Death of /ourguy/?

Seems like one of the last Youtubers that hasn't been a total idpol spastic has gone and caved in. First he announces what is basically the end of his YouTube channel because some Twitter shits cried about 'muh ableism', second he goes and makes @AnarchoBro96 private and now this. I always knew he had a bit of a weak side when it came to idpolers despite his rants against them, as he was always pandering to Mexie in his comments, but I never saw this coming.

Can someone recommend some other good socialist YouTubers?

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Stop watching brainlet Youtubers and read theory, make your own conclusions and put what theory you can into praxis. Youtube shit is a massive waste of time

Don't watch youtube, read and go outside instead.

Umm, no?

There ain't any.


Jim Profit is not only the best socialist youtuber, but possibly the most original contemporary marxist theorist

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Name one of his vids where he talks about class struggle.

This is what you get for falling for anarkiddie meme


what else is new


There’s a million more “indigenous” idpolers who like Deng than idpol anarchists.


this happens to everyone on the left sooner or later when they get popular in 'the scene' and then their spooked liberal popular friends wouldn't like their real opinions so they tone it down until it becomes toothless.

Cry some more nigger

Your average ML trans non-binary black/indigenous nationalists who calls you a racist chauvinist for not worshipping Xi at least won't fall for porky propaganda memes, I have met so many anarchists who fall for stuff like Russiagate, Corbyn hates Jews, etc. - granted, not on here but when you meet anarchists in the normiesphere you'll encounter those types.

This is what happens when you're an e-celeb out for approval and good boy points.


In meatspace and other online places I've not encountered an anarchist who cares about muh russia or thinks corbyn is an anti-semite. In fact the ones I know mock liberals for such foolishness. On the other hand I've been attacked for being a white chauvinist by one ML, got called a prostitution and tranny loving libfem by another ML, and accused of anti-white degenerate by a nazbol ML all in one day. Yall niggas need to get your own house cleaned up before you go criticizing us.

EveRYoNe'S LibERAl iDpOL bUt mE

Anarchists always fall for their own inconpetence, idpol is just one of them

It's kind of funny that Fat'ko caved in to the idpol types and then had to set his twitter account to private due to being bullied by trannies and idpol types. Well played, sir.

This is why Social Media is cancer. It makes people afraid to say what is really on their minds because they have become too oversocialized and become afraid of upsetting their new "tribe".

Yeah, take me for instance. I'm a lefty but I totally am aginst liberal (And right-wing) idpol and recognize it as the idiocy that it is. Heck I realized years ago, during the whole Gamergate thing, that these SJWs are nothing but useful idiots for the rich capitalist class, and that they are just being used by these corporations as easy money to be made.

The big thing about it is that the SJW leadership is only doing it as a way to try to gain fame and money while the rank and file follow it out of either narcissism or idiocy, and that make them susceptible to being co-opted by porky.

Most people who self id as anarchist or ML in the Anglosphere could be considered more or less SJW if we're going to be completely honest

I'm an idpol guy.

Women belong in the household raising children, men belong in the workforce.
A strong military is necessary.
Drug dealers should suffer severe punishment, drugs in general should be discouraged.
Transgender people are mentally ill, as are the gays, as are the feminists and men-going-their-own-way faggots.
Anti-theists are consumerist retards, spirituality is necessary, even if one is not explicitly religious.
Fat people are also disgusting. Stop being fat.
Porn is disgusting and the people who peddle it will work in the mines.
The ruling class forces all these disgusting fuckers into our society to distract from themselves. A healthy society requires a healthy working class, in more than one way.

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And you're the retard for focusing on this pointless shit instead of porky.

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Haha, yeah, nah.
Religiousness/spirituality is fucking retarded and meant for people who are too weak and/or stupid to accept the intrinsic meaningless of reality and need to explicitly delude themselves with literal fairy-tales and make believe in order to not have their feefees hurt too much by the idea that they are nothing in the grand scheme of things. And don't even get me started on how it is also a powerful manipulation/control tool abused by those in power.

Greatly depends on the porn.
Porn itself isn't disgusting, it can be disgusting depending on the circumstances but it can also produce a high quality object of art if done right.

avoided my point as usual. Antitheists are some of the most pro-war, pro-zionism, pro-liberalism people on earth. Anyone who think's they're better than a God is equally a delusional retard as someone who sincerely believes in creationism.

