So, what have you done to convince fashies to change their mind?

So, what have you done to convince fashies to change their mind?

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I told them that morals are a spook.

I had a few discussions on /fascist/ back when it still existed, but mostly in vain. As long as your explanation does not incorporate the hypothesis of a global Jewish conspiracy these brainlets will not listen.

Nothing, fascism isn't inheritly bad

I've convinced a fascist that the ideas of fascism just lead to conflict without end and that fascism is merely an extension of only the most erroneous traits capitalism, but now he is just kinda in an ideological limbo. He acts despondent and occasionally embraces some different ideologies, but only the aesthetics of them and even then he only does it for a few days until he just becomes despondent again.

Do we need to convince them of anything?

I explained capitalism to them and some actually gave up on muh class collaboration.

Of course political conversion is preferable but being an absolute pacifist is just naive.

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So the time for conversation is now since we haven't reached the time for violence, right?

What's a fascist?

There's no changing fashies when they're out marching on the streets. When they're out on the streets showing off, they're not going to switch sides because you're eloquent. That's when they need to be punched.

When they're willing to actually talk to people, then that's when you talk to them.

The fact you actually fell for the "lefties only punch people who disagree with them" meme is just fucking shameful though, OP. Literally nobody is ever going to make a news story for changing a fascist's mind.

made fools of them online
I don't see a huge amount of symapthy for the kekistanis tho

Talked to them.

I resent the implication

"Abstract antifascism devoid of class content" season 153 episode 5609

It's tough. I've not convinced any to change their minds but I have warned some away from getting involved in IRL stuff. Not like threatening them or anything like that (which I don't think is effective even if I was comfortable doing such a thing), but honestly describing how you could ruin your life and possibly put yourself in danger … often from other fascists! And I have plenty of specific examples.

The far right is a barrel of snakes and they doxx and turn on each other more than anyone. The biggest doxxes have come from feuds within the far right, because these guys figure they can weaponize antifa to go after their rivals in the movement. Ultimately that lack of solidarity is self-defeating on their part but it is what it is. They're just dangerous creeps and scumbags.

I'm also convinced a lot of people adopt the views of the group after they join. They don't reason themselves into it but are looking for a unit that provides a sense of direction, purpose and momentum. So warning them away from the groups in the first place should take priority.


OP is a faggot

you can't change us, we have a monopoly on the truth

Who exactly are leftists supposed to punch?

Tbh you can't really change the mind of someone who is deep into, and well read on fascism. They value things that lefties don't even consider to be real "and vice versa"

The only way we can change their "minds" is by putting them up against the wall and shooting them in the head.

Then why do you guys always lie with your """infographz"""?

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i meant that the meme was lefties punch people rather than reasoning with them

It's not about any of that stuff. Fascism is about being part of the "winning team" and the appeal is to be able to dominate and abuse other people and get away with it. If you can't get away with it, and if the winning team is in fact the losing team, then all hands abandon ship.

Are you…retarded? no. You're absolutely retarded.

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Social Democracy is the moderate wing of Fascism

muh free marketplace of ideas

if u resort to violence ur acknowledging by default taht ur wrong

Why would I want them to? Fashies are almost uniformly bottom of the barrel retards who either are thugs or internet autists, embarrassing themselves helps us more than them embarrassing us by screeching stalin dindu nuffin while cosplaying.

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Sweden wouldn't exist in its current form without (American backed and maintained) western imperialism, much like how Nazi Germany wouldn't exist without the Hitler and his warmongering.

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There's nothing to debate. Their ideology is based on fear and lies. There is no way to 'convert' them. They have every intention of bringing about the world they envision. They only use your earnest arguing to take advantage of you. They take advantage of every situation available. Don't trust them. They are entirely ideologically committed to wiping out every group of people besides their awfully narrow group of people who align with a very narrow list of traits.

There's nothing to convince because they are already convinced.

Debated them and spread the truth on their own turf till I got banned. Took 'em over a month, and what gets me banned was pointing out they still have pedos since they have all that loli shit still up.

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Based. You got any screens/compilations of their d.egeneracy to share?

There's nothing to negotiate, but there is a way to reach people. I planted seeds in plenty of heads that may bring some about. They can be converted sometimes. You have to give them a chance.

I didn't take any screencaps. All the threads I posted in looks ridiculous now, so I donno if you want to see them sperg out

I've been told directly influencing brain matter works best.

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you've convinced me ur a pseud faggot

you wouldn't exist without ur mother, just like how soviet ruusia wouldn't exist without lenin's destruction of democracy

Something like that is extremely rare like what happened in Accidental Courtesy. The only thing that changes them is either the movement dies down and they continue living life like nothing happened. Or, they do it themselves by simply thinking and reading.

What really changes these people is telling them off. It's only through high charged emotional states that people end up forcibly looking into themselves and their delusions, and this is only done by humiliating them by showing how foolish they are. Those, in my experience, are the best seeds to can plant into people like this. They don't think with their heads but their guts so you have to appeal to their gut; That's their weak spot. Keep jabbing at it. Angers a great motivator.

Even then, at the end of the day, the only ones that can change are themselves.

