Pol in a nutshell:"But it's da joooooos"… :O

Pol in a nutshell:"But it's da joooooos"… :O

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I thought Zuckerberg was #1 now? What happened, did a bunch of investors pull out?

No. He is just nr.5.

Capitalism would be fine if the Jews were removed and the CEOs and capitalists were white. People of the same Volk could then harmoniously live side by side and work for their greater good of their race. Racial brothers must and should not fight each other

HAHAHAHAHA, kill yourself, faggot!

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smh how deluded do you have to be to actually believe this?

you can't defeat us at this point we've already won

Win what? Also nice job dodging the implied question you retard. What is stopping people like Jeff Bezos from super exploitin' you under your whitey ethnostate? Absolutely nothing because your leader just like Hitler will cuck out to the megacorps and let them do their thing.

Does it hurt, when you are so stupid?

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A new Hitler would be the best thing, that could happen to the Porky's…

But freedom does not interest the Nazi… the main thing the white race has the power … xD

That's fucking gold

I know how much nazis like to quote-mine Marx's On the Jewish Question, so would it kill you to actually read it?

yes because all the most powerful capitalists allow lists of themselves to be published and totally don't have hidden wealth….

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But if they are in control of everything and everyone, what do they have to hide?

Umm sweetie, rubbing your omnipotence in the face of the plebs is how the French and Russian Royal families ended up without heads…

Which is why they spend so much time and money crushing left wing movements to avoid that ever happening again.

What is even the point of having several tens of billions of dollars if you're not showing everyone? You can't do anything with that kind of money. It's all abstract shit based on stock valuations and even if you liquidate some to spend you couldn't think up enough stuff to spend it on.

hoarding money can affect economies to bend to your will.
It's about power in order to bring about a world government under their control.
They can manipulate markets and economies into crashes or stimulate them by their sheer spending power in order to facilitate political changes.

This is bait, I've never seen a nazi post with proper interpunction and grammar

You're right. The establishment has won again, like always.

disappointed, but not surprised

you believe the bush family when they claim their collective net worth is only 50 million USD, don't you?

Marx only attacks the jews on the basis of religion, not on a biological basis, his screed against the jewish religion is interchangeable with any other communist's screed against religion of the time

das it mane

They claim it's 400 million actually.

And if a small, white group or even a white king has hidden wealth, it is totally ok for you right?

Wealth dissipates rapidly through inheritance. How many Rothschilds are actually rich, rather than merely languishing among the lower reaches of an impoverished cadet branch? How many modern Rothschild descendents are there, hundreds?

Individuals with wealth show up on these lists, spooky "families" with individually unremarkable amounts of wealth and zero loyalty of any particular type quite deservedly don't.

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Warren Buffett is a Marxist. He used Marx capital to get up there.

not really, no. the families with the real wealth, I mean the real big boy wealth, retain it for a very long time generationally, almost in perpetuity. there are still families in northern Italy who retain their wealth and prestige which stems from merchant families of Venice going all the way back to the 12th century. Rothschilds aren't too much of a big deal any more because they never set up a proper male line of sole inheritance but even still any individual Rothschild is still a mid tier millionaire on average, and publicly too.

the whole "familial wealth evaporates after three generations" only applies to the small fries of money, the middling small businessmen and the like, and is incidentally a Republican talking point used to rally opposition against inheritance tax laws. gg, radlib.

what's it like LARPing as a member of the wealthy online?

i dunno where I even remotely implied in that post that I was wealthy

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If you're only interested in eliminating wealthy Jews and not just Jews in general, you might as well become a communist. The Soviets and other ML states have a far better record of expropriating and disempowering the Jewish bourgeoisie compared to the fascists.

So he says. That would make him one of the most evil out of all of them.

These are just the most conspicuous of the ruling class though. Families like the Rockefellars, Mellons, DuPonts, Waltons know to distribute their well a little better so they don't make lists like this.

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This is outdated probably. Asia has the most billionaires of all now.

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Forbes list is like the 1% of the 1%, you can look at it now and there's only 5 Chinese and 3 Indians

What i do not understand is why somebody gives a fuck, if a rich capitalist exploiter is white, jewish, asian or indian…exploitation is the problem! Not race or religion!

I'd update it but the list on their website is bugged and you have to pay for the spreadsheet. But, I'd still imagine Europeans being on the top of the list.

