Racial compatriots should and must collaborate within the framework of the national state – a racial and social...

Racial compatriots should and must collaborate within the framework of the national state – a racial and social organism which operates for the greater good of one's Volk and not for the interests of a class. Gone is the class state, here is the VOLKISCH state, neutral arbiter and re-conciliator between labor and capital. This is true socialism, Volkisch Socialism.

There is nothing more natural than social organism that is one's own Volk. To disrupt one part of this natural hierarchical formation within the Volksgemeinschaft is to harm the whole.

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Tl;dr lmao

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I can guess with pretty good accuracy that you are just another rootless cosmopolitan who sadly knows no connection to the soil of his ancestors. You are a person without a Volk. It's sad in a way what the Jew is doing to the people of this world


Nazis are dumb

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Jews do not know racial kinship with Aryans. The system would be far less exploitative if racial harmony existed within capitalism (the natural system of Aryan man). Jews, as we know, are of a different species than the European (as are the other "races" of this planet)

I'm going to regret unironically pushing a Nazi onward but why do you need a transition stage?

A transition stage to what? The state form desired by Na.tional Socialists is the be all, end all. There will be no transition to a "stateless, classless society" (if that's what you're getting at). The state is the instrument of the Volk to serve in its interests. Hitler describes this well in Mein Kampf

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You said far less exploitative, implying there would still be exploitation. I assumed you said far less as a way of saying that eventually exploitation would stop.


Keep in mind that a Jew coined the definition of capitalism you are adhering to. Capitalism is a satanic force which is contributing to globalization, mass immigration and many other evils and this is why it must be overcome.

Provided that a person contributes to society they shall reap the benefits (i.e. be given a job, healthcare, education.) Wage labor will continue, though. There is nothing wrong with it as long as workers are provided a living wage

Thank you user I needed a good laugh today, 8/10, that last part gave it away though, too boomer tier, fix that next time.

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I don't know what you're talking about. Are you denying that capitalism is conductive to globalization? What is the EU but a ☘️free trade☘️ superstate run by Jewish capitalists for the use of shifting around capital and labor easily? People getting old and not reproducing? Better important these brown subhumans to work for me!

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There is nothing wrong with any of this

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it's another exciting and original episode of "I'm ok with sucking my bosses' dicks as long as they're pale and uncut"

Muh Volksgemeinschaft
Muh human nature
Muh Class collaboration
Muh 300 Gorrilion Kulaks


Spoken like a true capitalist tool, which you are. There's no slavery in actual socialism. You get the gulag, doofus.

"not socialism" is only an instrument of the Bourgeoisie, to prevent the Proletarians from freeing themselves from their chains!

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Read a book you faggot. Preferably something that isn't the deranged manifesto if a toothbrush moustached classcuck or SIEGE.

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so a neo-gommunist book is better? Truly, you have enlightened us all.

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Yes, those are actually pretty great.

SEIGE is a pretty cool book though, its honestly kind of Blanquist

I mean to say "neo nazi blog" since I know neo nazis don't even publish books besides Siege.

read a book

The state is an institution of class rule, you moron.

stopped reading at "Racial compatriots"


Wrong. Nice assertion but it will remain merely that. The only reason you believe that is because you read it from Marx or Engels. The state doesn’t have to be an organ of class rule, it can be (and will be) a governing body of the entire Volk. All interests will be reconciled for the good of community. This is possible and has been done in the past.

And you felt the need to inform me why?

Another assertion. Millions of Germans, regardless of class came together and rallied around the idea of “Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Führer”. Genuine patriotism. How can you reduce it to something as abstract as “proletariat versus bourgeoisie”? Class reductionism, as is typical of Marxists. The German people rejected Marxism and your Jewish internationalism for a unified community, working together as one Volk for the good of ALL not one class or another fighting each other. Class rule from above – this is not desirable. Class rule from below – this too is undesirable. What we need is a third way

There is nothing wrong with wage labor and your labor theory of value is crackpot garbage. Nineteenth century exploitation does not occur in the first world (the only world of the three that matters and is comprised of actual human beings)

Why are people replying to this idiotic thread?

This is you

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>Capitalism is a satanic force which is contributing to globalization, mass immigration and many other evils and this is why it must be overcome.
That's one spicy take.


On itself it isn't, but only under capitalism wage labour becomes a dominant method of reproducing one's existence.

this is just naz

So should white diaspora return to Europe?

You mean what the Bourgeoisie needs, right…


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It is daaa Jooooooos!!!!!!!

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So the only reason you hate Jews is because you wish to be the Jew instead?

Fascists and their aesthetics. Disgustingly intellectually dishonest.

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How do the Jews reconcile labor and capital? The Jews are both the capitalist and the communism, two sides of the same punt. Fomenting division within us is their speciality

Even if … then the Jews are just as stupid Nazis, as you pol-retards, who obey their jewish Bourgeoisie!

That's why Stalin killed them too!

Jew Pig and White Pig are fit for the same rope.

No such thing as a jewish hivemind. Jewish workers are exploited like the white and black workers.

Even IF that were true, the fact stands that it is within the Jewish spirit to be opposed to Aryans and there will be friction in any multiracial community and there is an overwhelming amount of Jews at the top

literal fanfiction

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Completely justifiable
Why would they get free handouts?
Giving it to members of the Volk
To a Marxist anything and everything is muh exploitation
It's because he was

Muh Volk
Muh genetics
Muh class hierarchy

lmfao the ABSOLUTE STATE of Zig Forumstards

No arguments or evidence given as usual. Lmao you stormfags are so clueless it's hilarious.

I can't hold all these spooks

Booooo, i am the spirit of the jooooooo

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You do not understand the essential racial spirit of the Jew in comparison to the Aryan. Read “You Gentiles” and you will understand why Jews and other races are incompatible through their very natures. It’s basic biology

I thought it is a spirit?

I don’t understand what you’re implying. Nice pilpul

white people are on both sides, too, genius

Fuck off with this mysticism. We're materialists here and do not give a flying fuck what you think of "spirits".
Being this unscientific will help you justify literally anything.

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If you are willing to kill non-jewish exploiters too, we could work together, but not otherwise!