Exactly. Young fools hanging around online with a bad crowd, can get to thinking independently form time to time. Maybe years later, after a burn out and some independence, they may recall something from the other side.

I grew up Christian-conservative, but I don't know about these indoctrinated racists too much.
/b/ is mostly casuals though.

I find fascism is to capitalism what jihadism is to Islam

ANTIFA are just faggots

Intectuals with be the death of communism

Are there some honestly converted right to left?

I always find the image of some dudes who said niggers and shit somehow swear of that shit altogether because of hurt feelings to be hilarious.

I'm an example. Ama.

Man, you are barely fucking left as it is.

Economically quite so actually. Marx didn't talk about race that much and was more concerned about economics and class struggle.

What's your take on economy?

Central planning with price control?

Rule by the peasant class, pro-agrarian, I think every white collar industry should be centrally planned, blue collar collectivized.

That's not even communism, you want the day of ancient agrarian villages.

You want rule from the people who's ancestors accomplished the least and who's fathers advice didn't lead them to being above average?

I don't mind industry existing, it just needs regulation. heavy regulation and alternative energy sources. tbqh, the only people running it should be the government, and from the inside if possible if I'm pushed to that conclusion.

it would be sort of a "dictatorship from the bottom" kind of rule, so sort of.

What do you define a successful nation to be?
And why do you think people from unsuccessful families and lead by unsuccessful fathers are able to lead successful nations.

Besides the point, your ideal society is ancient agrarian rule, and that shit has nothing to do with communism.

Yo, that shit is fucking impossible.

I would never call radlibs leftists

They are literally the left wing of capital though, so yes leftist by definition. Leftist=/=communist a lot of the time, even most self identified communists have some liberalism just ingrained into them, not that they can help it though. Its mainly a product of them being oversocialized in this society

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I became NAZBOL
Now i am more nationalist than capitalists could ever hope to be!
t. Former fascist

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ITT redditors who think magaboomers = hitler

No but Leftist = anti-capitalist. The term is a reference to the French national assembly after the revolution where those sitting to the left of the king wanted systemic change.

I am epic

morals come from evolution. They're nothing more than gut feelings that happened to be productive


aids is a spook

HIV only came about very, very recently

This is the dumbest fucking statement I've ever heard on the entirety of Zig Forums.

Aids was manufactured by the US gov.

K.i.k.e detected.

Your nose is showing s.chlomo.

You nailed it.
Gas the k.i.k.e.s, race war now!


There is no proof AIDS is transmitted by the HIV virus, and no proof that it's sexually transmitted.

fuck off tbh

Go get ☘️AIDS☘️, k.i.k.e.

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Morals are a product of economic conditions. Eternal, immutable morals do not exist.

ur right brb gotta break into your family's house and brutally rape your mom and dad before eating their remains for dinner because hey #it's allsubjective #whoarewetojudge

Nice hyperbole. No one who is mentally stable will do that just because there is no such thing as objective morality. I don't think objective morality exists but neither do I have any desire to kill my family, cannibalize them and rape babies. Why would I?

Marxists have held similar positions for over a century, just look at these quotes from Engels:


Like it or not you're following your own moralfagging inner self when you make this choice to not randomly rape and kill people and eat them for dinner.

You're not wrong, but I'm not projecting my own view on it as a form of universal morality

if AIDS is a spook then how come there are genes, in certain populations, that are said to be resistant to AIDS?

checkmate atheists

I'm a free market leaning fascist with some mild socialist tendencies. (Workers should have at least some basic rights and be paid a living wage.) How the hell do any of you believe that quality of life for any class is going to improve without racial homogeneity?

Convince me leftypol.

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It's simple. We achieve racial homogeneity by everyone interbreeding until there is but one master race and therefor no races. Eliminate the jews, the niggers, the spics, the chinks, the dots, and the whites!

This is easy to achieve. One race, the human race.
(And no, I don't mean it like the poster above, I mean stop fucking paying attention to melanin levels.)

A better question is, how the hell do you want the workers to achieve even basic rights when they're divided between warring tribes? How do you point their anger at their upper class oppressors while it's continuously being actively misdirected towards Those Barbarous Aliens From Other Tribes? And no, historically putting the aliens behind a border does not help, it just makes them easier to stereotype.

Believe it or not, I don't blame minorities for doing what they believe is in their best interests. I would do the same in their shoes, and whether race is a social construct or genetic actually doesn't matter to the subject at hand. How are you going to convince people to abandon these tribalistic tendencies? The US, Brazil, Portugal, anywhere that you find a heavily multiracial society, you find these deeply rooted conflicts. Race is a perfect scapegoat for every class to blame, because you wear it like a uniform, and one race is always going to hold a majority to some degree. Propaganda doesn't seem to be doing the trick, in fact it's making things more tense in many ways. The problem I'm addressing isn't with any particular race, but the forced meshing of culturally different people with different value sets forced by circumstance to live and work in close proximity that causes high distrust and criminal behavior. Do you honestly believe that if the lower class's resource needs are met, that racial tension disappears?

Yes. Ex: Yugoslavia. The whitetoids only started turning on each other once the gibs ran out.