Bezos is jewish

Wrong. Nice try tho.


Umm sorry but this is some major over-representation?

It's getting harder each day to distinguish parody from reality

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Leftists never have been good at distinguishing.

stopped reading tbh

Is there any explanation for it? Whenever I debate a nazbol they bring it up. It's the ultimate "gotcha".

The truth is that no one on an anonymous image board actually knows. If their related it could just be to inheritance and nepotism. It could be that they're Zig Forums level Jews and are actually in a concerted effort to promote Jews over other races, but even if that were true it doesn't mean shit. The vast majority of Jews/jews/jewish people/da j00s (or any other race/ethnicity/whatever), don't give a shit. The average person's life doesn't change in any way just because someone of their same self-identified race happens to be on some top 10 rich list. If it were true then I'd be against them in just the way that being against a neo-nazi isn't being anti-white, and the main concern should be about why the fuck do we live in a society where they can achieve such gross amount of wealth (on the backs of others) in the first place.

I also doubt whether or not someone is a "jew" based on Zig Forums's word alone, as they don't really seem to have any objective criteria, but rather who they "feel" is a jew (like having a certain last name, or not having blonde hair).

Rothschild will never be named because they are royalty/lordly.

Or Zig Forums is right, dumbass.

It's not a gotcha at all for Zig Forumsyp SJWs, for the same reason that disproportionate numbers of blacks and hispanics in the bottom brackets aren't a gotcha for Tumblrina SJWs: Because even if class were actually dominated by any one clan/race/ethnicity/nationality/religion/other identity (though it's not), the inherent oppression and dysfunction of the class system itself is the problem, as its elimination would render any theoretical conspiracy like Zig Forums or Tumblr fret about impossible.

As for explaining the Jews specifically? Like other remnants of idpol today, sheer inertia. Jews had higher literacy due to the destruction of the temple and forcing laity to become capable of upholding scripture, and diaspora Jews were prohibited from working in "normal" fields for millennia, pushing them into "undesirable" peddler and service sectors, furthered by religious prohibitions against would-be Christian/Muslim competitors working in finance. This backfired when capitalism began to replace feudalism, and suddenly the downtrodden bourgeois were pushed to the top of the heap. During more modern times, widespread prohibitions against Jews in universities, law firms, doctors' offices, banks, and other prestigious entities were put in place, forcing Jews to create their own separate parallel entities in these sectors, which outcompeted them due to experience and determination.

There are cultural, historical, and probably genetic factors that make Jews more likely to be so wealthy.

Representation of whom or what? Of "The Jews" as a community who send delegates to the ultra rich? I heard 9 out of 10 wealthy people are blonde, is this not some major over-representation?

Why do you believe the world is like a computer in which you install a new operating system?

Reasoning like this is meaningless in the actuality of things, there is no meta-system, let alone a harmonious meta-solution.

It's about the jew occulture not the jews religion

Where’s the Rothschilds

Why do you believe the class system enforced by capitalism is inherent to human society?

There's nothing mystical about the fact that without capitalism, there would be no capitalist class, and with only worker-owners, there would be no way for individuals to concentrate power over others.

New types of social conflicts could certainly occur under socialism, but shadowy cabals of scheming plutocrats wouldn't be one of them.

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Weird, so you can replace "The Jews" with whites then huh?

Well no you can't do that because "white supremacy" lol.

This is a list of owners of public shares. It does not include any of the actual richest people in the world. No Rothchildes, no Sultans, no Emirs.
In other words, it's bullshit.

They're there, you'll notice the first one pops up at #1284 with a mere $1.8B:
Because that would be totally nonsensical. They have no personal wealth distinguishable from the assets of their fiefdom, or (if they're merely a princeling) whatever their overlord chooses to grant them at any moment. Here's a list, the first autocracy are the Saudis, at #33 with $772B:


There’s no way to really hide when you have that much money. It is true, though, that there are several hundred of obscure billionaires who’s names and businesses aren’t in the popular consciousness, and its also true that Forbes numbers are based on guesswork that can’t possibly factor in certain assets, or swiss and other offshore bank accounts. Literally everyone in those specualtive lists is definitely significantly wealthier than they say.

The Rothschilds are a somewhat disconnected family not an individual.