Why do right wingers say they want guns to prevent tyranny when its already here?

A common argument among the right in the United States (and most other Western countries), is that the right to bear arms would allow the "common people" to defend against a tyrannically government that would oppress their rights.

But, isn't that already here by their standards?

- The PATRIOT Act, and by extension the USA FREEDOM Act, allow the Federal Government unprecedented control into the private lives of American Citizens, such as wiretapping. Previously this stuff had to be approved on a case by case basis, through judges, but now can be applied on a wide range with few limits. This enough shouldn't caused outrage among Conservatives and Libertarians. Yet, silence.

- PRISM, the NSA program leaked by Edward Snowden in 2013. Again, another intrusion and violation of American's privacy. Not only did this not lead to an open revolt, the news died down pretty quickly and the issue basically went away like it never even happened.

- Free speech zones. Just another example, this time dealing with the suppression of free speech. During the Bush admin, protesters were ferried into fences that were beyond the presence of media organizations, preventing Americans from seeing opposition.

These are just three examples of modern-day Tyranny that should be shocking to conservatives and libertarians alike. Yet, there's nothing. They just say to keep voting and that we'll get those "damn libtards and pinkos" out. Nothing about "refreshing the tree of liberty."

But have you noticed how little they react to brutal cop killings? Not only to American blacks - white killings have also been largely ignored. In fact, the victims are usually blamed for their own suffering, no matter the context. The cops are always the good guys.

Is this perhaps a form a projection for the right's fetish of the 2nd amendment? That minorities will take power and oppress the people who oppressed them? That's why the killing of Philando Castille - a legal CCW owner - didn't receive much attention from the Right.

Just needed to ramble about this. I believe it's the duty of the proletariat to arm themselves against capitalism, but the right just wants to own guns so they can shoot black people.

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we want guns to defend ourselves in the coming race war

Don't forget the 2012 National Defense Authorization Bill which repealed the right of habeas corpus.

Because right-wingers are not rational and do not operate on logic. Also they'd rather be on the winning side of tyranny rather than have democratic movements questioning their values.


They don't care about freedom, they care about the preservation of property. They will sign on with the most brutal forms of oppression so long as property remains in the hands of porky.

right wingers are stupid by definition, but pro-gun right wingers are useful idiots for the insurrectionary left.

Because gun cucks don't wanna incriminate themselves saying they'd use their guns

Technically it's only terrorism if you threaten the government. Moderators aren't the government. So at most its harassment but even than considering all the shit they do its pretty much open and shut stand your ground.

Right wingers aren't mad at moderators though. Or their ex wife, or their boss, anything tangible. They legit believe tyranny comes from or rather can only come from government.

So the only time they'd ever use their gun it'd be too fucking late anyway and ofcourse the bourgeois is gonna encourage quantum stupidity

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Pretty much this, though I'd argue they only care about certain forms of state tyranny like muh taxes

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Because for them guns are a religion.

Burger conservatives only support gun rights, because gun ownership and hunting is part of Burger culture. They don’t care about actually using them on something that isn’t a dear. However this is one of the few areas where Burger culture is pretty progressive. Hunting in Europe was only an activity noblemen were allowed to do, where in Burgerland it was an activity of the common man. Also hunting allows poor people access to high quality food for cheep.

lol, no Hunting licenses are a limited supply each year, not to mention the game itself.

No they aren't, the second they see the left carrying guns they will jump on the wagon to restrict them for certain people. This is exactly what happened with the black panthers, and it's retarded to assume the same bootlicking faggots won't do so again.

Before that happens lax gun laws will mean that the country if flooded in arms, making leftist reamerint very easy.

Historically it was

They don't understand capitalism is a tyranny.

Oh, no, burger conservatives love to jack off over the thought of being able to have an excuse to shoot people in "self defense"

Without freedom is not possible property rights.
Without property rights there is not purpose to improve yourself and to fight your way in life.
Civilization have been built on this, ignore or suppress it and you end up in a society collapse of your own making.
But it is interesting the OP's statement:

What about if we flip this statement?
Why jews and left wingers allies want a disarmed population unable to take down a tyrannical government?
Why it would be?

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are you new or a shitposter

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C'mon Capitalist, this is not Reddit where you can gaslight the faggots.
Marx was a jew who preyed on disarmed Christians and massacred by millions.
Reagan was another ZOG Occupied Government's puppet.
I think now we understand each other. Right?

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Address the issue degenerate faggot.

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Issue: (you)

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The left can't meme.


Lmao this image is just more proof of how much of a piece of shit Gaddafi was.

Also, you failed to answer the question: Tyranny is already in America by libertarian standards, and you do nothing because as long as it’s white porkies running the show, you don’t care.

I really want to know how this logic works.

Mind to explain how?

Agree, and perhaps for already a century.

You racist anti-White posture is proper or your evil ideology to destroy a running civilization and its people. Nothing new here.
On the other side, the lack of action is because of the Lemming's theory, until the conditions are not ripe, all actions are doomed to failure.

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Are you a k.i.k.e?