Netanyahu spews fascist rhetoric on Twitter

This shit could be straight out of Mein Kampf. Did Netanyahu finally go off the deep end? It's like he has become a parody of himself.

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Yeah, because Israel is threatened by absolutely nothing.

Looking at this it seems quite obvious that you just need to wait for a few minutes on Zig Forums and you'll have YPG poster and Bookchinhead declaring Israel as the most progressive achievement of humanity and that they should kill more mudslimes.

Sadly, no it isn't. It enjoys the absolute protection of the right and of some of the world's most powerful states. I wish we could just nuke it.

What we really need is based Christcom poster to appear and tell us how every American and Israeli citizen must be put to the sword, and their lands burned to ash, before the global millenarian socialist kingdom can be brought upon the earth.

Israelis are really beyond saving at this point. This is so disgusting. I have no clue how to save these Palestinian people. They deserve way better than this. It's like watching what Whites did to Native Americas with newer technologies. It's wrong but no major power is willing to stop them.

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He is right though. It is better to be strong than weak. Saying it sounds like something Hitler would have said is not an argument. It also sounds like something Lenin or any other revolutionary would say.

Also we're discussing Israel, not the middle east as a whole

1) if you claim this is meant in some sort of "revolutionary" way whatsoever, you're either an israeli shill or a retard
2) Go check the actual tweet, he followed this up with discourse about the Arab aggressors or some shit. It's very clear what this is aiming at
3) kys you retarded netanyahu defending liberal scum

I did not claim that. The point is there is nothing inherently fascist in the tweet itself
I've seen the tweet hours before it was posted on this slow-ass board. And he is talking about normalizing relations with Arab countries for lasting peace, literally the opposite of what you're saying. He only mentioned Iran stationing forces in Syria and of course Israel is going to oppose that. Why do you support Iran occupying Syria?
I promise to kys myself if you learn to read first

This sounds like an anime villain, it's more cringeworthy than frightening. Especially because by now everyone here should have realized what Israel is.

Israel is backed both by the US and by Saudi Arabia in addition to its nuclear aresenal. Who legitimately threatens them? Some broke Palestinians being pushed further into open air prisons? Iran, who can't hope to compete against the combined forces of burgerland, saudis, or israel? Internet leftists, lolberts, radlibs, and nationalists who couldn't even muster the resources for a battalion if they stopped infighting within their own groups and untied across vast divides?

Did someone call

To be honest I was kind of suprised when I've seen it this morning as well. I wasn't thinking that much if it was fascist or not but what PM would put on his twitter something edgy like "weak crumble, they are slaughtered and so on". Even drumpf isn't co cringy like this guy, I first thought it's fake profile of some 4shit/pol/ memester.

The Irony is that Israel is the weak, and America is the strong. Israel is completely dependent on America, if hypothetically America no longer wanted to support Israel, Israel would crumble into the dust. Israel’s military advantage comes from high tech weapons that are made in America, there specialized fuel is made in America. Israel is weak, and needs a strong superpower to keep it alive.

Do your effort to report zionists, it's rare to see them reported but we don't want them here

Wouldn't we rather engage in debate demolishing their shitty arguments?

the absolute state of leftism

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By this logic the workers aren’t oppressed because they’re the majority of the population. Nice try neocon shill.

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This is what ethnonationalists actually believe.

Insha'Allah, the Zionists will suffer the same fate that their Anglo allies in Zimbabwe did.

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take off that nazbol flag you fake

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nonwhites have higher frequency of homosexual acts than whites. Also, you're implying that all the gay shit being pushed is coming from white people instead of God's chosen people.

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I wish I would have to solve 1st world problems (not really).

It is better for everybody to be strong than it is for some to be strong and some to be weak.
Capitalists support gun control. They do this because they fear the strength of an armed populace, because they are used to trampling on the rights of the people.

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lol wordfilters
☘️the chosen people☘️ are not capitalists. They use the government to advance their own agenda because their underhanded bullshit cannot survive in a truly-free market.

lol parenthesisfilters
what the fuck is this board, even?



It has, though. You and your people call them "smugglers".

That's a funny word, isn't it? "Smugglers". Say it out loud. Read it. Type it. Smuggler.

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I really should have just said "statists". Apologies. Let me clarify; I meant statists call them smugglers. Including but not limited to the Juden.


It literally isn't. The last existential threat Israel faced was in 1973, and unfortunately the Syrians and Egyptians failed to push them into the sea.

surely you can't be trying to say that bottle rockets and kites aren't enough to threaten the strongest military in the middle east?

He knows that there's no consequences for anything he does, so he doesn't care. Israel outright murders Palestinians on a daily basis and the international community does nothing.

Go figure.

>>>/liberty/ is right over there m8.

Here you go user, you have the power in your hands to cleanse your mind of this profound ignorance. It's up to you to use it.

read stalin

And Lenin.

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Never talk to me or my people again Sir xD


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You sweet summer Child…

About half of founders of Israel publicly admired Hitler before he launched the final solution.

He's right. It's just he's putting it in the manner of a spastic edgelord.