What is the least classcucked country to move to with a bachelor's degree?

What is the least classcucked country to move to with a bachelor's degree?

I don't forsee the situation in the US getting better. I live in one of the most class cucked states. I hate it here; is there anywhere marginally better where Americans are welcomed?

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Why don't you move to North Korea?

Some euro states have succdem policies in action. France has a neoliberal leading them so it won't last long. I'd say maybe somewhere in Western/Northern Europe.

might be very painful tbh

People like you keep the masses from becoming communists … fuck you!

you'll have to fight wherever you go

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no you

Yea well I would prefer not to…

I'm about as leftists as anyone else here

Sure FBI…

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Shit picture. Feminist issues are legit.

Cuba, the DPRK, Vietnam. They may not be socialist countries but I believe (at least in Cuba) that the people are pretty class conscious. Also wouldn't be surprised if it's the same in the other two.
Also consider that in none of those countries people are going to judge you for being a socialist.

Wait nvm I didn't read your last sentence. You are fucked tbh

Shut the fuck up FBI! You Bourgeoisie-Dogs will get what you deserve!

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Portugal, or the rest of southern Europe, maybe Uruguay?

This picture is plain embarrassing, why would anyone save it?

if you're not willing to fight the forces which have made so many places inhospitable and predicated your desire to relocate then you don't deserve to be anywhere

No silly billy, larping accomplishes nothing. Fuck you and your dead ass cause.

Things like the typical IdPol LARPers make anarcho-Nihilism, Anarcho-Egoism or Posadism more appealing.

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these people are literally retarded and aren't leftist by any stretch of the imagination


is higher education really bourgeois?

yea, shitting around calling people LARPers cus they think others should do literally anything at all to improve our collective conditions instead of running away to other countries is for sure a good way to spend your time

please go outside and actually apply yourself to something positive for once

But can't you fit idpol into any of those as well?
I remember that one of the biggest champions of the post-left anarcho-nihilist cause on Zig Forums was a user that namefagged as "n1x" and zhe was a mentally ill transcreature and one of the biggest idpol LARPers Zig Forums has ever seen

shitting or sitting, it's all the fucking same at this point

DPRK and Vietnam are complete trash for class consciousness and you're retarded for mentioning them.

Stay where you are and spread class consciousness where you live. If class consensus isn’t spread to reactionary prols in Burgerland revolution there will never succeed. Revolution can only succeed when all prols are united.

n1x was an example of Zig Forums's namefag curse, where all namefags are destined to become mentally ill trannies. Howard Scott will soon be wearing a dress and afroplasm will be on hrt by 2020.

t. liberal



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Got a problem with Gramsci you tastelet?


This is the kind of pic made by kids who are into politics for the memes

rojava, you would also help the revolution there

kys misandrist. Feminism is the reason Bernie lost. The most lefty candidate in like 50 years, and feminists brought him down because he was FUCKING A WHITE MALE

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Stop wasting your time (and ours, indirectly) with proprietary social media.

chiapas in mexico is the most socialist place in the earth right now i think

and you are a reactionary incel who probably never talked to a girl in his life. Dont blame liberal feminists for being confused, blame who confused them. Thats like shitting on the working class because of classcuckness, its idiotic and you just looking to ideological answers to validate your personal biased views on women.

nice try hillary

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Feminism is literally a tool by the bourgeois to convince dumb women to vote for succdems.

Feminism divides the working class

They are actively going out and spreading their ideology, i.e. confusing others.

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the CIA posted this to decide which country to invade next

Nearly every country is "classed cucked" to an extant.
And it's your ducking fault for not trying to build a revolutionary public opinion.