Lad I am inclined to think you don't really know what atheism means

Whoa, I didn't know that the American congress/Politicians had shifted to atheism.
In fact they pretty much used to pass their whole career pandering to the religious retards and being huge religious retards themselves.
In fact… wait a minute, they still do, you are fucking wrong.

fixed that for you. gotta defend G-d's chosen people doncha know?

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Mao is saying here not to regard Marx as a prophet and to investigate matters yourself and to not think everything written in a book is true. He’s not saying to spend your day watching brainlet Youtubers when you could be actually educating yourself in much better ways or actually pulling your ass out of your armchair

Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in a Porky Propaganda Memes.

Leninists are responsible for 90% of sectarianism and idpol. Anarchists embracing a libertarian philosophy is probably what makes them less susceptible to idpol.

What about men who are good at raising children, and women who are scientists or engineers?

This is true

Prove that gay sex is bad, you can’t

Religion is a spook

Batko wants to fuck Mexie. That's the only explanation.

who the fuck is mexie?

some dumb blonde idpozzed bitch


Slippery slope is not a fallacy, SJWish corrupts you if you do not reject it entirely.

Based and redpilled.

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Batko made some funny memes but I wouldn't recommend grounding your politics in them.

I mean I'm not Hoxhaist but hell, reading all 16,000 volumes of his collected works would be a better political education.

You don't? Seldom you meet a girl radiating this much sexual energy.

I need some pics.

You can oppose Zionism without being a christfag you know, embracing religion out of a knee jerk reaction to NU atheism is dumb as fuck

Well I may as well bite.

I'll admit, I haven't caved in and gone "pro idpol". That being said however, I'm a lot more neutral to it. It's mostly due to me spending time in different leftist communities, pro idpol, anti-idpol etc.

If people are crying about me "apologising for abelism" it's more about a conception of me which tbh, I'm kind of sick and tired of getting pinned for, (past tweets getting out of context and so on) shit that I'm not based on language I've used. It's petty, but tbh, I'm sick and tired of having to deal with constant drama. I mean first it was the Kraut Drama, then EE drama and two more other bits of twitter spats that has honestly just worn me down and made me ask "what's the point"?

If you guys feel like I've betrayed you for appearing to cave into "le liberal crowd" don't. I'm not going to tell you to language police yourself, but the last thing I want is for people taking my edgy shitposts seriously and succumbing to poe's law, something that I've seen communities such as leftypol succumb to more than once. I guess I'm trying to work on some sort of synthesis between leftist communities.

Also the reason I deactivated my twitter was mostly due to the fact that I'm travelling and I don't want to be distracted with drama. I mean I fucking got accused of sending child porn with Pierre by this Anarchist Holy person on twitter. In any case I'd brush it off, but honestly, I'm kind of sick and tired of the petty callout culture that's found on leftist groups.

Furthermore, it's mostly out of respect to any new followers. Sadly, as you become bigger, you're going to have to bear a lot more responsibility, and I have to curb it with the edgy language, so be it. I still stand by deleting death to idpol, mostly because it was poorly directed, it's aged like sour milk, and I'd say I've developed a more nuanced opinion of it.

I guess I'm at a strange cross-road in my life, and I'm still trying to find out what I want to do, and who I want to be.

that being said, my door's still open. You guys are more than welcome to come and chat.


whoops, wrong link.

Fuck off eceleb, no one gives a fuck about you

'tis ok i forgive u

This thread indicates otherwise.

You're a cuck liberal lol

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I love you too

Out of all the Zig Forums ecelebs that have been around since 2014, Bat'ko is the one who did the most for Zig Forums after we split from BO's autism. If we are going to throw a tantrum over an internet famous guy cleaning up their language for a platform and excommunicate socialists for placing class struggle over anti-idpol, we may as well admit we have become the vampires we once sought to flee. It seems too many of yall have constructed your own vampire castle to compete with the vampire castle of idpol, one that will have the same disastrous impact on our "anti-idpol socialism" as the one Fisher wrote about.

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At first you keep shilling for Zig Forums after the BO spergout crisis and now you come here wanting us to join your shitty Discord™ room after appealing to Twitter IDpol liberals?

Fuck off.

You cuck out, self censor and should be ashamed of yourself, having your own pride smashed.

But this is expected, leftism is cuckoldry.

By not pointing out truth, you kill yourself.

Vampires are not bad because they seek the truth, but because they wish for everyone to fall.

nobody asked you that, autismo

brb gonna go trip my balls off on asprin and see what the machine-elves have to say about this

big if true, sauce?

underrated post

It's fine. I actually just quit twitter because of the same kind of shit. I'd quit Zig Forums too if I hadn't moved to the middle of nowhere with no leftist presence to speak of. Just do you.

