Dresdon Bombing

What does Zig Forums think about the Dresden Bombing? Personally I think it was a shit idea, not because it was immoral or anything because it severely weakened the GDP post-war. The British wouldn’t bomb this to a city in there occupation zone. But war is war, and the nazis should’ve expected this.

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Excessive use of force at a point after they'd already essentially won.
Might have been a factor, is there evidence supporting it?

It's a fun way to piss off fashies.

It's possible that the US wanted to ensure that they'd be the only industrial power left standing after WWII though.

ow the edge

No point crying over spilt milk. Why shouldn't I?

They had it coming. One would think it was the war that weakened GDP and not this one single city getting bombed so let's not forget who was the aggressor for the entire duration of the war.

It's regrettable but it can still be argued it served a military purpose, unlike the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki which were completely unnecessary (which the US knew because they had cracked Japanese communications by that time).

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But they weren't, and it was no more devastating than the conventional firebombing that the US did in other parts of Japan.

Dresden was justified, and no amount of fascist propaganda is going to change that.

600,000 Germans died from allied bombing in the war. 20,000 of these were in Dresden which fascist propaganda inflated tenfold. It's really barely worth talking about compared to the larger air campaign, which was strategically decisive, hugely flawed and often completely unnecessary. If they had targeted nazi oil sooner God knows how many months could've been shaved off the length of the war.

Real talk germany should have been completely annihilated for embracing fascism. The USSR should have turned every field to ash and reduced every town to rubble. All german historical monuments should have been destroyed. Any memory of their civilization should have been wiped from the planet.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

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Hi, Zig Forums.

sorry to break it to you but he's serious and he's left.

One among a number of pointless strategic bombing maneuvers, by the prototypes of Dubya-era "Shock & Awe" generals. Another example would be the bombing of Monte Cassino.

Ironically, the US backed down from exactly this idea (looting capital to completely destroy German industrial capacity) and forced the other allies, except the USSR, to reverse course as well, after an internal coup by the State Department against the Treasury Department:

This was done after the realization that without a vigorous Franco-German coal/iron industry, Europe's economy would be destroyed. This was also the primary reason for the GDR's inferior economic performance compared to West Germany, as the USSR requested punishing volumes of industrial machinery and other reparations clear into the 1960s, crippling the GDR's economy.

I keep hearing this, but it stinks of bullshit. Proof that Japan would've accepted an unconditional surrender without not just one nuke, but two, post it.


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Do it again, Bomber Harris!

It was fun but I think it would've been cooler if the allies had nuked Germany too, if anything just for shits and giggles.
And then a few years later the cold war had become hot and the skies all around the world been turned into beautiful forever ever glowing mushrooms and this crappy, shitty world as we know had ended 40 years ago.

It's like I'm reading zerohedge.

The German's never managed to cross the channel, the D-day landing almost failed; naval invasions were notoriously difficult. Add to that the sea between Japan and the Asian mainland is far wider than the English channel and that soviet naval power was negligible, let alone in possession of the ships needed for a naval invasion (portable harbours). The article makes no mention whatsoever of this, spinning sentence after sentence of innuendo in which the necessary facts are slided into

Antideutsche spotted!

Bomber Harris Superstar
Dir dankt die!

There's also the fact the USSR's forces proposed against Japan were utterly dwarfed by the 6 million strong Anglo-American force being prepared for Operation Downfall, which the Japanese were abundantly aware of throughout the leadup to the atomic bombings.

Love how wehraboos try to rewrite the whole thing and depaint dresden as a civilian zone that had no strategic interest

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Germany should have been bulldozed and replaced by the state of Greater Israel!
Never Again!!

You sure debunked everything.


You do realize that Germany is where many leftist philosophers originate from and is the birthplace of Communism. Hegel, Eagles, Marx, Sterner, Rosa Luxembourg, Liebknecht, The Weimar republic experienced multiple attempts at revolution.

Hamburg, Frankfurt, and Munich weren’t as devastated.

Have you even read it? I doubt it. It claims that the Japanese surrendered not because of the atomic bombs, but because they were betting on the Soviets mediating a better surrender for them. Obviously that was gone with the Soviet invasion and they now had no other choice than to surrender unconditionally.

Sir Arthur "Bomber" "Aerial cremation of the Aryan nation" Harris did nothing wrong.

Why do you care about a non issue done to people who deserved it.

you mean Sir Arthur "Holocaust Mk.2, Lancaster boogaloo" Harris?

t. Zig Forums

Do it again bomber harris

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It disgusts me to be reading this on a purported socialist board. The explicit objective of the firebombing campaigns was the mass slaughter of the civilian population - or, to quote "Bomber Harris", to crush "the morale of the enemy's civil population … the aiming points are to be the built-up areas, not, for instance, the dockyards or aircraft factories". This meant burning to death predominately women, children, and the elderly in 1500 degree blazes, corpses charred black and shrunk in size.

It's possible to argue, in the twisted logic of imperialism, that the mass slaughter of civilian populations was "militarily useful" - that is, was beneficial in ensuring that the maximum amount of empire was carved out for your state's ruling class. Real leftists are unmoved by such arguments, because they realize they have no material interests in the logic of imperialism - same as 100 years ago, the real enemy is at home, not under the crosshairs of a napalm raid.

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Obviously the only way to free the proletariat is to murder them! Remember anyone who disagrees with my favorite anime deserves the gulag.

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I'm not more bothered by civilian deaths due to infernos than I am soldiers or anyone else.

Bombing the nazis was bad
t. purported socialist

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