Terrorism by ideology

We all knew this already, but it's important to present facts. The right is and always will be the biggest threat to us all.

This is the face of the alt right and identitarian movements. AntiFa might be reckless and annoying at times, but claiming they are morally equivalent to the alt right is a blatant false equivalence.

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I'm probably the most "pro-antifa" posters here, but anyone but the biggest retard knows that antifaggots are nowhere near the aut-right in terms of harm done to individuals.

I'm mostly refering to the dipshits that always claim to be "pacifists" and that "both the alt right and AntiFa are two sides of the same coin".

Either way, I'm not a member of the black bloc, nor am I an active member of antifa. I'm simply presenting the inmutable fact that the right wing is the wing of terrorism.

Antifa is, if anything, a necessary evil.

Those aren't even "leftist" murders done by anarchists or communists etc, most of the violence attributed to the left are often done by animal rights activists, pacifists (yes even them) and environmentalists.

One can only wish lefties would go out and murder some politicians like they used to during the industrial era.

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What level of galaxy brain is pacifist terrorism?

I wish the left-wing’s numbers looked like the bottom. People’s War when?

Because they defend their country against leftwing-terrorists and invaders?

While you may be right, those groups are usually lumped into the left, if only because environmentalism, "pacifism", animal rights activists are usually left leaning policies.

Either way, we are still vastly outnumbered by the right.

Sure. I totally see how school shootings, UTR tragic murder of Heather Heyer and related white nationalist terrorist attacks is "defending their country against leftwing-terrorists and invaders".

That is, of course, since you nazi fucks consider any non-white (germanic-nordic) a threat to you white idpol horseshit.

If anything, 'you white supremacists and SJWs are the same shit, just different asshole'.

i would love to see what this map would look like if we started counting police murders as what they are; right wing terrorism

This is from Vox.

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I highly doubt anyone here is like that fam.
You can't be a member of a tactic, and it's with good reason they aren't organizations else after the recent protests they'd be bankrupt and possibly be seeing more severe charges.


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Pretty much this, denouncing terrorism is moralfag tier

I completely agree, provided that these groups (whether a revolutionary “cell” or more of a paramilitary group) do not indiscriminately target innocents or attempt an ultra-left moves such as thinking they can overthrow the government without mass support. Those who completely repudiate illegal tactics are opportunist in the extreme, essentially lapdogs at that point. I’ve always wanted to found a group hypothetically for any COINTELPRO goons and if I did / do I would definitely focus heavily on a paramilitary aspect alongside other forms of party work (serving the people type stuff + electoralism).

Wow thanks for this unbiased statistic


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Ah yes, like last time.

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scratch a pacifist and somebody from the bourgouisie will bleed

the nazi will cry out in pain as he spends five minutes unsuccessfully trying to tear your sign in half strikes you

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Yeah, the south is pretty shit.

If anything this should encourage leftists to commit more "terrorist" attacks against porkies, pigs, nazis, and other reactionaries.

not exactly hard proof but this is the first thing that came to mind

Read Days of Rage. During the late 60s and early 70s there was a ton of bombings and shootings carried by far left wing groups, and many of them were supported by sympathetic factions the government and media. The only reason they weren't too successful was because it was a bunch of dindus and upper middle class jewish college kids.

might as well cite reddit

Faggotry is fascism

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this but unironically

The ADL has scary-good intelligence (being state sponsored at all) so their info on the far right is top notch. They will also lump in anti-Israel protests too of course so you gotta pick and choose what info they put out.

ADL also recently released an interactive map which has years and years of data of practically every single Nazi flyer, rally, etc. in America. Private meetings. Data provided by anonymous sources. Very useful info and I would encourage anti-fascist groups to study it.

Yeah there were two great waves of left-wing terror in America. The anarchists in the early 20th century and then the 60s-70s. I'm going to go out on a limb for a moment and say that I would not recommend these tactics unless you're inclined to get yourself hurt, killed or incarcerated for the rest of your life. Count me out.

Not to mention that it's retarded without mass-support in most cases. A leftist bombing / assassination spread from isolated "terrorists" would likely just embolden right-wing support

screencap? It's throwing the same hissyfit about clicking a nonexistant consent form like tumblr does because that one Euro bill is costing it datamining clickels.

There's an interesting book from Zero Books on the feds' war on Maoists in the 60s and 70s. The alphabets instructed their informants within the SDS at the group's convention to vote for the more vanguardist types (who later formed the Weather Underground) for precisely this reason.

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That sounds super interesting, I found it pretty easily too. Definitely will give it a read

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I keep my own map of fascist flyers and so on, and what the ADL had tracked pretty closely with mine, though they had some stuff I didn't. They're mostly relying on public sources but also have confidential sources, such as when a synagogue receives a threat or flyers that don't get reported.

I mean I wouldn't trust them or talk to them ever. But if they're releasing info on the white-power movement then have at it. If the info is good I don't care where it comes from. Most of the info on the neo-Nazi, white power movement that's out there comes from the movement in any case.

The ADL have good sources and research. It's their "opinion" pieces that are utter shite.

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I look forward to the inevitable bukkake of buzz-word salad and presentist revisions of history.

did you ever stop to think it's because your ideology is a total joke that is only taken seriously once it gains institutional power and uses egregious violence in order to enforce its tenets?

How's that hollywood-approved workers Revolution coming along?

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Islam isn't a far-right ideology?