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Professional would have been not giving a shit instead of getting into endless slapfights about ableism. This is exactly what these people want: Bringing the discussion on their playing field where everybody can accuse each other of being a racist homophobe. They love that shit.

Whoever says this is an idiot.

She's pretty dumb so that turns me off.

acting ☘️professionally☘️ means supporting imperailism, zionism, capitalism, liberalism, and politics which divide the proletariat

screw that bullshit

Stop holding out on me guys, I need pics of this slut.

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Lazy, aren't we?


Protip: people can be intelligent while disagreeing with you. Mexie is not dumb at all.

Oh she just looks like a boring dumb normalfag. I got my hopes up for nothing.
The creation of an anti-idpol vampire castle is a mistake. If Bat'ko is still a socialist who agrees that class struggle is the important issue, then going on a witch hunt because he cleans up his persona for a normiesphere is bad.

Many of the louder posters here aren't involved in any irl activity or interested in engaging in class struggle beyond their keyboards. If they did, they'd realize that you don't talk like you do here to people irl.

She uses a weird filter that makes her eyes look unsettling.

Your spooked

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What about his spooked?

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Changing your behavior based on the wishes of others.

this is the reason why you shouldn't give self-declared leaders of community any attention.
Sooner or later they WILL stab your back.
I can say with pride that I have never watched any of his videos, at least not that I am aware of.

Growing up and compromising is in his best interest.

No, nobody considers calling something "stupid" or "retarded" to be ableism in normal life, r/socialism is not representative for the general population. Yeah you shouldn't say "retarded" during a meeting of the executive board of a billion dollar company, but we are talking about a guy with a fucking frog avater that posts Zig Forums threads on YouTube. He doesn't do "education" or "serious political debate". If he wishes to do so, he can easily create different accounts. All left-wing journalists have a private account and an offical one on Twitter.

That's not what the user said, the media uses accusations of "being unprofessional" when Corbyn critcizes Israel. If you are on the left, like, the real left, you will be attacked on those grounds anyway. So yeah, to be "professional" in bourgeois society means supporting Israel and not being mean to Obama.

She agrees with FinnishBolshevik on Stalin, funnily enough. She certainly dresses and performs like a normalfag but her opinions are actually not that liberal at all, if you discount her constantly quoting Naomi Klein and David Harvey which she should just stop using and Marxists should call her ideological rag rug out.

Why? Name one relevant left-wing movement (by that I mean alternative SocDems like Corbyn, Podemos, Melenchon, etc.) in our times that is big on intersectionality. This shit isn't popular. "IdPol" (which is a bad term) is basically associated with post-structuralism and anti-binary opposition, right? The stuff that people like Focault and Butler spawned? This shit is cancer even if it doesn't appear as a blue-haired SJW on a campus, the entire intellectual edifice is crap. Just because the new wave of "anti-anti-SJW" like Contrapoints try to make this "cool" again and don't get triggered in debates with right-wingers like their predecessors five or six years ago does not make this any more valid.

Combat post-structuralism and its offsprings, combat post-modernism, combat mystification, combat individualism. Combat liberalism.

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If you encounter a cancer cell, you remove it, you don't compromise with it. We don't need another Twitter leftoid that harms the communist movement by being an opportunist windbag that tries to "moderate" between Twitter SJWs and le ebul Zig Forums NazBols.

The issues with the vampire castle is not the cause it claims to support, the issue is with it's organization and tactics. Sperging out at the singing frog man because he got tired of dealing with baseless accusations from tranny tankies doesn't help socialism, all it does is alienate someone who agrees with us on the need for a class movement that doesn't hinge on identity. If we emulate the vampire castle constructed by the sjws, we will see it suck the blood from our movement and find ourselves constantly derailed with idpoler hunts instead of focusing on organizing our class.

A solid 6.5 who knows how to use makeup and filters.

And by normal life do you mean your personal life? As in, only to people you're close to; Like the pic related, a letter between two friends? Other than that, when you're anonymous on the the internet and you can get away with it? Everyone knows people on the internet are dumbasses, maybe he doesn't want to look like a dumbass?

The type of content doesn't really matter, it's activism. When you're trying to bring people to your side it would help if they took you seriously.

Ok? It's my fault the media make things up?

This is what he did when he removed the cancerous part (reactionary anti-pol) of his activism.

Calling everyone you don't like "SJW" harms the communist movement.

