race shit vs. shit.


I don't pay much attention to the spectacle. No one with any sense actually believe Trump has power, just like Obama didn't really have power and Bush Jr. didn't really have power. Clinton was the last president to actually exercise some of his power, and all he did was fuck interns and engage in corruption.

I'm way more mad about the choices than that

This tbh, Trump's actual policies are only somewhat worse than the average but unlike fake nice guy Obama or fake idiot Bush he just straight up admits to being evil. Would have preferred shilldog though because Trump's core supporters are authentic protofascists (unlike the LARPers, who are just a bunch of racist thugs) and the poor reception of his presidency by anyone who isn't a mental case seems to be pushing them towards full fash status.

Instead of waiting for daddy to give you better choices why not use your own hands to take what you really want from life?

I do. You know why? Because I'm mad about the choices.

Because there's 328M retards in my way, and I can't get what I want done without large numbers of them on my side.


I'm not an American capitalist so I'm not really concerned.

10, that the office of President of the United States of America still exists is bad.

Idk, 2?

oh boy it's that one dickhead who'd give you a lecture on hard work and responsibility if you asked him to pass the pepper.

I'm super happy that Trump is president. Now our Israeli allies can get some much needed help against all the terrorists that threaten them there. Amirite fellow pedes? XD

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He upsets liberals more than I could have ever hoped for.

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Not mad at all my dude.
It was refreshing to see someone who truly represents the real american values get elected to the highest representative post. All the previous fakeness with le half chocolate man winner of le Nobulz peace price for bombing innocent people abroad while being chocolate and the threat of le stronk old wyman of le progressiveness getting elected was really fucking tiresome and old.

Trump is way, way past 10. It is unbelievable how goofball the libs have gotten. Excellent entertainment. Would only be better if we could burn them.

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This line from Burrough's encapsulates the entire fiasco.

The only thing that made me mad was that Jill Stein couldn't even beat Ralph Nader's 2000 numbers. That was very sobering though. No electoral politics can be accompanied without a strong push for voting reform, Duverger's Law is too powerful.

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Underrated post

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I want that pic but with the text “If Communists believe revolution was inevidble, why do they need so many guns? Because of what will be done AFTER the revolution?”

Less mad than I would be if Hillary was.

1, not because I like what he does but because he's doing what I expect American presidents to do. (10 at the system which produced him, but the anger's at capitalism and bourgeois "democracy", not at its present figurehead.)

I'm probably voting Trump 2020 if there aren't any more tactical options available.

Trump has almost singlehandedly done more damage to the stability of the US federal government than any other man alive.

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Imagine if Shillary had won instead. All that mass autism of 2016 would've gotten 100x bigger, Zig Forums would have ~30000 active users right now and every single one of them would be extremely mad, Ben Garrison would be a millionaire, all those aut-right youtubers swimming in cash and recognized as the most influential people in the internet, also by now we would've seen not one but at least 20 "Charlottesvilles" with at least a dozen deaths.

i'm more mad that the office of the presidency still exists

Not mad at all. It's the process of people figuring out the system is fucked. They got sick of politicians and elected a businessman. When Oprah wins in 2020 and ruins more shit people will give up on businessmen too. They're getting closer to realizing they can't vote thr problems away.


It weakens the right as a whole. Since they perceive Hillary to be left, they would have been united in opposition.

I'd rather have a right-winger that strengthens the left into opposition than a right-winger that strengthens the right into opposition.

1 because it's all the same bullshit and I don't care.

I am not mad at all. Looks like he is going to fuck his shitty country big time. Just right.

Would the teachers' strikes and voters voting down right-to-work laws have happened under Clinton? I'm not so sure.

You're implying that it could, that it would keep scaling up indefinitely, and that its falling apart has more to do with the disappointing failure they elected than falling to internal strife and inherant structural flaws under its own weight. Even with a Shrillery victory, people would still probably be sick enough of the 'Ben Shapiro ABSOLUTELY VORES and LICKS FEET of liberal college student asmr' hyperbole to take the piss on it like in OTL and lessen the effectuality of the vids in question just like OTL. It's also very possible it would have knocked Zig Forumsyps, Trumpanzees and other assorted political sewage out of smug mode the way Shitlery losing caused all those salty meltdowns on social media, and possibly into whatever the Dividing by Zero fashie equivalent of It Can Happen Here Mode is. I'm not sure what that would look like or if they would survive losing their summer soldiers and fair-weather friends, or how many of those they'd lose.
If the site was still up, possibly. It's also posible that a lot of the IP count would reduce as the paid shills wandered off into the night the way they did OTL, and extremely possible that it would trigger ImCucky enough that he'd go full retard and be deposed earlier than OTL. Another strong possibility is that the new people they got would either culturally-enrich the board into r/pol/ or get mass-banned by imcunty for trying to. It would probably exacerbate the conflict between nu/pol/ (the nazis that stole Zig Forums from the Gribbles) and Zig Forums2.0 (MAGAchuds), which would cause further fragmentation and focus on internal conflicts between the Trumpist Zig Forums Popular Front and the Nazi Popular Front of Zig Forums.
Meh, it'd be moderately resentment-generating like seeing somebody making $4k a month for drawing animal cocks or telling people to clean their rooms, but I doubt that it'd be that extreme and I doubt that would change things much for anybody but prostitutes with cankles and fat asses.
If they were still up, possibly. But to a degree you're talking like Trump is cutting into their phantom profits, like autrights would have more money to throw at them if he wasn't elected. Some might, but not all of them probably. I don't think there would be that many more of them tbh.
tbh what influence do they have now? Not like as in people nobody likes anyway listen and believe and parrot their inanities, like what can they get done in the grand scheme of things? I don't see it as much.
A few more such "victories" for the autright and they would be undone, especially since Shrillery probably would have less of a problem calling them terrists than Chimp has.
Admittedly the lower body count is one of the superior aspects of this timeline.
tl;dr it's tough to say what a Shrillery Victorious timeline would look like, but assuming that a significant amount of people would instantly become Zig Forumsyps because they hate her so much seems unlikely.

