Muh universal healthcare

Why should I have to labor for 40 years in order to prop up the medical bills of fat fucks like this who are killing themselves with corn syrup and lack of exercise, even though he knows the consequences and chooses to be unhealthy?

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Because preventative care is cheaper and makes you live longer in the long run, and it's nice not having to declare bankruptcy from a medical emergency. Also not have over double the prescription drug price of the next most expensive country might be none. The profit incentive acts against all of these.

Also not having over double the prescription drug price of the next most expensive country might be nice*

Because privatized healthcare is shown to cost everybody more money for mediocre care when compared to socialized or single-payer systems. It's objectively in your economic self interest simply because you would get a better ratio of payment to quality of care, this is borne out by countless studies.

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Fine, then let him pay for preventative care for his bad choices.
This isn't a medical emergency, it's heart disease. Over half the US population is medically obese and heart disease is the number one killer. These people are all dying because they suck down sugar and fat all day.

so that poor people dont die and you end up paying less than in private healthcare after all. also if you get real sick you can actually survive for free

Fuck you, we're comin' for it.

i mean like you are given the right to leave, and also thos fat unhealthies dudes also pay for healthcare. Its about the solidarity of a whole nation based on a small amount of money that each one gives to the cause, so that everyone is ablo to live better.

But they're killing themselves and they know they are so who cares? They decided to live an unhealthy lifestyle, that's their issue, not mine.
I already can but thx

Except private healthcare is your issue, since you will pay more for worse care than under a socialized system.

50% of people are obese. Most don't exercise or eat healthy. 40% of people drink alcohol regularly. Some off percentage smoke. Lots of people do all of these things at the same time. These people don't live better, they treat their body like trash and you're fighting to keep them alive so they can get right back to their soda and tv and wait for their 4th heart attack.

Capitalism created this situation where governments take money from companies that produce animal/processed food products and then don't do much to prevent public health illnesses like heart disease and cancer. There's also the fact that health only takes up 28% of federal spending. And as others have said, it would become cheaper under socialization seeing the healthcare industry are just charging whatever they want

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Works for me in Euroland, although you bring a fair point OP, maybe Amerimutts are too retarded for such advanced system.

Are you going to address these arguments or not?

The fact is that it is objectively better for you to live in a public system than a private one. Even while paying for Lardass McBurger to get his 12th heart surgery, you STILL pay less for your own care than in a private system.

You pay a shit ton of taxes, genius. And I've had surgery before that cost me a few hundred bucks total out of pocket because I have health insurance (that my employer pays for).

you know when you are poor is usually not by choice

Which I prefer that to hoping employers in my shit country would be nice enough to include health insurance(they tend to be massive pieces of shit who've gotten used to low standards of my countrymen) AND still having to pay for surgery.

you already can because you are economically privileged, but you really need to understand that not everyone can survive in that scenario, actually a large portion of your country cant. you would only need to give an incredibly small amount of your income to do so, just as everyone else. Its a win win situation. If it hasnt been implemented yet its because of the privatized established health makes a lot of profit from people's ruin, and as always the system looks for their benefit over the public one. One last note, in europe a lot of countries have public health, and it only improves people's lives. You dont need to worry because this as been widely proven to work

Actually, over 50% of Americans pay zero net taxes so no, it's not "everyone" else. It's employed people paying for unemployed people.

Unless he lives in Sweden, Luxumbourg, or Denmark, not only did he pay nothing out of pocket, he ACTUALLY PAID LESS TAXES THAN YOU.

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i didnt knew that. What a piece of shit tax system you have there

That's because they can't afford to pay taxes.

does that graph take diet and lifestyle into consideration?

do an apples to apples comparison. the average annual cost to someone who is employed and has a healthy BMI.

You do have an arguable point, but stop to consider: Could more effective healthcare, and less financial precarity (private healthcare costs are a leading cause in bankruptcies) lead to healthier lifestyle?

I would argue it could lead to less healthy lifestyles. If obesity-caused diseases and issues are easier to treat, that means being "unhealthy" really "isnt' so bad" because someone can "fix" your bad decisions. Idk if that is what would actually happen, but I could imagine a fair number of people taking the attitude of "who cares, the doctors will fix it later".

Free healthcare will keep those people from getting fat, and being fat like that means more health problems which you have to pay for anyway because they will still go to the emergency room when they have a heart attack, and if they don't have insurance to cover it, the hospital passes the cost along to its other patients since absorbing the cost of treatment ends up just part of operational costs.

This one is going in my delusional user folder.