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Shitposting isn’t activism. Leading a strike is Activism.

Propaganda is activism.

Slacktivism. Posting memes does NOTHING in real life


Larger presence on social media that's just going to ban you all the time because of "muh property"? Not sure what good that will do.

I actually do think a anti idpol vampire castle is completely undesirable, probably for different reasons than you'd argue even though I think your reasons do have some validity. The main reason for me is that simple would require moderation to enforce that is something I am 100% against. Really nobody should be getting banned, period. It doesn't matter if they are SJWs, neo nazis, incels, safalists etc. Even groups I really dislike like most feminists in general or zionists shouldn't be banned. Banning people is completely anti communist, counter revolutionary, basically kulak behavior and no anarchists/marxists should ever tolerate it. Really moderators gave way to the material conditions that created the vampire castle in the first place, since moderators often set and an enforce a narrative through bans, which creates an environment where reportfagging posters may persecute posters who post content outside of said narrative. Really places like Kiwifarms and /cow/ could be considered "vampire castles" in a sense at this point since a lot of their shit revolves around what is essentially callouts and outrage culture under the guise of a different narrative. /r/inceltears is basically the dialectical synthesis between the "SJW" twitter vampire castle and places like kiwifarms

Another reason why many personalities associated with /left(y)pol/ seem to be moving away from hardline anti idpol as a general trend may have something to do with the disintegration of Zig Forums as an significant entity on the left due to the BO's banning sprees and the subsequent split, its hard to prove a definite correlation but these things seem to have started to happen around the same time. Its also worth noting that possibly the skeptic community/anti SJW movement becoming increasingly intellectually dishonest may have contributed to this as well, since many Sargonites and anti idpol liberals show a clear bias in favor of right wing idpol as opposed to opposing idpol general. This may have effected the way many perceived those who self identified as "brocialists/manarchists". Interestingly Unruhe has gone in the opposite direction, taking a more hardline anti idpol stance overtime despite him always stating he was against it. Bat'ko may do well to take note that Unruhe gained a lot more praise for taking the exact opposite approach when arguing with the exact same people.

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Or maybe the Zig Forums leftist community is a collection of very retarded teenagers, who then change their postions because they are easily influenced faggots

More news at eleven

Why don't you bump the thought-provoking topics then?

cuz im too lazy to and idk what to contribute



Then don't throw stones in your glass house.

woah I hope you're content with capitalism then

Unless you are member of a royal court or something, yes, you can say "stupid" with normal people in casual conversations without being ableist. Fucking hell.

Yes it does. Someone with a Pepe avater who calls himself "dirtbag left" does not need to employ the same seriousness like someone who participates in an election or is spokesman for his party or whatever.

No, but you are employing means of discourse usually employed by the bourgeois media.

I'm not calling everybody a SJW. I am calling the exact people that harassed him on Twitter which he tried to appease SJWs, because they literally are SJW. They think you can't be a communist if aren't black, they accuse him of pedophilia, they think anarchism is a "white ideology" (I'm not even an anarchist but fucking hell).

Shouldn't they be checking their privilege? I mean… pedo, gay, I've never seen a corporation put a pedobear on anything to celebrate some new court ruling or holiday.
…but basically, these guys exist entirely to telegraph what our masters fear. And get paid to bring us the news.

I expected no less…
Yet I am still disappointed.

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Yes, but how did they come to be that way I wonder?

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Even /r/socalism uses the word stupid, you're grasping at straws again. But, people act differently when they can't be hold accountable, like on the internet. Just because you can act autistic online or with your friends doesn't mean it's the norm outside of that.

You're not understanding the point being made. If you want to attract more people, then you have to tone down the autism. Having a pepe avatar or calling yourself dirtbag doesn't grant you immunity from criticism. Like fucking hell, even comedians like Chris Rock understand they need to hold back a bit, be respectable, and not use the word nigger as a punchline.

The difference is i'm not using the word incorrectly and I'm not calling you unprofessional for criticizing something, you retard.

Yes, and the the point you're missing here is not every "SJW" is crazy.

What are you talking about? Our presence is decent and I'd argue it's shifting left. It wouldn't hurt if it was bigger. What's your point? We shouldn't make leftist content?

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Maybe you are too much of a pridedul piece of shit

Saying that all sjw are crazy its like saying that all socialists like gulags or all blacks are drug addicts. The fact that you and your anti-sjw peers belive that show how much of an hyperbolic crying babies you are, those believes only belong on the reactionary right.