Arguments against IdPol

Don't get me wrong I'm supremely against IdPol, and I feel it just eats into our movement and what we are trying to achieve as Leftists. The division of us into little groups working for benefits of those small groups sounds more counter intuitive then fighting against Capatilism, which in the end is disrupting everyone's lives. I'm in a Leftist group at my university but it seems all they do is shill for IdPol, and it's beginning to tear into the actual Leftist activities we are promoting. I want to bring it up but I'm not sure on what to say to them without them immediately turning up thier noses.

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"IdPol" is a mostly meaningless buzzword. If you want to argue with your friends, listen to what they have to say, think about it, and if you still disagree, let them know why. If you actually take the time to listen to them and understand where they are coming from and why they believe what they believe, you will have a base to work on.

All politics is identity politics

Forgot my flag

It's liberal consumerism for once

All their points on non-class privilege is just assumptions with no real basis in reality. All they have is Anecdotal evidence to prove their point, while we can materially show the class privilege is something real and that effects every aspect of their lives.

trips of Capitalist gassing

The first thing you need to ask is "are they really leftist?". If all the care about is idpol, then the answer is probably "no".

Try to steer them away from particularist identitarian approaches to their issues. Why attack disproportionate police violence against blacks from a racial angle, when the majority of police victims are still white? Why attack the poor pay of women from a sexual angle, when wage theft still steals more money overall from men? Why attack imperialism from a nationalist angle, if military adventurism in sum actually harms the masses in both countries to promote the interests of transnational capital? If such issues were fixed for everyone, could they possibly be a problem for anyone?

Push them toward universalist, truly systemic understandings of the world, and the realization that most of the "issues" they care about are mere side-effects of deeper issues, inherently insoluble at the shallow level they attack them.

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The prevalence of idpol is from the failure of the modern left to both contextualize idpol issues into the class struggle and offer short-term relief to those experiencing such issues. We've got the former part down and I'm sure the socialists on this board are capable of explaining why any given idpol issue is a fruit of capitalism, but the lack of any relevant course of action is going to drive people away from socialism and towards liberal idpol that has a bandaid ready and waiting to alleviate current ailments.

This is the ultimate refutation.

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Am I too much of a brainlet for not understanding what they're talking about

Government agencies purposely falseflag leftist movements with idpol. Useful idiots eat up the idpol and attack anyone who points out falseflags.

Jason says that if you attack white people they won't kill the ruling elite for you but attack you instead. Mircalla responds that it's just banter. Jason responds that PoC activists are funded by Soros.

The point is that we need to emphasise that the revolutionary subject needs to be a universal one. Identity intrinsically emphasises the particular rather than the universal.

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Uh, but wouldn't an universal subject include those dirty stinky ☘️economic immigrants☘️ too? That's identity politics! And how would I bond with my neo-Nazi mates if I can't laugh with them about the misfortune of strangers?

So comrades, come rally
And the last fight let us face
The Internationale unites the human race.

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Pls learn to think for yourself leftpol

Yes, unite in a lowest-common-denominator deregulated neoliberal corporate playground, with all the human rights arbitrage porky could ever desire. That's true left unity.

The problem with idpol is that it's done without the overall understanding of how the economic base affects the superstructure.

Basically, rabid idpollers are liberals or have a very shallow/lukewarm understanding of leftism.