ITT: Revolutions Destroyed by Tankies

>Charismatic NJM leader Maurice Bishop claims that Grenada is at an anti-imperialist, national-democratic, socialist-oriented stage of development

So this is the power of dogmatic retards…

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so THIS is the power of Marxism-Leninism…

Tankies should be sidelined/prisoned/shot the moment the revolution succeeds.

>tfw it's current year and there still has never been a successful anarchist movement

Are you fucking retarded? What was "ultraleft" about Coard? The guy wanted to maintain good relations with the US and strengthen private enterprises. The invasion didn't happen because Coard and Austin were some "tankies" (you are using the word wrong anyway) but because the US was already conducting plans for an invasion of Grenada which was requested by the Queen's governor, Paul Scoon.

Marxists have been dogmatic retards for a long fucking time.

Look at all the people who drag out those quotes by lenin & co about fascism in brazil with literally no idea as to why they might have come to those conclusions.

Killing your charismatic and popular leader (and simultaneously destroying your relations with Castro) along with a few dozen civilians is the perfect pretext to destroy the revolution.

(Left wing) revolutions launched by Tankies:
- All of them

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though they usually dredge up these pictures here

All of them :

Tankies launched no revolutions AFAIK, they just vocally supported ones done by other similar groups.

Define tankie. Most of the time someone calls someone else a tankie on here it just means "Leninist I don't like".


Where the fuck did I endorse that? Bishop was a "tankie" himself so your argument makes no sense. You seem to get your terms all cobbled up. A tankie is somebody who endorses liberal policies enforced with tanks, like the Tiananmen Square protests, but you seem to think "tankie" is a ultraleft dogmatist which is the absolute opposite and in case of Coard this isn't even true!

So all in all, we can conlude you are an ignoramus

Marxists-Leninists were the main organisator of the working class in nearly all revolutions. In places like Korea and Vietnam Marxist-Leninists managed to hijack the national liberation movement by being the staunchest anti-imperialist, which is exactly what you are supposed to be doing. I can do the same shit: "Anarchists never launched a revolution they only took advantage of disorganization during a civil war". Ideologies don't make revolutions on their own.

That is of course the "correct" definition but I don't think almost anyone uses it nowadays, especially not around here. I don't think meant all revolutions have been launched by Khrushchevites.

I swear to God you fucking double nigger don't cite my quote in an argument I was clearly baiting by mentioning that misquoting Trotsky using a painfully obvious false equivalency to get some (You's.)
He he, and it worked too, I got 6 (You')s overnight, I can't tell how many were playing along and how many took my bait seriously but I hope only you actually thought I was being serious enough. don't misinterpret my bait as a serious debate weapon is what I'm trying to say.

Those are trots

No, but by the same metric people supporting the dumbest shit done by the Soviets use the term as a protective blanket for "You just call all communists tankies, liberal"


In any case it's the basis of pretty much any Marcyite's conceptualization of "praxis" (ie. whining on blogs and banning disagreement) so leftypol is probably a better place to look for them.

Historically supportive of the USSR sending in the tanks to Hungary, modern conception is supportive of any actions by any state currently opposed by the US and uncritical support of any state with a red flag. The connection is Marcyism, which goes back to Sam Marcy's conception of anti-imperialism and has been embraced by most US MLs by their association with PSL and WWP. It overlaps a lot with "Leninist I don't like" given the population of places where such Leninist are to be found, such as Zig Forums.

tfw you dont know shit, there are anarchists communities all over the world and anarchist mass societies were established in catalonia and ukraine, only to be crushed by marxist leninists, ironically.

tankies are marxists leninists, maoists, stalinists, jucheists and such.

Deliberately acting retarded is excusable, deliberately falling for someone pretending to act retarded isn't.

is this the dialectics at work?


If it had been the other way around, you would be screeching about how Bishop was an evil tankie who purged the opposition.

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Guess some Anarchists are Tankies than.

Not really, the events in Hungary 1956 is universally disliked by anarchists and leftcoms.

Not nessicarily Hungary, but plenty of Anarchists think the USSR was a progressive force, worth supporting throughout the world.

Nah, Bishop was holding the whole thing together. He had the foreign support and the charisma / popularity with the people. Purging the opposition in the PRG would have been a smarter move by Bishop

Perhaps the early years, but by the time Hungary happened Anarchists viewed the USSR as counter-revolutionary. If we're going to define tankie as "anyone who supported the USSR at any time" then we've watered down the term to being more meaningless rather than descriptive of a specific tendency to sanitize any supposed socialist or anti-imperialist state most commonly found today among marcyites.

Leninism is a recuperation, that should be clear to all. It is pro-capitalism in every regard.