You shouldn't. Don't. Stop.

Your position is based on supposition, mine is based on the state of the world as it stands today. Seems like the ball is in your court, my dude.

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Got a source for that? The free lunch class sure pays fuck all for taxes off their capital gains.

OP is right. There is no reason why such a massive burden should be placed on taxpayers to support the healthcare of people who eat poorly when such behavior is so common. It is far wiser to attack the system that encourages the sale of cheap and addictive products absolutely loaded with carbs and harmful chemical additives in the first place. The fact that it is cheaper and more convenient for the average Burgerstani to buy their namesake food than make a simple albeit less-than-healthy meal from relatively fresh ingredients should be considered shameful.

He's technically correct in the narrowest, most meaningless sense. Federal income tax is zero or negative for the bottom bracket, but other taxes federal (including federal payroll taxes like FICA) and state/local (especially sales taxes) ignore the bracket system, to produce a roughly flat total tax burden:

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Maybe there wouldn't be an obesity crisis if we actually had a better health education and stopped allowing companies to brainwash people from birth with their advertisements.
I think a lot of people overestimate how smart they are and how much freewill they have and underestimate how important reinforcement is. Humans tend to internalize based on repetition, it doesn't matter if it's playing an instrument, learning math, or remembering to put on a condom. Simply knowing a fact will not nudge most people into the direction of a lifestyle change, it really needs to be a massive public effort to constantly bombard the population with health-positive propaganda 24/7. There's a reason companies like cocacola spend billions a year to advertise to a population who already know of its product's existence and how unhealthy it is, because it fucking works. Most people don't try to get fat and know it's bad, but when you're only gaining a few pounds a year you don't notice it, and if you're young you can get pretty fat without feeling the full effects of obesity because the human body is just that tenacious. By the time you actually start to feel the body wearing down, often it's already too late because their brain is hooked on bad habits and craves unhealthy food. Combine that with most people having sedentary jobs that require you to sit for long periods of time with shitty posture and during your peak waking hours, making it even more difficult to start working out and finding the time to cook proper food. The entire foundation of our society is based around convenience at the cost of quality and health; obesity wasn't a problem until the past ~50 years.

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Having fresh food available is nice, but far from vital, remember not to spread the pseudoscientific "muh food deserts" meme (especially in its most ludicrous form of taxing sugar and fat). I will say two things that should certainly be done, which are to put cooking and other home economics subjects back into public schools (for both sexes) to pick up the slack where a generation of restaurant/takeout-eating Gen X/Millennial parents have failed:
And to reinstate mandatory physical education:

Agreed with the need for constant and pervasive health propaganda
Not to mention the fact that burgerstanis get basically no the time off (especially paid time off!). On top of that, as I suggested above about mandating phys ed at schools, something similar by employers would be very helpful:

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If people go to the ER for a heart attack they're going to get treated regardless of whether or not they can pay, and if they can't then it's coming out of tax money.

Socialized healthcare allows people quicker access to preventative medicine, and allows people to afford healthier food on a day to day basis.

Speaking of being unhealthy;

Burger here, I’ve been trying to lose weight, been thinking of eating/drinking more veggies and replacing soda with green tea. Also been trying to cut carbs when I can and have a bit more protein.

I have alot of weight I need to lose, been also thinking of doing intermittent fasting once a month to help lose fat weight.

I hope I’ll be able to do this.

It's not you alone who pay taxes. That persons parents, grandparents and other relatives also pay taxes.

Additionally it is not the fat person who is to be blamed for being fat. Blame cultural crapitalism which promotes unhealthy and dumb lifestyle as well as crapitalism for providing shitty, unhealthy food.

You don't even have to be employed to pay sales tax, retard.

Guy isn't that fat, I think there may be something genuinely wrong with him. Also he looks like Tourettes Guy.

disheatening news, guess I'll start having more sake.

It's not universal healthcare you're against OP; it's health insurance altogether.


I know it's a bit on the expensive side, but you might also try seltzer water. When I gave up soda it was surprising that I didn't really miss the taste or the sugar, but that bubbly feeling in my throat.

this is the average Zig Forums poster ladies and gentlemen

Based on what assumption?

I weaned myself off sugary drinks with drink mix, slowly increasing the dilution over time until water became palatable again.


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Misleading figure due to averaging across porky wealth, median annual wages in the US are now less than $30,000 a year.

What make YOU the decider of what government programs are allowed to exist? You wanna live in a stable society this is how you so it.

Someone trying to improve their lifestyle?

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