I see no reason not to vote Republican

For all the Americucks in here… It seems to me in lack of revolutionary or even tolerable political discourse your only option is to ruin everything.

There are some things I'd compromise on agreeing with liberals. For example public transportation needs a rehaul, it's a shit show. LGBT rights (if we took out that the L and replaced it with an I for incel)

We should make college free and have government checks so people aka, I…don't have to work. But your liberals aren't THAT stupid to give me a lifetme of tendies and dewies. And i sure as hell am not getting free speech, freedom from government intrusion, or any classic liberalism so what are the republicans doing?

Well for one they wanna cut social security. That's just dandy. I'll be dead long before I ever qualify. As social security isn't my income it's the future income. As less and less people make substantial wages to put into SS it becomes less reliable. Just get rid of it and all the boomers die swiftly.

They wanna arm teachers too. That's dumb. I mean school was always dumb and should be abolished. They ain't gonna do that so at least give an underpaid idiot who has an ego similar to that of a moderator a firearm so innocent children die. And innocent children should die. As they belong to the first world. Their blood should run in the streets for me to dance in bare footed and the living ones trafficked to Nathan Larson personally who rolls in them snorting like a pig in mud.

Also vote Republican to destroy the environment FASTER we are past the point of no return but I wanna see it with my own eyes. I want all hope to leave your soul in real time as the sky goes black with soot and our skin peels off from ultraviolet poisoning.

Only thing I don't like about Republicans is all that muh private property shit. That's how we got into this depressing spiral of moderators. But what are neo liberals doing about it? Nothing. So you should get nothing. We all will have nothing. That's real communism bro. Real communism is everyone dies and Stalin vapes in your face pretentiously.

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accelerationist gang unite

Why do you even want communism if you don't care about anyone's well being? I realize that politics might just seem like some cerebral internet game to you, but you have to remember that these are people's lives you're talking about, not just abstractions.


It's all fine and well to adopt an attitude like that online, but unless you're a psychopath the reality of human suffering will hit home eventually. I hope that things never get to the point where you will be shocked out of your mocking smugness.

Trump's refusal to imprison Hillary or Pelosi is a pretty good reason.

There are lots of reasons not to vote republican. Unfortunately, you're asking for reasons to vote Democrat; there are a very few, but they are rare specific individuals and for the most part there's no such thing. Conversely, constructed false dichotomies are an easy way to come to the conclusion that, say, Hitler is great; they're not a good form.

If I was in the US, I'd vote straight green/lolbertarian, at random, just to fuck up the system. I'd suggest you do that.

There's no reason to vote Republican. The problem is that there's no reason to vote Democrat either.

Trump killed TTP. That's a reason to vote Republican.

One good thing doesn't counterbalance all the bad things. If you voted for him you have blood on your hands.

Who's blood? How is this blood directly attributable to Trump?

The blood of the people we keep killing all over the world in our illegal wars. The president could easily stop them, since they were started by the presidency in the first place.

Some fags never learn.

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Just generic ranting about how yankees are bad. Okay.

The best you can hope for in this life is for whoever is bleeding you to just leave you alone with enough to survive and if you have to kiss the boot for that to happen then that's what you do.

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kys brainlet

Most of these wars were started by Obama, And they would be continued under Clinton. At least with Trump he’s bad at handling wars so less people die.


OP your reasons are retarted and your a faggot, however as a Burger I’ll probably vote Trump 2020, because Trump’s tariffs are destroying America’s economic ties with Europe and China, and while in the short term they will harm Burger industry in the long term tariffs will reindustrialize America and make the country less dependent on Imperial plunder. This is the only real way I see class conscious and a socialist movement that put’s class struggle first can be built here.

Nod an argument

And? You obviously shouldn't vote for those warmongers either.

Except more people are dying than ever.

Don't worry, you'll probably see climate change happen anyways if you're under fifty years old.
We'll just get a fake-ass "revolution" to make sustainable capitalism and lots of immigrants moving to the green parts.

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But there sexis n raycis

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bump for best thread of the year so far

Like Rudolf Rocker says, while reforming the current political system is hardly of any concern to revolutionaries, protecting the rights that we have that enable us to organize under that system is absolutely necessary. Freedom of assembly, worker's rights and free speech must be defended if we want the means to organize. So no, subsidized health care and free school aren't priorities for us, but voting in favor of policies which oppress the workers' ability to organize and affect change is counterrevolutionary. Socialism begins from within and tears its way out of the state.

It baffles my mind that people like you still have some kind of drive to call yourself "socialists". Grow up.

That's almost the opposite of what the current US Left is organizing around though.

There’s no reason for anyone to vote unless it’s in their direct self interest.

wow I totally read everything else you had to day

I'm not endorsing socdem parties, I'm saying that as true socialists, we still have a reason to vote blue. Beyond defending workers' rights, it's also important to stave off the growing cancer of fascism, a critical tool of the state to defend itself against revolution, which only grows more and more empowered with every new republican seat in the government. Even if it is easier to radicalize people under a more obviously oppressive government (which is an assertion that's hardly that clean cut in the first place), it's much, much harder to organize under one, which can't just be ignored. Voting republican is counterrevolutionary.

Die leech