ITT: good capitalists

I’ll start: Robert Owen

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Fidel Castro

I disagree that there's such a thing as a "good capitalist" but I like a lot about Henry Wise Wood and his milieu despite his being a liberal

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- Lucius E. Whiton got really pissed off at the shittyness of a union-busting company which contacted him and spent a fortune running an expose.
- whoever the hell the dude that founded Winco/Waremart is appear to have made sure it goes to the employees on their death, which is actually a pretty sensible form of capitalism.
- Owen (again)

Armand hammer and his close ties to the soviet union

Only a dead capitalist, is a good one!

It's actually pretty common to turn your company into a coop after you're done riding the money train. Corbyn actually suggested that workers get loans at very good interest rates before a company gets sold, and that workers get contacted first as possible buyers rather than other companies. Pretty based.

Though Owen had a lot of the flaws inherent with utopian socialists (hurr everyone before me was just ignorant, etc), he was definitely way ahead of his time with New Lanark. I admire him in the same way as Etienne Cabet and similar figures.

Karl Marx denounced marxism

(trips with chinese characteristics)
What a coincidence. So did the entire First International.

Vladimir Lenin
Mao Zedong

They guys who wrote this song,wn It was an anti-USSR song, but by the time it was written the USSR was full-blown capitalist and not redeemable at all. Also the song is good. So it gets a free pass.

Stalin too

Friedrich Engels

Leftcoms shouldn't be allowed to post

What did Castro do to implement socialism?

I know of a place where that is the case you should check it out >>>Zig Forums

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cool story
evidence or stfu

Deng and his successor Xi has the balls to do what utopians like Lenin and Marx couldnt. China's accelerating the conditions for capitalism in an incredible pace and is going to rapidly industrialize Africa and the remainder of Asia. By eliminating the world's peasant class and turning them into proletarians, the Chinese government led by Xi Jinping will create the conditions necessary for global communist revolution.

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Marx and Lenin aren’t utopians. Look at the difference between actual utopians like Robert Owen, Etienne Cabet and Fourier and you’ll see the world of difference between them and actual scientific socialism.


His actions almost lead to world Communism.

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See: LulzSec

Tom Paine, Nicolo Machiavelli, Maximilien Robespierre (mea culpa, Tom), Simon Bolivar, and a bunch of other bourgeois revolutionaries from way back in the day.

He Implemented a Socialist Planned economy?

It is Primary stage Socialism which is comparable to the NEP in the USSR

Capitalism and Liberalism was once a Revolutionary movement as it uprooted feudalism and would go on to lay the groundwork for Socialism

There are the obvious ones such as the French Rev

The Decembrists were also good and if they had succeded then the Bolsheviks would not have inherited a "Literally feudal" Russia as they did in 1917

If the Xinhai Rev had actually succeeded in establishing a chinese Republic instead of basically just splitting feudal china into Various Psuedo-Fuedal Warlord fiefdoms then a similar situation as to what i described about russia would have occured

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The NEP was done for six years. Dengism has been going on for decades at this point. Also Lenin called the NEP state capitalism.

Different Circumstances require different approaches
Yes which is basically what Primary stage Socialism is a Form of state Capitalism highly restrained and Monitored by the DoP and State


This is your brain on Pure Revisionism

read Marx

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Not a Porky but still a right wing autocratic Anglo. However what his influence on the world was positive. But beheading Charles I of England and creating a Republic he proved the Devine Right of Kings to be false. He proved that Monarchies are inefficient when compared to Republics. And finally he created a large scale Republic in Europe, which had been unseen for millennia. These factors helped the Enlightenment and destroyed Monarchism. This significantly helped the French Revolution succeed. He set the Dialectics in Motion.

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He was also a genocidal scumbag towards the Irish.

They shouldn’t’ve backed the Monarchy.

Friedrich Engels


He was just redpilled on the hibernian conspiracy.

>Paddy is still mad about something that did not happen 400 years ago