Absolutely nothing wrong

Absolutely nothing wrong
Anarchism is a meme

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Absolutely no reason for this thread
OP is a fag

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There is, to remind anarkiddies and their tranny allies that anarchism has 100% failure rate

Don't make me go on Twatter and screencap multiple gay and trans Marxist Leninist profiles.

You'd be screencapping tranny liberal LARPers, for most of the time
All of them would get nice holiday in working camps too


OP are you 12?

Well yeah, Lenin didn't write about "hey so you know about all these genders lmao? Well basically they're part of the struggle lol"

Well yeah Marx probably didn't give out specific guidelines to what he meant as a state, and multiple ML's split from Lenin's word.

fuck off lol

Neither did Bakunin.

Most of the anarkiddies are just LARPing liberals. Of couse, since anarchism has 100% failure rate, you'd know this


Kys yourself.

Stalin confirmed for leftcom?

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At the very least can we all agree that the kulaks deserved worse and that Trotsky was a cunt.

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Oh absolutely, if I had to pick just one side who to gulag between anarkiddies and kulak's it would be kulak's

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Int that true by definition?

OP agreed. anarchism has 100% failure rate. its ideas can be applied to existing ideologies but cannot stand on its own.

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