Good idea, we’ll start organizing for socialist revolution immediately.

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All of the Trumpzees would radicalize into hardcore NSDAP worshipers instead of fizzling out or going left.

Hilldawg getting elected would galvanize the establishment; it would give a clear mandate to the DNC establishment to maintain the status quo, while uniting the GOP base behind a well-understood enemy. The aut-right internet nazis would certainly lose ground with her in power, but then so would the anti-establishment US left.

Plus everything she did would be blamed on "the left"

All of them? Sounds like a stretch. Also we haven't defined how Shitlery wins in this hypothetical scenario (narrow margin, electoral college like in 2000, landslide, Chimp chokes on a condom and dies, etc.)

10/10 but not because of political reasons(lol US politics), his campaign was one of the worst things which happened to imageboards by causing a massive influx of normalfag cancer.



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Actually he just makes me sad, and makes me feel sad for my stupid country. The whole situation is mainly just embarrassing. I haven't traveled outside the U.S. since he was elected but if I do, I'd just hang my head.

He's pretty much the embodiment of the ugly American stereotype. We're a joke of a country. Hell, we're not even a country but a dysfunctional, decadent empire with a reality TV president. He's our Elagabalus but we probably deserve him.

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You have to realize that America was always like this. Past presidents were just better at hiding it.

Trump is the best accelerationist that could have happened.

He creates class struggle faster than Hilary ever could.

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I think you're underestimating the tenacity of American stupidity.

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Yeah, and you're right, and it's what made me look into Marxism more. Like, if this is the best the bourgeoisie can really come up with, then… 'the emperor has no clothes' really. Hey, maybe we really are as a country just a busted-up highway lined with used car dealerships and strip clubs.

And the liberals' minds were all blown. The only people who seem to be making any sense are the Marxists.

Not mad at all. He was the accelerationist option and he has delivered in that regard.

Not mad at all. After the primary I was quite mad at HRC/DNC and ignored the rest of the election as best I could. (The day I stopped being a Chomsky anarchist)
I was surprised he won. I was under the impression the DNC had some master plan, it was in the bag and they'd cheat just enough to win. They may have to in 2020. (the Pentagon seems to be helping them) These parties suck ass.

I suspect her numbers where washed out. I'll bet she had more votes than they credit her for

Pretty much these, other than that he is just a typical American plutocrat, just more incompetent. Not sure how I feel about anons misusing the term acceleration ITT, read Deleuze and Guattari you faggots

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Trump lives rent free in the heads of the American left. He has the ability to throw them into a tailspin any time he wants. He controls their emotions the way a master controls a slave.

There was suspected election fraud against the Greens in California at least, dunno about anywhere else.

Wow… I'm so very mad….

You communist-cunts are so incredibly stupid! Trump is a puppet of the Jews, just like every US President before!

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As the famous internet saying goes:

Being mad about Trump indicates you are a liberal. Trump has done more to attack global capitalism since the dawn of the current era under Reagan than any other US president. Trump ruin TTIP. Trump asked for a sunset clause on NAFTA. Trump is bringing back tariffs. What has been the cost? Not letting trannies shoot at brown people. A few million on his wall boondoggle. Some added pressure on Roe vs Wade (which will, fingers crossed, get the women to demand a proper settlement of the matter). Trump 2020!

not too much because even tho he doesn't know he's bringing so many people together. he is making so many people sticking up together against what he represents. this is what humanity needs, to unite.
it's moving.

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Hes brought CNN together with MSNBC and the BBC and the Wall Street Journal.
But they were all friends beforehand anyway.

Nigger he is just Bush 3.0.

if it's so famous why haven't I heard of it?

You can't smash the duopoly nimwit. America has always been and always will be a 2 party system. Our government superstructure is modeled almost identically after Rome… which always was a 2 party system with intershifting names for the party. We're not Europe, we don't have the same structure of governance. You're only hope is to change a party to suit your agenda. The sooner socialists realize this the better.

The fact that America falls prey to Duverger's Law doesn't have anything to do with "our government superstructure". Unlocking a functional multi-party system is really as easy as a single election reform changing the voting system system from plurality to Approval or Score voting.

And what a failed fucking idiotic strategy that has been. Any idea how many times people have attempted to change the Democratic party in the last 50 years alone?

That strategy has gargled balls since I was in high school, I don't intend to have my life continue to go to shit because >muh Roman model